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Continental Diet Salad | How to make Low Calorie High Protein Veg Salad for Fat Loss | Ravi Sisodiya

Good Morning Friends! I, Ravi Sisodiya welcome you all to my channel Holiday Cooking Today I will make a salad before you This salad I am eating since years and my body is toned up bcz of it body is well maintained this salad gives a very good glow to the face This salad is also good for people who want to burn fat and want to eat high protein food This is a low calorie salad but it has all vitamins and proteins iron and calcium because it is based on vegetables the people who play do body building people who work hard it is very good for them you can burn fat and most important is helps in reducing belly fat if you consume this salad regularly this will surely help reduce fat in stomach This salad I am sharing with you because I am using this everyday and has found astonishing results Let us see what all ingredients we use in this dish Half chopped cucumber Chopped Tomato – 1 Take yellow and green capcicum in small quantities half of both chopped onion – 1 Cabbage – 1 small bowl Shredded Carrot – 1 Hot spices powder – 1 tsp spice powder mix or chaat masala – 1.5 tbsp instead of table salt I am using rock salt – 1 tbsp as table salt is unhealthy and increases blood pressure Lime Juice – 2 tbsp this is full of Vitamin C I have full of protein Cream Paneer – 150 gm Paneer is of various types there is tofu paneer, cream paneer and simple paneer I am using highly proteined Cream Paneer using all these ingredients we intake minerals and proteins so that we don’t need anything else this is automatic fat burner and reduces stomach fat Let us now make this salad First of all add cucumber to the plate After cucumber add tomato see I am using yellow capcicum generally people use green one I am using yellow capcicum full of calcium this is green capcicum chopped onion – 1 we have cabbage next is shredded carrot this is very colorful and delicious salad adding hot spices powder for taste you take it according to your taste next I am adding rock salt next is spices mix add according to your taste next is lemon at last I have proteined paneer Apart from all these you can also add white egg leaving the yolk part those who are non vegetarian and also use tofu paneer we are using creamy paneer this is sufficient for 2-3 people So this high protein and low calorie salad is to be consumed and the benefits are immense Now I request you all to make this recipe this is a simple recipe and you will have astonishing results you will feel your stomach flat after few months So, I request you all to intake this salad regularly and let me know the results And if you like this recipe and are happy with the results so like, share and subscribe. Thank you!

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