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Diabetic Snacks

Should we as diabetics snack?
How does snacking affect insulin levels thus your overall health? If one is a
pre-diabetic, a type-2 diabetic with insulin resistance then there will be
definite consequences and repercussions to snacking. Today I will expose some
scathing realities for you. Who are the mysterious proponents pushing the
established nutritional agendas and why? How do these corrupt manipulated agendas like snacking influence your treatment and your long term life expectancy? But
before we begin let me welcome all of you Resilient Diabetics out there this
is the channel we turn ordinary struggling diabetics into extraordinary
well controlled diabetics. If you don’t know who I am and you are brand new to
this channel, I welcome you. My name is Jay Sampat and I became an insulin
dependent diabetic a little over six years ago due to an autoimmune attack
which caused the destruction of my pancreas as a result of a severe gluten
allergy attack. So basically I am the proud owner of a pancreas that’s gone on
a permanent and life on vacation. So not only am i diabetic just like you, where
we will be walking that walk together and talking that talk, but I do also have
a University of Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition/Dietetics and that
does come in very handy when it comes to discussing all the intricacies of being
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button for me. As with all my videos this should not be considered personal
medical advice. This is my interpretation of the latest research. If you want
medical advice please always consult your physician. There are sites out there
proclaiming they know the best snack for diabetics. But I’m here to tell you
snacking is the other major cause for diabetes and the other common diseases
also known as metabolic syndrome. To really understand this health paradox we
have to rewind a bit and discuss some of the physiological knowns. The human body contains approximately 5 liters of blood. And circulating throughout that 5 litres
of blood there are approximately four grams of sugar. A healthy body only
requires and most importantly wants less than a teaspoon of sugar at any given
time floating around in that 5 litres of blood.
One teaspoon equates to approximately 100 milligrams a deciliter on your
glucose meter. Anything above one teaspoon in the presence of insulin goes
towards fat storage, that is if it’s not being used immediately for direct energy.
One serving of rice, around 150 grams is equivalent to 10 teaspoons of sugar. One
potato contains eight to nine teaspoons of sugar. That healthy quote-unquote
slice of whole grain barley bread, five to six teaspoons of sugar. Even a healthy
banana once broken down and absorbed will equate to 5 to 7 teaspoons of sugar.
What does the body require one teaspoon of sugar!!
Remember insulin has to be produced by the pancreas or in my case has to be
taken by injection to lower sugars back down after each one of those servings. We
haven’t even talked about those snacks in between meals. So every
you snack you then raise insulin levels even further. Yes even those hundred
calories snack packs will raise insulin. More so than say a handful of almonds or
cheese but snacking raises insulin period. In other words snacking keeps
insulin levels elevated, which means the window for any one of the metabolic
syndrome diseases has just been opened. What is metabolic syndrome? Metabolic
syndrome is a group of five risk factors that increase the likelihood of early
death. And the five risk factors are increased blood pressure, high blood
sugar levels and insulin resistance, excessive fat build-up inside the liver,
deep within the muscle tissues, and buried up and around the internal organs.
It is the body fat you cannot see that creates this death spiral. You also have
high circulating triglyceride levels, and low levels of HDL, which is the good
cholesterol carrier. What are the complications of metabolic syndrome?
Hardening of the arteries, diabetes, heart attack, kidney disease, kidney failure,
stroke, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, peripheral artery disease, and
cardiovascular disease. And once diabetes sets in there may be additional health
complications including eye damage, nerve damage, kidney damage, amputation of the
limbs, and now we conclusively know thanks to research done in the last few
years damage to our brains. And this is far
bigger than anyone could have imagined. Once pre-diabetes and diabetes starts to
occur the excessive sugar starts to eat or corrode what’s known as the
blood-brain barrier. This barrier is what protects the brain from all the toxic
substances in the blood. So in other words this barrier becomes leaky and
weak thus the delicate brain then becomes compromised and impaired. In my last video on diabetes and blood pressure, which I will create a link for you in the description box below. I mentioned
that about 75 million American adults have high blood pressure, so that’s
roughly one in every three adults. But what is even more interesting is that
approximately 84 million American adults, more than one and three have
pre-diabetes. And 90% of the people with pre-diabetes don’t even know they have
it. We have discussed the common connection between both. That was high circulating sugars, thus insulin levels in a body.
The term hyperinsulinemia was linked to everything. Our bodies are just not
designed to have high circulating insulin levels throughout the day and
the night. But we’ve been told carbohydrates especially the whole
grains, the oats, the cereals, the breads, and even the fruits are good for us. So
have we all been led astray, by whom and for what purpose? We can clearly see this
high carbohydrate food experiment we’ve been running for decades is killing us!! A
few years ago the JAMA the Journal of the American Medical Association did a
complete and scathing exposure of our esteemed nutritional experts and thus
our guidelines. The Journal of the American Medical Association in case you
were not aware, is a peer-reviewed medical journal it is ranked third out
of 160 journals in the category of Medicine. And I’ll put a link to the New
York Times exposure in the description box below too. They provided hard evidence of bribery that’s been going on since the 1960s to blame dietary fats i.e…
saturated fats instead of carbohydrates for heart disease for obesity and
diabetes, if you can believe that. Food manufacturers which the article directly
mentioned like Nestle, General Mills, as bribing researchers and all of these institutions and organizations to continually blame
saturated fats as the culprit. And if you think this is no longer going on you are
highly mistaken . All of the studies on fat intake were manipulated and
contrived in their favor. All done and paid for by the sugar, the snack, and the
food manufacturers. And more importantly all the studies that clearly prove
carbohydrates, not fats, were the cause of the major health issues were then either
destroyed or ignored, because it did not fit their narrative. It’s been pounded
into our heads, saturated fats and cholesterol were the cause for this
worldwide epidemic. What’s even more clearly devious they
knew the research was showing carbs were to blame. So in order to take the onus
off themselves, they then took a hard stance against junk food, and sodas,
and refined carbohydrates, which I also do agree are to blame too. How deep did
this go? All the way to the heads of the top health organizations, like the United
States Department of Agriculture. Remember, they developed a food pyramid
or the diet pyramid, which represents the optimal number of servings to be eaten
each day, from each of the basic food groups. And as you can see, what has been recommended, breads, oatmeal, cereals, starches, snacks, carbohydrates and more
carbohydrates. And it just so happened when fats were demonized in the 1960s
was when the explosion of metabolic syndrome started. When our food
manufacturers along with our esteemed institutional experts in lockstep I may
add, took this a step further and started a low-fat, fat-free craze, this is when our
health issues went exponentially worse. This is where snacking was really pushed
as they replaced fats in the foods with more sugars. Today saturated fat and
cholesterol warnings still remain the cornerstone of our government’s false
and manipulated diets guidelines, which then establishes rules
and procedures for our doctors and nutritionists, which they have to follow
for fear of repercussions. And how tied to you? I’ll give you an example.
Most of our doctors still use the total cholesterol model as their marker for
health. The higher the cholesterol, the higher they say your risk of disease and
death. The question is, how outdated is this model knowing now that all of our
institutions have been compromised including the American Heart Association?
Have you ever wondered why your favorite box of cereal which happens to be all
sugar, promotes the low cholesterol model, along with the American Heart
Association’s branded heart label? Now you know why!! Using the cholesterol model to me is like arguing the earth is flat. Let’s use this really crude analogy. Say
every time you see a large fire you also that happen to see in the fire
department. Are we to assume the fire department caused the fire? Well they’re
always at the scene of the crime so they must be responsible for setting the fire?
Just like the fire department, cholesterol is always at the scene of
the crime and is blamed as the cause for heart disease. But is it really the cause
or is it trying to heal the body or put out the fire.
Remember cholesterol is essential for making cell membranes or cell structures
and is vital for the synthesis of hormones. It is essentially involved in
the health and repair of the billions of cells that we have in the body. Without
it, we would literally die. Again all the research was already showing sugars and
high circulating insulin levels was the direct cause of heart disease. But that
was cleverly ignored and quietened. They already knew the excessive insulin from
the high carbohydrate diets and the excessive snacking was causing
inflammation. Thus the need for cholesterol to come and help heal the
damage. But they’ve known this the whole time. How insidious has
become? The high-carbohydrate science experiment, or scam as some have put it,
we have been running for half a century is now coming to fruition.
We’ve gone from eating once or twice a day, where the body would get breaks from
insulin to now eating five to eight times a day. We now have a breakfast and
then snacks, and then lunch and then snacks, to dinner and then more snacks.
And each one of those meals followed by the adjacent snack which also has high
amounts of carbohydrates then keeps insulin chronically elevated throughout
the day. And most importantly as I’ve been explaining in previous episodes.
Even that healthy carbohydrates are esteem experts keep suggesting, are also
the culprits too. They want to continually blame junk food. Okay, say you
have that one large apple for that in between snack. Once digested absorbed
into the bloodstream, that apple will have the same amounts of sugar as a can
of soda. But what’s worse it will also require the same amounts of insulin to
bring down those blood sugars. What does that lead to over time? Yes, all the
metabolic disorders like heart disease, diabetes, and chronically high blood
pressure. Now this is very, very important! Do I have an anti carbohydrate stance? NO,
I do not. Let me state this loud and clear. I do not believe in the extreme
diets as being optimal either. Especially the ones that remove a major
macronutrient from the diet. On the other side, I also thoroughly disagree with a
notion for the continual consumption of the highly dense carbohydrates our
esteems still deem as healthy. As I’ve said before. insulin can be either
inflammatory or anti-inflammatory at the same time depending on the amounts. In
the right amounts, it can exert a Vaso- relaxation or the relaxation of blood
vessels, and an anti-inflammatory effect on the entire body.
Insulin is the most powerful anabolic hormone we have in the body. Which means it is critical for repair, for recovery, and the replenishment of all of our body
cells. But when too much carbohydrates are continually eaten, insulin will work
violently against us. insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia,
or high circulating insulin levels will occur. This then results in insulin
destroying the body by becoming highly inflammatory. There is a balance of how
much insulin is needed by the body. Once one has made the big step in lowering
excessive circulating insulin levels will the body start the process of
healing itself from all the excessive sugars. The beautiful and simplistic part
of this whole equation. All of the metabolic syndrome complications will
start to dissipate all at the same time. To end some of the added confusion for
you, I will set up a playlist with a multitude of videos that will cover the
foods and the carbs I do recommend and why. The carbs and only have my a1c test
in the low fives, but just as importantly have me using the least amount of
insulin so my blood Sugar’s remain flatlined and well controlled all day
long. That then keeps this old insulin-dependent diabetic feeling
energetic, strong, and vibrant all day long. If you’re on a desktop or laptop
use that mouse to click that upcoming box. If you’re in your mobile device tap
that with your fingers. The first is the link to subscribe to this all-important
life changing channel. The second is the link to the playlist I will create for
you on the videos mentioned on foods. So have a great and productive day, and we
will see you soon with another new episode which I said are always released
weekly. Bye for now…..

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Newly diagnosed about 6 months ago, no good guidelines from the docs and nurse practitioners. I feel blessed that I found you on YouTube!!! Appreciative of the honesty and hard work.

  2. Thank you for another great video. You are right as always. I find it interesting that since you have become a diabetic that you have been able to maintain you muscularity and size while eating less. No one can argue with your results, can't understand why your videos aren't going viral! Seems that money is always the answer to all questions of why on this earth. Keep up the good work!

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