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Commentary #1 – The Fruit vs The Vegetables (A little Talk about The Junk Food)

Okay guys, okay We’re back play ninja legends. It’s not just a gameplay but a commentary Explained a commentary about the fruits Or the veggies Okay So we just see still it’s okay so okay. Here’s the thing The count though anyways, let’s Okay, so this a commentary about the fruits and the vegetables Or the junk food, okay. So basically I Like vegetables and fruit, but apparently Which one’s healthier Vegetables or fruits before I tell the real answer. Let me give some information about the junk food and the healthy foods I don’t know about lemon or Lime… But maybe… THEY ARE FRUIT Yeah apples bananas oranges watermelon and more Or peppers because you it looks guys guys guys. Let me tell you about peppers tomatoes. Oh I just got killed Anyways, yeah, no joke peppers look like a fruit And so is tomatoes ok… Peppers or look like a vegetable But on the other hand if you are gonna know which is fruit or vegetable You gotta check the inside and see what’s inside it Okay now we’re going to See, okay now we’re going to Tell you about the peppers and the tomatoes so if you if you if you have if you You gotta check the inside of that food and see if there any seeds if there’s no seeds it’s the vegetable If there is see if there’s no okay. So if there’s no seeds it’s a vegetable if there is then it’s Now, let’s get to the junk. Okay guys So a junk food Basically The junk food I Don’t know Also, I’m gonna interrupt this moment first special announcement We got ten more subscribers 30 subscribers. Let’s go, baby 70 more till we get a hundred. Let’s go. Oh Yeah Okay The junk food is not that healthy But one of the sweets are type of dairy and That is ice cream. I Guess it’s like a food. It’s like a small. It’s like a small beverage or food That you can consider you can consume and also put in the freezer Not like a big package, you know, you know what I mean guys good Anyways XD I suck at this I need to stop this XD Anyways as we speak um find I Guess they call it junk food Because there’s a lot of different kinds of food other than vegetables and fruit and my junk food is a lot It’s a type of food that Many people like even the Italian food people made :pizza! now I can’t believe my favorite food is Whaaaaaaa! Anyways This I can’t believe it’s in Italian anyways let’s get on with Vegetables again okay, as you can see the vegetables is the most is the most is the most popular food section Because it’s the most popular food section. Oh, man, I just keep so much of that away. Oh Okay, um Yeah, it is and it’s the It’s even though it’s the pop most popular food section in my plate Lots of people would rather eat fruits and vegetables Because they think Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower Lettuce are disgusting. I think it’s pretty good Don’t you think? I eat peas corn carrots broccoli cauliflower or lettuce spinach, whatever As long as this is a vegetable. I like I wouldn’t eat it. I’ve never tried beets before because p. They’re used for a smoothie There’re used for a smoothie Anyways, let’s get on with the fruits Okay, it’s gonna run now percent. I’m gonna end in this video after when I get to The truth The fruits are really tasty. I like even I like the fruits There’s I’m gonna take some research about the lemons and limes see if they are fruit gather all the information Around writing on a piece of paper and tell you the information online best commentary And you know I’d rather eat vegetables and fruits. So yeah if I look Why would I never eat Fruit, I just ate vegetables today. So so don’t judge me if you eat fruit more than vegetables. Oh Okay now We’re gonna get to the answered question our first junk food totally not the Bestest type of food. It’s a fast It’s unhealthy, but many people like it. They’d rather eat it way more than Fruits Vegetables Protein….We’re not going to talk about that yet! anyways is vegetables better or fruit Vegetables because because guys vegetables are better because I Know that carrots are the most number one healthiest food in the world I get I Well, I don’t know if it you know it. I don’t really know. I just heard it from a video So it could be and another opinion as if you know if for those who watch who vote for those watching this life video like vegetables, but Not real– it’s mine. Is this the carrots I think it’s my opinion. That is the number one Healthiest food. That’s why veg–, but it’s actually why Vegetables, I’m going to help you and fruits. Hey, I’m putting my hands up Okay. I did not mean to call the fruit police Well, not really because I like that the vegetables most better fruit sucks Yeah, I actually thought of something to call them vegetable police on the stupid fruit I’m just kidding. I don’t know what the number for is for it Okay Which is your favorite which is the fate, which is your favorite section of food that I’ve been talking about today. It’s junk food Fruits the juicy fruits are the vegetables that are not that juicy Except Tomatoes. Wait, no not tomatoes. That’s a that’s a fruit. I guess I have to add something more Fruits All the fruits are juicy anyways, that’s all for the commentary of Which are better fruits or vegetables? Anyways, we’ll see you next time on the next commentary Which is– Which Okay, which type of food is better from this section? protein or grains You’re gonna find that out on the next commentary Anyways, bye guys!!!!!!

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