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[DIET CHALLENGE] I tried Kpop idol IU diet|Lost 2kg and 2.9% body fats in 2 days|아이유 다이어트(INDO SUB)

只需要3种材料 早餐午餐和晚餐 第一天 重量,脂肪,水,肌肉和BMI 开始我的一天喝热绿茶 早餐 午餐
煮红薯薯条 晚餐 第二天 体重,脂肪,水,肌肉和BMI 开始我的一天喝热绿茶 早餐 午餐 晚餐 结果 体重,脂肪,水,肌肉和BMI 我只试了两天因为我饿死了, 不能再多做几天了. 我对这个结果感到非常惊讶.
重量 48.7kg to 46.7kg (-2kg)
脂肪 23.9% to 21% (-2.9%)
肌肉 35% to 36.7% (+1.7%)

34 thoughts on “[DIET CHALLENGE] I tried Kpop idol IU diet|Lost 2kg and 2.9% body fats in 2 days|아이유 다이어트(INDO SUB)

  1. iu diet most efective for weight loss, i tried myself that method for 1 week at the begining my weight loss journey and loss weight from 73kg to 53kg just in 3 month progress. I edited this comment cos seem many like this, 3 month me lose weight not just i did iu diet only, it's for first time i did extreme diet, and the result shock me, i loss 6kg in 1 week, since then i dont eat anything that bad for my body alias me eating clean. It already 1,5 half years ago, and i still maintance my weight in 54kg and 57kg if me eating out often, i not a young girls, i think my metabolime slowing down, Even me exersice everyday, for now sometime i'm still use iu diet for me losing some weight in short time but i skip protein shake part and subtitute with 2 boiled eggs or boiled chicken breast, Sorry for bad english.

  2. OMG this diet is so unhealthy… And extremely low in calories. It's not surprising you've lost so much weight in such a short amount of time !

  3. Wow this reminds me a lot of the diet I had in my freshman year of highschool. I tried to lose weight and did it healthy for a while but once school started I was there from 10-12 hours a day because of marching band and water polo. I was too tired to eat, which would zap my energy which would make me too tired to eat etc. I just got by eating small snacks as meals like this video. I skipped a lot of meals and some days I didn't even eat. I lost a lot of weight but needless to say I felt terrible. My empty stomach would make me nauseous all the time and I couldn't do much other than sleep when I got home. I finally stopped because I went to a doctors visit and almost fainted from low blood sugar.
    Immediately after I stopped dieting like this, I felt a lot better but I also gained 30 lbs (~13.5 kg), almost all the weight I had lost over the months. To anyone reading this thinking this is a good diet to follow to lose weight, please don't do it. The results will come fast, but they won't be permanent and the side effects will drain the life out of you. The best way to lose weight is healthy eating habits. I recently got back into healthy living and even though I'm actually eating MORE, I've lost 11 lbs (~5 kg). Even though it takes longer, it's worth it in the long run and your body will thank you for it!

  4. it’s honestly not that bad. I substituted the soy milk with coffee and I hardly felt sick or like I was starving. I lost about 10-15 pounds each time I do it and I can do it for a week or more. It also doesn’t come back. I used to do yo-yo diets and they would never work but for some reason…this one does. I’m not telling anyone to do this tho! Bc it is quite an unhealthy diet and I’ve been known to do very unhealthy things to loose weight, but whenever I see others doing it, they say they’re starving and I just don’t feel that way lol. It could also be bc I didn’t work out when I would do the diet and I would work all day so I would just be standing and making coffee and that was my most physical activity throughout the day. If I made a video on this diet would anyone watch? Like if you would 🙂

  5. I won't even loose 1 kg if I eat even less than this for days instead I just keep on gaining weight and I don't get it why ?? 😨

  6. My dumbass tried this and after 3 days I lost consciousness and had to go to the hospital because my mom got really scared when I fell right in front of her face. So don't try this guys.

  7. αhhh íf í dσ thíѕ díєt ím ѕurє thαt í wíll díє ín hungєr lσl.вut nσw ím dσíng hєαlthч díєt αnd ín 2 wєєkѕ í lσѕє 2kg.

  8. 這不用學吧。這種不吃些油的攝取,這吃法會越吃身體越差越顯老。這根本只是吃很少然後很餓,根本也不需要固定的吃規定固定的餐食🙄🙄。正確的減重需要少量有油脂的食物,還有也要有飽的感覺。搭配適量的運動。不如三餐只喝水保證一天一公斤😆😆😆

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