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Crispy Spinach Pakoras Recipe by Manjula Indian Vegetarian Gourmet

Today I will be making crispy spinach pakoras. It’s a healthy and delicious snack. Or also can be served as an appetizer. They stay crisp till it’s eaten. Crispy spinach pakoras can be served many different ways as chips, pakoras or also you can serve them as chaat. This recipe will serve 2-4. For this recipe, we need: About 30 leaves of spinach, washed and pat dried. 1/2 cup of gram flour (besan) 1 tablespoon of cornstarch or you can use arrowroot powder. 1/2 teaspoon of cumin seeds 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper 1/2 teaspoon of salt, adjust to your taste. And about 1/8 teaspoon of asafoetida (hing) And about 3/4 cup of water And oil to fry. This is a very simple recipe to make. Mix all the dry ingredients together and make a batter. Then dip one spinach leaf at a time in the batter and fry till they are golden brown and crisp. That’s how simple it is. First I will make batter. So we are going to mix all the dry ingredients together. This is a gram flour (besan). Cornstarch Cumin seeds Black pepper Salt And asafoetida. Mix all the things together well. And now we are going to pour water slowly. Batter should be very smooth and thin in consistency. Batter is smooth but as you see it is thick we need little bit more liquidy. We will add some more water. Batter looks good. So I used little bit less than a one cup of water. So heat is on, medium high. So I am going to first test the oil just putting a drop of batter. Batter should come up not changing the color. It looks really good. So now we are going to put the pakoras. So dip the leaf and just wipe it from the side so it’s all even. And then just keep dropping them. Few more leaves. If you fry them on very low heat then the pakoras will be oily and if you fry them on very high heat they won’t come very crispy. So heat has to be just right. And they are coming out really good. As you see they have started changing the colors. It should be little bit more brown. And same color from both sides. They are looking really good. And it has taken me about 2 minutes. And they are good color like you see they are very light golden brown and that’s the color we want. Again when you are taking them out always tilt it on the sides. So that way all the excess oil is out. Now I am going to make the next batch. Spinach pakoras are looking great. Delicious and very crunchy. You can serve them with your choice of dip. I like to serve them with tamarind chutney. I also like to serve these pakoras as a chaat with potatoes, yogurt and tamarind chutney. If my grandkids see them, they will not stop eating till they are all finished. Thank you. And I will see you again with a new recipe.

40 thoughts on “Crispy Spinach Pakoras Recipe by Manjula Indian Vegetarian Gourmet

  1. Is it possible to make these chips ahead of time and to snack on later? Or will the quality in crunchiness not be the same as the freshly cooked?

  2. @DeeHong depending on the type of oil you use you can decrease the fat content- also since the batter is fairly thin it doesnt absorb much oil, and any leftover oil should drip onto the paper towel thats on the plate..but, i think for this recipe you might be able to bake them and still have them come out pretty good if you want to take the oil aspect out altogether 🙂

  3. Manjula auntee Jee again you are just sssssssssssoooooooooo sweet. Motherly love emerging from you ! Pay lagoo ! Thank you. Ps: to all auntee jee's fan Manjula auntee is not only the best cook I watch her video sometimes just to cheer me up when am stress or worried. She is medice for the soul !

  4. Wow,….I'm a spinach freak,….luv it in salad raw and cooked, Popeye-style, and now as a snack? Definitely tryin' these Crispy Spinach Pakoras out soon,…thumbs up to ya and thankin' ya for the AWESOME upload!! = )

  5. u seem so lovely god bless u every recipe i have seen u make looks amazingly tasty keep up the good work

  6. Hello Aunty, your recipes are so simple and easy to make, i love it and today i saw the spinach pakoras, will surely try them and let you know how it came out. Aunty please assist me with how to make that katta meetha chutney at home, the sweet and tangy taste doesnt balance whenever i make. Regards, Savitha, Bangalore

  7. Hi,
    You made my day :). I live alone and dont kno much about cooking. I really felt like eating pakoras and searched on youtube. I followed your recipe and it was great !! Thank you very much for simple recipe. I appreciate it

  8. Ciao Manjula,
    bahut bahut dhanyawad for your recipes. I make many of them almost easily and I often succeed, but I fail to make this one.
    My problem is: batter doesn't stick to the spinach leaf once I put it in the oil. I've tried thicker batter and thinner, and spinach leaves are fresh and not wet. Also I tried with different oil / temperature / etc.
    What can I add to the batter to make it stick to the leaf?
    My only solution, so far, is to add an egg to the batter.
    Please suggest. Thank you 🙂

  9. Wow! I just made them yesterday, and it was sooooooo delicious that I couldn't stop eaten them! Realy good taste and texture. Very very crispy! Thank you!!

  10. This worked out beautifully! Thank you for the tutorial and recipe. Next time I'll double it – all that and they were gone in a flash! 😀

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