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CRAZY Sugar Comparisons! There’s HOW much sugar in that!?

(contemporary music) – Hey Munchies! Welcome if you’re new, I’m Alyssia. I have talked about sugar
and how sneaky it can be in the past and today I’m
going to expand on that and give you some visual comparisons to really shift our perspective
about how much sugar is in some of the foods that
we’re eating every single day. The goal is not to demonize sugar. Sure, in moderation it’s
fine but nutritionally it does nothing for our bodies. Also, note that I’m mostly
talking about added sugar more than natural. Although, it’s still good to
be aware of natural sugar. Sugar is sugar and fructose is fructose so it’s going to affect
our blood sugar and bodies just the same. See my Sweeteners 101 video
for more science on that and we’ll touch on it a bit more later but today I mostly wanna
focus on added sugar. Added sugar means sugar has
been added to the product. It doesn’t matter if it’s
table sugar or natural honey, it’s added just the same and it will negatively affect our bodies. One teaspoon of sugar is
the same as one sugar cube or one sugar packet, all
are four grams of sugar. And it’s hard to know what’s added with the way the US
nutritional labels are. Soon, everyone will have to
include added sugar on the label but right now that’s not the case so it can be very deceiving. If you’ve been researching
your health for a while now you’ve probably encountered
someone telling you to watch out for the sugar
in your breakfast cereal. We’ve talked about it
on my channel for sure but breakfast cereal is really far from the
worst deceptions out there. We think of breakfast
cereals like Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch
and Frosted Flakes, all delicious I might add, and think they must be terrible for us because of all that sugar. And you’re right to think that. These breakfast cereals provide no quality fuel
or nutrients to our bodies but neither do options like Raisin Bran. First of all, it’s
worth bringing attention to the fact that the
cereal box serving sizes are out of whack. A half cup, 3/4 cup, come on! Give me 1-1/2 cups at least
and I’m still gonna be hungry. 1-1/2 cups of Raisin Bran
is 27 grams of sugar, aka almost seven sugar cubes. Frosted Flakes and Reeses
Puffs are only five sugar cubes and Fruity Pebbles and
Cinnamon Toast Crunch are 4-1/2 for the same 1-1/2 cup serving of cereal. So why do we think choosing
Raisin Bran is healthier? And don’t tell me it’s
because of the natural raisins because those are coated in sugar too. Yes, I even separated the
raisins from the cereal to show you the crazy sugar
coating and compare, yes I even. So, here’s our starting point. You’re like wait, the
video is just beginning? Yep, button your pants because this is gonna be sweet, literally. We’re easing into it with a muffin. Most people are starting to
get on board with the fact that these are really
just cupcake without icing but some people are still very surprised. Like for instance anyone who’s ever bought the
Morning Muffin at Starbucks. Sure, the blueberry muffin has an unsurprising 33 grams of sugar but that Morning Muffin, even with the zucchini and carrot inside and all of those
healthy-looking seeds on top, still packs in 28 grams of
sugar or seven sugar cubes. Cue Raisin Bran. (dramatic music) Cut to Cookies and Cream ice cream. – [Deep Voice] Babe. – Whole fat dairy and
sugar-laden deliciousness containing 14 grams of sugar
in a heaping half cup scoop. So you could have an entire
one cup double serving of Cookies and Cream ice cream or you could have the Morning Muffin. Now here’s the catch about this episode. I’m actually not telling
you or even trying to allude that you should choose the ice cream or not choose the muffin. I’m just bringing to your attention that you should choose– Ice cream for breakfast anyone? Let’s stick with Starbucks for a second because the sugar in these coffee drinks deserves some attention. I know, I know, you’re
not surprised to hear that the grande Pumpkin Spice Latte contains 50 grams of sugar but what about the Cinnamon
Dolce Latte with 41 grams or Caramel Macchiato with 33 grams? Oh, but you get it with soy milk, woo! That actually adds a gram
of sugar to your macchiato because Starbuck’s soy milk in the US is sweetened with 13 grams of sugar, aka over three cubes per cup, yikes. You’d cut about 10 grams of
sugar with the almond milk but that’s still a hefty
sugar serving for breakfast. Your 35 to 40 grams of sugar grande latte might as well buy the 40 grams of sugar contains 39 grams of sugar or almost 10 sugar cubes per drink. Okay so no to the muffins and
to the sweet flavored coffees. Yogurt must be a healthy choice? Obviously we’ve got
the not-so-good choices like this YoCrunch that I used to beg my mom
to get me in grade school even though she never would
with 26 grams of sugar or 6-1/2 cubes. Instead, how about
something with more protein and health benefits? Ah yes, Fage 2% Greek yogurt with honey. (rejoice singing) 29 grams of sugar, are you kiddin’ me? Even the healthier looking and
organic brands are the same. That’s almost eight sugar cubes. I could have three Reese’s
cups for that sugar price tag and again to each his own, but (munch) I’d go with the peanut butter cups. (belch) Okay, so how about bars? Bars are literally meant
to give me fuel and energy in a small package but do they? Come on, you know the answer by now. Sure, there are some healthier
bar choices out there but you really gotta
read the labels to know and I’m not talking just
the front of the package. Those health claims are
there to deceive you. They are marketing this bar to you. They want you to think it’s healthy. So don’t pay attention to the
health claims on the label. In fact, I think health claims are a sign that something is suspicious. I’m not just talking about bars here. Instead, look at the nutrition
label and ingredients list. A lot of these bars, even the
ones that want you to think that they’re giving you
fuel, energy, or protein are sugar loaded, 30 grams. And take note, serving sizes
of bars can be tricky too. Some bars contain two
servings in a single bar. Sneaky alert. (siren sounds) So the choice is yours. Over seven sugar cubes’
worth in a single bar or 6-1/2 Oreos. I know what tastes better. Sports bars are one thing
but what about sports drinks? You might be thinkin’ yeah, yeah. Gatorade is loaded with
sugar, big surprise Alyssia. But what about the healthier ones? You know, ah those, yes. I wish it were true. Those are tasty too but
unfortunately that tastiness is from sugar, 32 grams. Cut to an indulgent, delectable, demonized Dunkin Donuts glazed donut. – [Deep Voice] Babe. – Wait, that only has 12 grams of sugar? Donut mind if I have some more to reach the same amount of
sugar from the Vitamin Water. (bell dings) You guys, I’m not making
this stuff up, it’s nuts! These items that are
marketed to us as healthy are just sugar bombs and I know, if you consume any of these right now you might wanna convince yourself the Vitamin Water is better
for you than the two donuts but the truth is sugar is sugar. Added sugar is doing our bodies no good, no matter what it’s added to. I’ve got one more to blow your mind but if you’ve learned something or enjoyed this episode so
far I hope you’ll subscribe and hit the bell. I’ve got more content just
like this comin’ every week. Beverages are tricky. It’s easy to think how could
one beverage be so bad? I guess it’s just so
easy to load up the sugar where ya can’t see it. Like pre-made smoothies and juices. Yes, homemade smoothies are risky too but at least you can decide
how much sugar to add. (uplifting music) – [Deep Voice] Babe. – These look healthy. The packaging, the health claims. This is dangerous territory. This strawberry smoothie looks innocent but has 25 grams of sugar per serving! But wait, what’s that? Two servings per bottle. So you’re telling me that
there’s 50 grams of sugar in that smoothie? Yep, 50 here. Some are upwards of 60
grams for a single bottle. But my favorite childhood
obviously healthy and simple breakfast, a Pop Tart, has 16 grams of sugar per pastry. You’re saying I could eat three
of those for one of these? Yep, three Pop Tarts has less sugar than one of these pre-made smoothies. Now I must admit that it’s not
a completely fair comparison because smoothies are super sneaky too. Some actually do have no added sugar. Some are made of purees or concentrates. Learn more about how
sneaky concentrates are from my juices episode linked
in the description and yes, I will definitely bend and
say I would always recommend the no sugar added smoothie even if it’s loaded with
natural sugar over the Pop Tart, which provides you no nutrients at all, if you are on an island all alone and those are your only two options. I know you guys, it’s easy
to wish and want to believe that we’re consuming healthy fruit. They really want you
to know how much fruit is in that smoothie, but think about it when would you sit down
and eat 3-1/3 apples, a banana, 27 blueberries, and three blackberry’s worth of fruit? Or two whole mangoes, an apple, an orange, and a third of a banana? That much sugar in a single bottle is still going to affect
our blood sugar and bodies just the same as table sugar. If we were eating whole foods, sure. Eat all the fruit. It’s much hard to overdo
it eating all of this fruit because most people just
aren’t going to do it than in this little dinky bottle. And I know, some of you are gonna be mad. Some of you are gonna
thumbs down this video because you’re upset and insecure that you just watched this video while drinking one of these smoothies. I get it, it’s rough and
it’s okay, and at least. – [Shouting Voice] Now you know. – Thanks again so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this
video and learned something. Thanks so much for being here and spending this time with me. Please know as always I’m
never trying to tell you what to eat or what not to eat. I simply want to bring awareness. I want to increase your
perspective bandwidth so you can feel more confident
walking into the store and picking out what you
want to put in your body. It makes no difference
to me what you choose. I want you to choose what is right for you and I just wanna be here
to help you sift through the tiring amount of confusing
information that’s available. Okay, I will be back here next
week with a brand new episode and remember, especially
when it comes to sugar, it’s all a matter of mind over munch.

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