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83 thoughts on “Chronobiology – How Circadian Rhythms Can Control Your Health and Weight

  1. Hello! New subscriber and youtuber here from Philippines. Lots of learning from this video.

    Click here my profile to visit my videos. Thank you.

  2. As a former substance abuser it had occured to me that starting with a substance early in the morning has the biggest effect, so I totally believe these theories.

  3. But wait, I'm pretty sure I saw a YouTube video that "proves" we came from outer space and we were sent to earth by our ancient forebears. I think it was by the Mormons.

  4. I hate to say it, Dr. Gregor, but having a person onscreen along with the papers is really distracting. I much prefer the old format. Regardless, keep up the excellent work!

  5. I'm going to reiterate my rule of thumb here, as Dr. Gregor provided the evidence to back it up: eat for what you're doing in the next ~4 hours. Going to work? Going to work out? Eat big. Going to sleep? Eat small.

    The hardest part, in my experience, is eating a small dinner at a restaurant while everyone else at the table is piling on.

  6. Wasn’t that chemo data wild? Amazing! And if you are on blood pressure medications, please share this video with your physician to ask to see if your timing is optimized.

  7. amazing… so interesting… Also, personally, I LOVE the new format… I like it much better than the old one, feels more personal and you are not distracting at all Dr Greger… You are animated and alive, just like you need to be… ♥

  8. How does this all tie in with intermittent fasting? Am I waisting my time if my food window is in the evening, ie fast all day and have my first meal at 5pm and last meal at 9pm? The reason for late eating is down to work and when the family is all together.

  9. Got to stop leaving us hanging, brah. Gets me anxious, then I keep voting with my dollar for my pharamceuticals!

  10. 02:00 A study about self-poisoning ? Is it just me wondering why so many people ingested poisonous seeds and by which coincidence there were scientists to keep track of all study parameters ?

  11. Super interesting, looking forward to the next segment…THX…….!
    Whole plant based foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  12. Ego depletion, THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME! Now that I have a name for it maybe I can control it, at least a little bit…

  13. Wonderful presentation as always. I will respectfully say that having you on screen and all the studies popping up did become a bit distracting and I personally am able to absorb more info when you simply do a voice over while highlighting all the great information. Perhaps doing intros and outros where you are actively on screen and then cutting away to the old format in between? Just a thought. So grateful for this channel either way of course and I learned allot today. I just kept looking at you and then trying to read but then you again before finish reading because you are quite charismatic lol.

  14. Dr. Greger have you seen the information on the duckweed B12 plant source yet ?,,,hopefully looking forward to a video on the subject.

  15. Please go back to the old format of just showing the papers. Dr. Greger is sexy of course but its harder to just focus on the facts when they are harder to see than before and putting Dr. G in most of the frame does not add anything to the video. Please consider.

  16. Been following about half of Dr. Greger’s diet hacks from his book How Not to Diet, and I have lost 7lbs since Xmas. I just included the black cumin, ACV and green tea, and I have managed to not eat past 7pm about 40% of the time (giving up 30+ years of habitual night eating is harder than giving up meat!). 55 pounds left to go.

  17. Are you by chance one of the scientists from the Half-Life prelude? I have a strange feeling that I listened to you before explaining to me technical stuff…

  18. You're the best, Dr Greger! Thank you for this fabulous information, as always! I've got to get your new book, How Not to Diet

  19. So this going back to your breakfast videos, the early we eat the closer we are to a beneficial health? What about intermittent fasting?

  20. NutritionFacts.org – Dr. Greger, I have some feedback on the new video format I hope you take into consideration. First, I want to thank you for the research you do and the service you provide – I’ve valued it very much for several years. With that, I find your new video format extremely distracting, as do many others. And I’ll point out from what I understand, why. We process information on a 2-dimensional screen that is trapped within a small frame very differently than we process information in 3D life. Long-form, in-person lectures are very differently received than short-form, or even long-form on-screen presentations. That’s why Theater acting and on-screen acting are worlds-apart different. This is why TV anchors and actors are framed within certain specifications, and elicit little to very controlled movements and limited emotional range/ movement/ expression. In a movie or TV show, if there’s more facial and bodily expression, they zoom out and frame it differently, and for a certain amount of time. Otherwise, it’s too much information/ stimulation to process at once. If you see hand gestures, they’re not 100% natural, and are trained/ well-practiced. I understand this from behind the camera, as I took on-camera classes in the past, gaining that perspective from the director. If there’s a certain amount of movement that happens, it becomes distracting, overwhelming, looks overly dramatic and over-the-top, and it’s literally too much information to process for people watching it. This is something I hated as when I would act for on-camera. I was very expressive and intense, and I felt I couldn’t fully be myself. When you’d express something dramatic, you’d have to learn to concentrate it while expressing a lot of stillness. Lots of movement is always too much for those watching on a little or even big screen, because you’re trying to portray 3D life as truly as possible within a concentrated 2D frame. Then we have you on one area of the screen, very animated with lots of movement, then additionally we have research papers and other images sliding back and forth in and out of the screen from another area of the screen, and then other images sliding in from the bottom of the screen at different times. Then we have the quality of sound which is super-clean, that sounds like a dubbed-in voiceover effect while we’re watching you “live”. I feel a disconnect there, almost like it’s an animated version of you paired with dubbed-in voiceover. Plus, we have to concentrate on, the single-most important thing – the audio information you’re delivering to us. All of this combined is a recipe for overwhelm – it’s chaotic. The most important information to be delivered is the audio, then visuals (without there being too many) to support the information being delivered to help the information to sink in. That’s it – more than that becomes a distraction. It’s over-production. I know producing these videos is a ton of work, and I think doing less with it would work in your and the viewers’ favor. If you really want to stick to this format, I’d say refine it and observe what professional news anchors do, and observe the pacing of supporting visuals that are added in, and the pacing of delivering the information. I still think the old format is ultimately much better, possibly with other small refinements added in. It’s like an injection of anaesthetic – you need to take your time with it for the patient and for their system to assimilate it well, if you do it too quickly it hurts like hell and is a disservice to the patient. I was seeing some replies saying that it’s the problem of who’s watching if they feel overwhelmed, lecturing them to get off their phones, etc. No, it’s not. I’ve not owned a TV since 2005, nor have I watched much for years before that to begin with. I haven’t watched movies for a long time, I’ve not listened to the radio since the mid-late 90s, I’ve not been a fan of popular culture and commercial media outlets since I was in my early teens, and the over-stimulation and also lack thereof that our culture provides. I’ve always searched for media, information, people, etc. that deeply resonated with me, outside of the norm, and sometimes within it. It’s our natural circuitry that can only truly focus on one thing at a time, and when you have several inputs coming in and out at different times at once, no room remains for our brains to process any of it. I’m the one that wants to rip out every single TV screen out of the “health” club when I’m in there, when I have no control seeing flashing screens somewhere in my periphery or right in front of my face with the stupid screens turning on automatically. Even when I turn it off, I’m forced to stare at it without feeling like my experience has been severely violated and sacrificed, and I can’t concentrate on working out and having a good time. Sorry, just overwhelmed with the mindlessness and stupidity we’re all swallowed in from day to day from automatic flushing toilets that flush every 20 seconds that splash up at you and waste several gallons of water from one quick sitting, to automatic faucets that turn on even if you’re just standing in front of a mirror and just want to tie your hair, to countless other stupid sh*t invented for the sake of “convenience”. On a rant of deep frustration and not related to what you’re doing – sorry. Thanks again for the work, and hope you take the info into consideration, as I value your information in the search for balance and sanity in a world full of stupid and mind-numbing, human potential retracting mechanisms.

  21. fascinating! I am definitely eating most of my calories at night and often skip breakfast all together. Maybe thats why I struggle with weight loss… will try to switch my timing

  22. I had a stutter too. You can start over after you mumble, so you can articulate and talk calmly and with confidence. Try again 🙂

  23. Very interesting how the same food is processed differently depending upon the time of day. Between this and gut flora we are finding out the body is really a complex and interesting machine.

  24. Ego depletion theory has been pretty much debunked after repeated experiments. Unfortunately the idea of a willpower budget persists in popular psychology eventhough… they put it to the test…

  25. I just finished reading How Not to Diet and only was it fascinating and entertaining, my family and I now feel more empowered in regards to taking charge of our future health outcomes. Thanks Dr Gregor!

  26. I agree! I think women, with our hormones forever in action, can attest to this. During periods a breakfast high in complex carbs seems to elevate pain and lifts the mood with good energy, and after periods a breakfast high in protein does the same with the added benefit of making periods stop properly, where high carbs at this time will keep the periods 'leaking' to a slow end. A topic i could address on my channel too i think.

  27. From London Brixton. UK. Doctor Greger has inspired me, to re train. I trained within law. I am off to medical school to study nutrition & dietitian.
    Discovering raw vegan, saved my life, as I had cancer. I have to spread the word. He is my adopted go to' science ' father'. I am so thankful.xxx

  28. Please go back to the old video format, where there was just voice not video of Dr Greger. It is the incredible distracting and one cannot examine the papers which he is discussing as they are just half a page.

  29. For those who are distracted by the presentation who want to read, the studies referred to are available online for in-depth reading.

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