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Diabesity (Part 5): The 3 Big Diet Mistakes

This is video number 5 in the series on
weight loss and diabesity. Again, maybe diabesity is not a real word but you get
the message. So we’re going… we’re trying to make a transition from a disease-centric, top-down medical model to more of a health-centric, prevention-health-focused model. So that requires thinking differently for the patients as well as
for the docs. It requires development of a new set of
habits – habits of health instead of habits of disease. What are some of the things that we need
to start thinking about and what sort of habits should we be thinking
about changing? Well, you know, back in the 60s, Ancel Keys said, get all the
fat out of your diet. Now, we flip back and said, no, eat butter. And I do think
there’s a lot of validity behind the carbs. In fact, we’ll talk about that in
just a minute. But what are some of the other new concepts I got? I caught a lot
of grief from a viewer named Ford F-150 for mentioning the potato diet.
Well, you know, Penn Jillette lost a hundred pounds eating nothing but
potatoes. Potato diet is not my go-to diet. But Penn Jillette, being a hundred
pounds less, the thinner Penn is a heck of a lot healthier even if it took potato
mono diet to get there. So in some ways, I think we focus way too much on maybe
macronutrient and other theories… paleo… oh you name it… and sometimes that’s
that’s fiddling while Rome burns. As you may remember, I did a video on the three
big mistakes. And mistake number 1 is admittedly a macronutrient issue. But
it’s a little bit different from just saying, I do low-carb, I do paleo, do
whatever. You need to know: Can you metabolize all of the macronutrients?
There’s only three: protein, fat, and carbs. The vast majority of us, by the time we
get to age 60, cannot metabolize carbs as sugar just remains in our bloodstream or
if many of us maybe can get that blood sugar down. But it takes away too much
insulin remaining in our bloodstream to hammer that blood sugar down. And the
vast majority of us have no clue that we have insulin resistance. Over 90%
of people that have insulin resistance, prediabetes, metabolic
syndrome don’t know it. So what’s mistake number
2? Again, focusing too much on, okay, I go I focus on carbs, keto, paleo, 5/2, clean,
etc. And all the while thinking that a BMI in high 20s is okay or even mid 20s. You know we’re getting
heavier and heavier and heavier now. I know what you would say. Look,
well, BMI doesn’t work for me. I am muscular. I’m like I’ve got big bones.
Well, here’s the thing. Mr. Olympia aren’t. Schwarzenegger in 1970 had a BMI at 30
so if you look like that, maybe a BMI of 30 is okay. But that’s not happening for
most of us. Go back and focus on BMI. Get a DEXA scan. They’re available in big
cities. They’re not available yet in some of the smaller places but I think that’s
very very helpful to start understanding what percent body
fat you have. Again, we have an obesity epidemic. That’s what the diabesity
series is all about. And mistake number 3 is related to mistake number 2,
and that is not seeing BMI or a body fat as an urgent problem. It is an urgent
problem. It’s what’s killing us. So thank you again for your interest. And then I
always looked on PrevMed from back in my Israel when I was back in Israel all
the way through for about 7 months and the conference came up and I’m like,
I would love to learn my labs and talk about this stuff. And on my end, I’m just
a really aggressive listener and I’m just taking it in and trying to develop
develop of intuition and on what buttons to push and what choices to make in my
personal life to make Molokai happen and make that fuel source happen and be
regularly ketonic. And it was an absolutely awesome weekend as we’re on a
second day so I’m excited.

13 thoughts on “Diabesity (Part 5): The 3 Big Diet Mistakes

  1. Thanks. Nothing at all is proving to be the best diet. The list of benefits of fasting seem to be growing with new research.

  2. Do you think the high starch based diets (eg dr mcdougall) can work because they are not so palatable therefore people are very thin and not at all insulin resistant?

  3. Dr. Brewer, you just hit that nail right on the head! Short, straight up, keeping it simple! That just reinvigorated me to stay on track and maximize my diet choices for healthy living. Sometimes just need a little booster shot like this!!! Thank You!

  4. My last scan showed a BMI of seventeen last July. But the health club went out of business. I am like a fish out of water without it.
    And it was free with Silver Sneakers!

  5. One grandmother age junk food and died an invalid at age 60. The other ate real food and was active until she died at age 84. She even broke her hip at age 80 and walked out of the hospital much to the surprise [and chagrin] of the doctors.
    My dad only ate real food and was active into his 90's even though he smoked cigs.
    My mom ate junk food and drank for 40 years and died an invalid, half blind, partly insane etc etc with diaesity at age 75. This and a thousand others is my proof that eating real food and exercise works 🙂

  6. FWIW, according to Nina Teicholz in her book "The Big Fat Surprise", the word "diabesity" was coined by Robert Aktins, M.D. Yes, THE Dr. Atkins.

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