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  1. Whoa, that was a long one, but I didn’t want to break it up and lose the narrative thread. I hope it was clear enough. This may be one of those that require a second listen because I packed a bunch in there. Check out the description for other related videos you might be interested in.

  2. Could you explain the difference between getting your Calcium through supplements (pills) or fortified foods (soy milk)?

  3. Fascinating! How is dairy not listed as a human carcinogen by the World Health Organization the way processed meat is? It seems like only a matter of time… hopefully not very much time.

  4. does this apply to cow milk only? are there any studies on populations who drink mainly goat's or camel milk?

  5. I could never stand milk, (or other animal products in retrospect) even as a little kid growing up in the 50's when milk was god and your parents made sure you got plenty! It literally gagged me and was akin to trying to swallow a glass of mucus… which is pretty much what it actually is. Hurling at the dinner table wasn't appreciated either tho, and neither was asking why we killed and ate some animals, and kept others as beloved members of the family… but it WAS a great way to get sent to your room and avoid the stuff!

  6. I've noticed that older people tend to drink less and less milk. I thought it might be lactose intolerence, but when I got older, it was just because I didn't care to drink it. I also noticed my desire for it changed when I started eating a lot more beans. I don't think our bodies really care about the source. If we get calcium from plants, we don't feel hungry for milk. I still like some lean meat for supper, but milk just doesn't seem appetizing anymore. I remember buying a gallon of milk a week just for myself.

  7. Dairy is poison. My Granpa had prostate cancer, my Mom has rheumatism in her joints and her sister has fibromyalgia. It´s obviously dairy causing these. Mom´s sister started drinking fat free milk in the 80´s and I read from somewhere it´s a fibromyalgia risk…no surprise there. We Finns (excluding me) are heavy dairy users.

  8. ah a glass of kefir once and a while won't hurt you or some cheese. Gouda cheese is full with k2 that transport the calcium to the bones and so that it isn't left in the arteries. But Dutch
    people drink milk and eat yoghurt and cheese so they get too much diary in and get to long in height. A BIT MilKPRODUCT AND A LOT OF K2 FOOD LIKE NATURAL BACTERIAL SAUERKRAUT AND PICKLES IS A HEALTHY COMBINATION. In countries like georgia where they drink lots of kefir have some cheese a modest amount of meat and lots of greens people get very old and stay healthy.

  9. I've always thought cow titty juice was weird. This is purely anecdotal but I'm the only one of my friends who have never broken a bone, despite jumping off the highest stuff on a skateboard and on feet as a teen.

  10. Dairy is not the initial cause but is a major growth stimulant of cancers . Before that happens one needs a stimulus to develope cancer like chemicals , cigarettes , radiation, etc etc . Milk products all result in lactic acid which is also a by-product of spent glucose , which in turn gets sent back to the liver to re-convert back into glucose . Because cancer consumes 20 to 50 times more glucose and also lactic acid ( spent glucose )than a healthy cell , and steals it all from the bloodstream, it makes one weak and as it grows bigger it eventually overruns the liver and the body starts deteriorating rapidly as it spreads eating all in its surroundings .
    Cut out all dairy except plain yoghurt , cut out all red meat , coffee and strong emphasis on NO sugar, and stop starch like breads , cereals , spaghetti etc
    Change to Chicken , fish , vegetables , fruits , nuts , lots of water , green salads , Herbs and spices etc and get moderate exercise to metabolise it as well as clean out your lymphatic system.

  11. Dear sir, I respect your work. However, in the last few months this is your third video where I sense that you are striving for everyone to become vegetarians. There are immense clinical tests that point out that yogurt with all its fat, and raw milk, heals immense diseases. Everything depends on the quality, the processing, and also on the state of health that the individual finds himself and which can or can not assimilate the dairy.

  12. Is it the poison in vaccines, in the air from chemtrails, in the water from pesticides, herbicides, or industry pollution? Is it the synthetic fabrics and perfumes, detergents or disinfectants? No, that's a conspiracy theory. It's the cheese!

  13. Then how do you explain milk drinking nations in east Africa that have the lowest rate of prostate cancer?

  14. You can’t deny that dairy eggs and meat smell disgusting especially in their raw state. Well depending on how addicted you are. I haven’t met a veggie, fruit, or legume that didn’t smell amazing and hypnotizing. We have noses for a reason, take a second and smell the intoxicating aromas the earth made for you 🌞🙏🏼

  15. Is there anyone more cringe than this guy? Why the hell does he talk with all these strange gaps filling them in with awkward ass mouth and gurgling noises?

    He preaches health but looks like a twig, pale, and weak.

    So bizarre people are fooled by these stupid ass one off studies that don’t take the totality of the human system into account.

  16. Does anyone else notice the scientific slight on hand here?

    Title says "Dairy and Cancer".

    Says we need to look at meta-analyses.

    Greger then goes on to talk about a demonstrated dairy and prostate cancer.

    Then goes on to talk about how dairy grows cancer.

    Problem is that every meta-analysis shows that there is no association between dairy and all-cause mortality, or dairy and increased all cancer mortality. That's a problem for your hypothesis.

    By flashing up a few sentences, you can create unnecessary fear of dairy, which is what you've done nutritionsnippetstakenoutofcontext.com

  17. not enough vitamin K2 . Asians have more leafy greens high K1 and calcium. then Asians with possible better gut bacteria due to less antibiotics leads to more K2 in blood. K2 localises excess blood calcium to bone.  K1/K2 and calcium need to be consumed together! that's why the calcium supps are dangerous.

  18. I love how people are still bitching "do a Keto video!" when so many of these videos indirectly speak volumes about the typical Keto diet.

  19. I have a rare autoimmune disease which requires I take 2000mg of elemental calcium every day (Pseudohypoparathyroidism). From my research, it doesn't seem possible for me to get that calcium from ingestion. What are my options if I want to avoid so-called "adverse cardiovascular effects" from calcium supplementation?

  20. Egg contain (cholesterol, fat, protein and 1% carbs)
    From this egg there will be new baby chicken, think good all
    from the cholesterol, protein and fat there will be new baby, if the carbs were important then God should have put it in the egg.
    And now you tell people to not eat eggs and milk and eat just oxalate foods that will cause you kidney stones.
    The difference between real food and man made food is amino acids and the bioavailability.
    You think man made plants will make you stronger or they keep you satisfied? eat raw cheese in the morning and you will not eat anything after 4 hours, but if you eat bread or rice you will feel hungry after 1 hour.
    Think good and eat only food thats not man made, theres also plants that are not man made but very few. Just combine them with cheese and eggs and fish, also eat only 2 meals a day
    and you will never visit a docter 😉

  21. All my Grandparents drink a lot of milk – they have cows – milk was always staple food and everyone died after his 80th living in very poor condition – no one hear about cancer. The problem is not milk but this what you can get in shop.

  22. Yeah, everybody knows dairy is carcinogenic but sadly almost 99% of people consumes it, that's why we barely see old people on the street, besides the vegans obviously.

  23. This is exactly what they don't advertise or tell you in the nutrition labels they advertise. Information – the correct information is free for all. The most ironic part of it is these are the same people who carry out research and put the information out there for everyone but choose what to advertise to the public. The point is, in this day and age where information is accessible to all if people wanna remain ignorant of the truth it's on them! Happy you're here to receive this information and thank you to the person relaying it. Now go and live a healthy life!

  24. Hey gassy Greger, some dairy would help you stop shitting 40 times a day, also I was sure you would not differentiate between raw dairy and pasteurized and like a good little vegan assclown you didn’t, very deceptive and anti intellectual, anyone who listen to you deserves the malnourishment they get

  25. LIES, LIES, LIES. PURE VEGANS PROPAGANDA. People have been consuming dairy for eons. Raw, unpasteurised milk is a superfood.

    So fuck off you emaciated rat face.

  26. Did any of these very interesting studies control for the health of the immune system? I suppose a strong immune system eliminates most, if not all, cancer cells.

  27. Professor Colin Campbell had confirmed after 30 years of dietary cancer research,meats consumption causes cancer and dairy,like meats are both purines causing foods,these acidic conditions are playgrounds for parasites,bacteria,viruses and cancerous cells which thrives and multiply in these conditions aided by junk foods,alcohol and processed meats ,fruits and veggies are Alkaline which best suits our human bodies.

  28. Thanks so much.
    I am a urologist in SA and tell all my patients not to consume dairy especially the biochemical recurrent prostate cancer patients
    I wish all my colleagues would promote a plant- based diet
    The young men that see me for circumcisions, etc also get informed about the dangers of dairy for their long- term health

  29. If calcium pills increase cardiovascular disease risk, why would the same calcium supplement added to soy or almond milk be expected to have any different effect?

  30. Nothing wrong with enthusiasm when speaking, but the extra little noises and inflections on every single word are becoming too much for me to continue haha

  31. The moderate-high fat/low carb diet has also been able to achieve similar results as far as improvement in metabolic profile (reduce LDL, increase HDL, reduce triglycerides), reduce BP, reduce cancer rates, as well as reduce obesity, all of which are risk factors for CVD, stroke, CKD and the like. The benefits seen with the Bernard-style diet also has some overlap with the mod-high fat/low carb diet with the exception being of course the high fat part. With so much focus on macro nutrients and no emphasis on environmental factors (ex. herbicides like glyphosate), on the surface these two theories that yield similar results seem at odds with each other. Looking deeper, by advocating the removal of processed foods such as white flour/grains, simple sugars and by emphasizing whole, fresh foods, these two dieting styles both lead to the avoidance of the most widely used herbicide in the world, glyphosate. Being an analogue of the essential amino acid glycine (a neurotransmitter, an active component of substrate binding sites on numerous enzymes, as well as essential building block of collagen), glyphosate replaces glycine in the body. It is an endocrine disruptor, mitochondrial toxin as well as a mutagen. Its widespread and unregulated use has coincided with the dramatic rise in metabolic syndrome in recent decades. As such, it is a confounder in a lot of studies that purport the benefit of dairy avoidance without specifying if the dairy came from cows that were fed glyphosate-ridden processed grains. I bet if organic, grass-fed milk was studied, the conclusions of some of these studies would be quite different.

  32. Dairy is Scary. Create a better world by going Vegan and end the unnecessary use and exploitation of other sentient beings.

  33. I was vegetarian for many years and decided to go vegan because my body started rejecting dairy. I got really bad stomach upsets and so on. So glad I made the switch!

  34. My dad was just diagnosed with prostate cancer and he eats tons of dairy 🥛😓I’m going to show him this and try to get him on the right track!

  35. I must say that I agree with all facts and am an active vegan however the style of which the narrator speaks is the most annoying one I have ever heard and sounds condescending and simply not genuine.

  36. Sadly this guy is more interesting in writing his books to raise revenue than he is regarding giving up good studies to discuss.

  37. Could it be that those countries with more cancer heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and mostly rejected it? “But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.” — Luke 14:48

  38. For people who drink Soy milk, make sure it’s non GMO organic from the beans. Pureharvest is a leading brand. Vegan cheese is delicious too.

  39. Are there any studies done on store bought soy milk? Because that is simply a supplement added to water, and calcium supplements have been shown to increase the risk of hip replacements being needed etc

  40. not a fan of the narration style, sounds like he recorded this while going to the bathroom, info is good

  41. This is an epidemiology study tthe conclusions derived from such studies are always bogus. Anyone advocating a plant-based diet does not know what they’re talking about. Individuals on plant-based diet die at the same rates of cancer and diabetes as people on ordinary diet plans

  42. What about fermented milk? Kefir. Soy is a bit weird for your health, but fermented soy; misso and natto are good for you, right?

  43. People will slap you in india if u tell them that dairy causes cancer.
    Processed dead dairy might cause cancer.
    But not raw dairy

  44. weird..russia is in green, but in russia men consume lots of dairy in form of kefir, sour cream and butter, not so much the milk or cheeses like in western europe or us probably.. what if its cheese to blame?

  45. Masais in Africa drink alot of milk on daily basis and don't die of cancer. If anything they shpuld be wiped out by now if dairy causes cancer because they drink alot of milk and eay meat.

  46. One question, do these negative effects of consuming dairy target strictly men, because its related strictly to the prostate or is there an equivalent with the female population as well?

  47. From London, dairy is cow pus. When humans squeeze a spot, u get pus. You would not eat your pus. That's how I see dairy. It is body waste. It sounds about right, that u will become diseased from it.

  48. The way you speak, the pauses, am just not sure what make of it. Is it a joke?? I lost my focus listening and just ended up listening to the strange pauses.

  49. I was accidentally given dairy coffee at a cafe and I almost puked after taking a sip of my latte with cow's milk. It really tasted like someone's breast milk and I only stopped drinking milk 3 years ago!!

  50. What else could they be consuming or doing that could be related to this cause of cancer? Pornography? Cell phones in pockets?

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