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100 thoughts on “Diet Doctor VS Big Pharma – Plant Based Throwdown w/ Dr. Michael Greger

  1. This was a very good interview but I wish the interviewer spoke better English. Luckily I was able to use the "subtitle option" on YouTube.

  2. the importance of ruminants on the ecosystem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z75A_JMBx4
    Also I think it’s important to acknowledge the fact that there is studies that show both sides of the argument right.
    Meaning no one way of doing it is proven right.

    Everyone’s different and should follow what feels right for them and Brings them the best health.

    Nutrition science is known to be one of the hardest sciences to conduct studies on.

    There are so many variables to control for making the vast majority of conclusions weak.

    Hence the debate.

    If it were a clear cut answer there would be no debate

  3. I think people DO know. but they'd rather eat bacon cheeseburgers. It's a total lifestyle change. I mean who doesn't know cigarette smoking causes cancer?

  4. People KNOW something is wrong but we're not really sure what! THEN we start hearing rumors THEN we ask around, investigate and read. THEN the truth begins to reveal itself!

  5. The doctor is being too kind to a corrupt system! Capitalism has built-in corruption of greed, scarcity, and the ignoring of facts. The first code of capitalism is to stick your fingers in your ears then scream LA-LA-LA-LA. Capitalism 101.

  6. Did you know the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American College of Cardiology updated their blood pressure guidelines?

    Overall, the most impactful change to the new blood pressure guidelines include a lower definition of hypertension. The AHA guidelines now suggest that high blood pressure should be treated at 130/80 mmHg instead of the previous guideline of 140/90. Based on this change, you may notice that your classification shows “Elevated” or “High” when they may have been considered “Normal” before the update.

    First i was fine , now i need pills ?!
    Were do my pills come from when i live on a deserted island ?
    Nope , probably we do not need chemical pills..

  7. this is wonderful content. thanks to Dr. Michael Greger for great info and explaination and thanks to the interviewer. that was great interview.

  8. Good luck staying vegan for more than 10 years. Few make it and %84 of vegans go back to animals. Lots of vegans report depression, low energy, and many other issues including maintaining a healthy weight.

  9. Just in the neonatal unit we give MANY bovine derived products to premature infants. My coworkers wouldn't like me disagreeing but there must be better options!

  10. I've never actually had a doctor tell me I was "drug deficient," but yeah: most doctors you go to are going to write you a scrip.

  11. As long as people don't change their eating habits, there will always be docs prescribing these meds. Too bad people just don't get it-eat a plant based diet-it's actually delish.

  12. He sidestepped the question about the Medateranean diet because he knows it has a lot of fat in it, yet people do great on it. This guy is a fraud.

  13. This guy looks like a corpse and is half blind and his hair has fallen out, and he looks 60 even though he was 44 years old here. That's the greatness of the vegan diet?

  14. I became a vegan after reading The China Study – I follow Dr Greger to remind me why I did this. No hypertension now, feeling great, fat is melting off me. This all makes perfect sense. Evidence based living.

  15. I love to listen to Dr. Greger’s interviews! Intelligent guy. Wish more people would listen to his good health information.

  16. It is corruption when they produce research which is fraudulent, when they buy politicians and health boards, when they get politicians to hound down and make life difficult for anyone telling the truth.

  17. I love listening to a doctor that knows his stuff, no looking at his notes, it all comes from the heart. Want the truth? Follow the money for a research project to its source and you will find the truth.

  18. I do not understand the title "How not to die." Do you mean literally? Because we all die, and it isn't up to us, yes we can eat correctly but God has a number on us all. BTW I mostly make good choices, no meat, lentils always, beans, greens, etc… but I need my coffee.

  19. Ppl need to turn off the TV for one thing…. this culture of killing just for the sake of flavor goes beyond my comprehension. I'm not innocent, I've done it too. but, now I know better ..and I mean passing laws preventing us from even knowing what happens at some farms?!!!. I'm starting to believe that agenda 21 stuff isn't coming it's already here.

  20. love this guy and thank you sooo much doc greger by following your dietary advice my lifelong suffering with chronic ashma is over unbelievable even as a child i dont remember breathing this well and my lungs have such an increase in capacity even my doctors are amazed!!! thanks thanks thanks we really appreciate your commitment your a true modern day saint!!!

  21. Dr. Michael Gregor, I was with you until approximately 4:00 in. Then you decided to ignorantly malign my profession, and limit it to mixing TPN orders. I'm sorry you've had negative experiences, or assumptions – but not all Dietitians have a background truncated at USDA submission. We don't know clinical nutrition? We don't know disease reversal nutrition? This is what I and many other dietitians do day in and day out. Also many of us are appalled by practitioners who share our credential and approve items like cheese-like brand-name singles and twix bars as a source of dark chocolate. But to poison the well the the profession suggests a possible ulterior motive – or at least a careless style of communication.

  22. Just back from my local Tesco & saw the 'How not to die Cookbook' in the book section – Yahoo!
    Delighted to see this all become mainstream.

  23. Super doctor …. Hospitals do not cure and I can prove it …. 100% …. ok Health requires 1) good nutrition, 2) sunlight, 3) exercise, 4) pure water (not tap), 5) rest (not awaking at 3 am for rx) 6) detox, 7) fresh air …. not found in hospitals … none, nada, zilch, cero, …..

  24. Corrupt is the wrong word ?! I'm sorry but CORRUPT is the right word to describe what corporations do especially when maximizing profits is the primary objective at the expense of human health ! To say that what the meat/diary/egg industries do and how the system operates isn't corrupt especially when we know what the dire consequences of what they do will be is just a LIE !

  25. 8:00 Personal Responsibility. or lack there of by many is the problem with society. We need everyone to be more personally responsible.

  26. Thank you so and the translater , that is possible to translate in German and other language!!!
    I have direcly send to my Whatsapp friends!!
    I have see in German TV that so much people in UK to,be afraid when the Brexit come, they not get Drugs for Diabetis and Bloopresure…Would it not be great, for this people make a film, how the plantbades diet help?? And how is it, when you show like Jamie Oliver or other chefs how they can cooking healthy….they arrive the people…

  27. I will send my cousin,she works in a hospital snd will changed in phamaindustrie. Which study can I show her from the ornish study and where I found it? I hope she changed her opinion…It would be great someone can help me…

  28. Does anyone know how to nominate dr. Greger for a Nobel Peace prize? He has done more than any pharmacy, doctor, hospital to educate the masses about how to eat healthily.

  29. dr. Greger I listened to to your advice on crowdfund and I think it has its merits. However what about the billions and billions American citizens pay in tax dollars? why are we not using our tax dollars to fund some of those studies that would benefit almost every American? We need to be putting pressure on our government and government agencies and government officials to use some of those tax dollars to help us be healthier!

  30. 'What did you do?' Clinicians are too dim to ask something like that. They'll just carry on prescribing the pills and taking the money.

  31. One problem I see with crowdfunding studies is that lay people, people not involved in research or educated about research methods and statistics, aren't equipped to evaluate study design to determine whether the study is a good study, scientifically sound, has a good chance of success (as in not finding null results simply because of a design flaw), and whether or not the planned statistical analyses match the design and research questions. I dont want people to start throwing money at studies, those studies turn out to be terrible, and then the passion dies.

    Even researchers can design flawed studies. That's why granting agencies have panels of experts and journals send out to multiple experts. I just think it would be difficult to ensure people are contributing their money to worthy causes.

  32. One guy told me: 'Yeah, but last I checked, all vegans die, just like us meat eaters.' My response? 'I'd rather live healthy vigorous and well than sick, in pain or in hospital.' This man has had by-pass grafts and a pacemaker installed, is obese and constantly ill. Who wants that? Not me. Meat clogs. Plants unclog.

  33. I've heard it said that we know more about livestock nutrition than human nutrition…by far. Think also about the food pyramid…it should be turned upside down. What do we feed our livestock to fatten it…grain i.e. Carbs. It has been wildly successful at fattening America. Low carb High Fat Keto diet and intermittent fasting plus Autophagy to rebuild the unhealthy or impaired parts…hard to do without meat…look it up.

  34. Dr Gregor is a truly a great man. We have to take responsibility for ourselves but he gives us so much real scientific information to help us. He speaks the truth

  35. Processed prepackaged vegan meals are profitable and are gaining popularity but people crave meat that’s why they can’t stay vegan

  36. Regarding The vaccine comment there was a study that showed that people who got the flu vaccine were just as likely to get the flu plus other diseases within nine months after having received the vaccine as compared to the placebo group that didn’t get a vaccine

  37. I WISH these videos about THE TRUTH could be translated in French. I live in Québec, Canada and the majority of my family and friends I share these type of videos to don’t understand. The only person I know of who speaks out about the hidden truth is Prof Henri Joyeux. He’s an oncologist and digestive surgeon from France. Can someone please help me to spread THE TRUTH to the francophone community.

  38. 🆘Need to👁👁👂🙊🤮🌏Who’s Deciding what education Conventional Doctors & Medical field in general should have are the3 Big Criminal Industries: 1• Animal Agriculture Murder, Rape,Torture, Drugs, Poison,Suffocate to Death Killer of all Earthlings Industry,NRA Animal Hunting,Murdering & Kilking Weapons,Traps,Guns,Hooks & Killer Tools makers🔫⛏🔪🗡🏹🎣⚙️🛠💣🔫⛓⚰️& the💊🤮💉Big Pharma Who provides side effect Numing Conventional Drugs w/side effects to hook you on multiple drugs even when U start w/One drugs🤮💊🚬🌡🔋🚫

  39. 🆘Need to👁👁👂🙊🤮🌏Who’s Deciding what education Conventional Doctors & Medical field in general should have are the3 Big Criminal Industries: 1• Animal Agriculture Murder, Rape,Torture, Drugs, Poison,Suffocate to Death Killer of all Earthlings Industry,NRA Animal Hunting,Murdering & Kilking Weapons,Traps,Guns,Hooks & Killer Tools makers🔫⛏🔪🗡🏹🎣⚙️🛠💣🔫⛓⚰️& the💊🤮💉Big Pharma Who provides side effect Numing Conventional Drugs w/side effects to hook you on multiple drugs even when U start w/One drugs🤮💊🚬🌡🔋🚫

  40. 🆘Need to👁👁👂🙊🤮🌏Who’s Deciding what education Conventional Doctors & Medical field in general should have are the3 Big Criminal Industries: 1• Animal Agriculture Murder, Rape,Torture, Drugs, Poison,Suffocate to Death Killer of all Earthlings Industry,NRA Animal Hunting,Murdering & Kilking Weapons,Traps,Guns,Hooks & Killer Tools makers🔫⛏🔪🗡🏹🎣⚙️🛠💣🔫⛓⚰️& the💊🤮💉Big Pharma Who provides side effect Numing Conventional Drugs w/side effects to hook you on multiple drugs even when U start w/One drugs🤮💊🚬🌡🔋🚫

  41. Hi Dr. Gregor! Amazing interview! I'm getting his best selling book! Big hugs and Much love from, Corpus Christi, Texas!😘💕💕💕❤❤

  42. I don't get it, vegans always talk so much about reversing heart disease yet in the Advintist study that they so frequently site vegans had a higher rate of heart disease then fish eaters as well as instances of cancer, yet they talk like anyone that eats any animal product is asking for it. This seems to be a movement based on propaganda rather then actual evidence based research.

  43. Thank god.. Dr Greger, the voice of truth and reason in an extremely confused and corrupt society. I wish YouTube had a 'love' button. This message should be hailed from the rooftops. McDonald's funding medical training? We're headed full tilt into an Orwellian nightmare. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO.

  44. This guy is my hero (other than Tom Petty) and I am addicted to his information! I feel amazing being vegan and am thriving like never before! 🌈

  45. Greger needs to hedge the excuse of doctor "ignorance" with the oceans of MIS-information (false studies, false advertising, lies, etc) where the purpose is to create ignorance….because all MBAs know that the golden rule is to Maximize Revenues and Minimize Expenditures (=profit)

  46. I think Dr. Greger is great, but the SYSTEM itself is indeed CORRUPT. When a system is designed to put profits before people, that is a system that is based on corrupt (unethical, immoral, sociopathic) concepts.

    As Chomsky put it:

    "It's a fair assumption that every human being, real human beings, flesh and blood ones, not corporations, but every flesh and blood human being is a moral person. You know, we've got the same genes, we're more or less the same, but our nature, the nature of humans, allows all kinds of behaviour. I mean, every one of us under some circumstances could be a gas chamber attendant and a saint. When you look at a corporation, just like when you look at a slave owner, you want to distinguish between the insitution and the individual. So slavery, for example, or other forms of tyranny, are inherently monstrous, but the individuals participating in them may be the nicest guys you could imagine. Benevolent, friendly, nice to their children, even nice to their slaves, caring about other people. I mean, as individuals they may be anything. In their institutional role they're monsters because the institution is monstrous. The same is true here. So an individual CEO, let's say, may really care about the environment and, in fact, since they have such extraordinary resources, they can even devote some of their resources to that without violating their responsibility to be totally inhuman."

    So, the system is indeed corrupt. In other parts of the world, doctors get paid well, and they get paid more when a patient of theirs gets better. What a novel concept! In the USA, doctors get paid more based on how much they play the pharmaceutical game. This is why Dr. Greger and the work he does is important, and why it is so popular — because it combats this corrupt system. Imagine all the food we buy being subjected to real science — no more "meat glue," no more cancer causing preservatives, no more pesticide-laden fruits and veggies… Imagine that! A food system that is designed not just based on what makes the most profit, but that designed to give the most profit to those who produce truly healthy food! The mere fact that we have to deal with all this crap in the first place is abundant evidence that the system itself is indeed corrupt.

    Dr. Greger in one breath says, "The system is not corrupt… The system works by rewarding making people sick." That's like saying, "I don't hate you, I just do hateful things to you." Dr. Greger is very smart, and doing very good work, so it's quite stunning to hear him put forth this kind of reasoning.

  47. Love, love, love Dr. Gregor!!!! He absolutely sparkles and is so convincing. Thank you for the interview!

  48. I have to add that pharma is a fraud industry, yet that is the least of its crime, it is literally making people ill and killing most of them too.

  49. I'd have to respectfully disagree about the corruption when these food companies have consciously mastered the art of addiction, have shown no response to cleaning up their act and changing their business after undeniable scientific proof (not to mention overwhelming evidence) that their products make people obscenely ill. They didn't have a heart to heart with themselves over whether or not their products should be changed purely for moral reasons. Strange they don't consider the opposite would ensure their future sales now people are waking up. Veganism is exploding and they would do infinitely better to change with the times than resist them. Apart from that, I agree with everything else I've heard Dr. Greger say in all of his videos. 🙂

  50. That is how the system works and that system has a name- capitalism. We need to overthrow capitalism and replace it with something better before it destroys us.

  51. I try & get the word out every day in every way. Ran into this anaesthetist the other day. He got quite angry with me & told me heart disease could not be reversed. When I said I would send him some information he said he wouldn’t read it & wasn’t interested in it.

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