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hi ladies and welcome back to our endometriosis series this week we’re going to be talking about something that is typically known as a no-no in the endo community and that is dairy so if you want to learn more about why you might be able to drink dairy and when it actually could benefit you and your healing process keep watching okay guys if you’re new to my channel my name is Mary Madeline and I am a nutritional therapy practitioner oh my channel I like to create videos all about nutrition education healthy recipes and female helped basically revolved around hormonal health also thrown in some non-toxic living I would absolutely love it if you would hit that subscribe button down below and become part of our little YouTube community also if you like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up let’s go ahead and get into the topic and explain why dairy might be good for you so I recently made a video all about raw dairy in the history of pasteurization and the difference between the two spoiler alert huge difference between pasteurized and raw dairy completely different food in my opinion and many others within the community of nutrition if you are interested in that or you haven’t really delved into dairy go ahead and check it out I will link it up in the cards I think this is the right area so I’ll link that up for you but today we’re gonna really just talk about more about what happens to the milk when it’s pasteurized compared to when it’s raw and then this specific killing properties that are with in raw milk compared to ash dries milk so I wouldn’t really be touching on like the safety concern okay so when we pasteurized milk we heat it to a 165 degrees for around 3 minutes and that kills all the bacteria it also kills off the good bacteria and it kills all the minerals and vitamins and it messes with the nutrients within it so the proteins end up becoming denatured and damaged by this whole process then our body doesn’t really recognize it at all so it doesn’t know what to do with it it also becomes oxidized and it becomes inflammatory to our body so there’s your hint right there pasteurized milk produces inflammatory milk so typically milk before it’s been pasteurized it has fat globules which are encased in a protein and fat and lipid bilayer so this lipid bilayer is basically a communicator for your body so it has little hands and arms that communicate with the cells of your body and it’s like oh yeah okay we know what to do with you you’re gonna go over here you help us heal you help us get these nutrients and when you pasteurize it this is not gonna shock you but that’s completely wiped out so what used to be a food in our body knew what to do with then it wipes out its communication and then it doesn’t know where to go or what to do and it causes havoc in our body this means that our body doesn’t know how to assimilate those nutrients so it no longer knows how to take it and absorb it and you know prepare it for your body to actually utilize it it confuses the heck out of it and on top of that our guts confused and it causes gut issues it can cause imbalances it can cause an upset stomach it can cause constipation diarrhea IBS symptoms also a way to look at milk is that there are two different components so there is a lipid bilayer that has a fatty rich Center and then a protein casing which has a calcium rich Center so basically these are just crust or casings or outer shells if you will the lipid bilayer and the protein casing they’re naturally separate so the fat in the calcium do not mix but when you pasteurize it it messes up all of the casings and then gets mushed together and we pasteurized and homogenized which is when we push the milk through a very very very very fine mesh sieve basically which helps the fat to be homogenized with the milk evidently we can’t really like shake our milk we totally can it’s just another thing that messes with our milk so when it’s all mixed together then our body yet again doesn’t know what to do with it it can’t go about things the way it’s supposed to and we can’t really gleam those nutrients and assimilate them just as with the previous proteins on top of that it creates an acid forming food which can actually leach the calcium from your own bones this is why there’s kind of been there have been studies that showed that people who drink milk like milk from the grocery store their calcium is still really low but in other cultures where they drink raw milk their calcium is high and where it should be that’s because it changes when you pasteurize it different modernize it also before we leave the pasteurized side of the milk and when it does to it it’s also important to note that it’s also highly inflammatory due to most of the cows being fed grain which is not their natural diet they really should be fed grass and along with that they end up being shrubs and bugs and other things like that but also they’re chock-full of antibiotics and hormones and that’s due to the way they are raised and in order for them to produce four times the amount of note they’re normally producing so basically their turn but like I said you can learn more about that in my previous video so I’m not gonna get dumped on the soapbox about that today okay so we’ve talked about pasteurization pasteurized area and why it’s really an inflammatory food and that it is due to the processing now let’s talk about raw dairy and why it’s not naturally in inflammatory food so naturally raw dairy that’s been fed grass the way it should be it has all the cool things it has so naturally raw dairy is basically one of the best complete foods there is it has fats protein and carbohydrates and those carbohydrates that is lactose which I forgot to mention when a pasteurized dairy you also lose an important enzyme called lactase lactase sounds a lot like lactose and in fact they go together lactase is meant to digest lactose and help your body in the process but when we pasteurize we lose the lactose and therefore we have tons of people who are lactose intolerant so if you’re wondering if people with lactose intolerance could drink raw milk without issues you’re exactly right the majority the majority of the time people can drink broader because it has that lactose in it in there digestive so that’s another fun tidbit for you though Rob dairy in its natural form span grass-fed has all these amazing matrix that has proteins fats and carbohydrates that lactose it also has lactase the enzyme that helps break it down and it has vitamins a d e and k vitamin C and a B complex so these are still within there and they are able to be easily absorbed because they have the fat within milk to help them because ad E and K are fat soluble vitamins so you really need to eat it with fat or if consumed fat around the time you eat it in order to really assimilate and absorb it and then who doesn’t need to be complex B complex it’s so important for our brain and our gut health and vitamin C also we have other enzymes in there that are helpful for all types of digestion and we have probiotics milk is naturally a probiotic rich drink it’s like kombucha on steroids we’re home milk it’s so full of good bacteria and people like what about the bad bacteria but this is where the genius comes in and God himself made it this way there is more good bacteria than bad bacteria and the good takes over the bed so that’s why we have good bacteria it’s not going to allow the bad bacteria to take over and make it sick and gross and icky so the good bacteria actually takes over the bad bacteria and it doesn’t go bad in fact raw dairy doesn’t even go back you could put it on your countertop let it sit out for a couple of days and it would become what is called collaborative milk so it doesn’t go bad it goes different as people say and then it’s a fermented dairy beverage and it’s good for you but I know that’s so terrifying to think about I also grew up on the pasteurized milk of concoction but I’ve been drinking raw milk for a while now and I have never gotten sick from it and I’ve only had benefits not only is raw dairy not naturally inflammatory but it has components that are in raw dairy that kind of get left behind in pasteurized dairy and then Stephanie delighted like the other things that help to reduce inflammation yes I said there are components in raw dairy that actually reduce inflammation and one of those is CLA maybe heard about lately there’s a lot of research going on about it and a lot of good things that we are learning about it so CLA is conjugated linoleic acid that’s not full but basically what this does is it helps to reduce inflammation within your body and your gut it also helps to calm your immune system because your immune system is caused by an inflammatory reaction so if it’s anti-inflammatory it is coming to your immune system it helps heal some seasonal allergies a lot of people then happen allergies after drinking raw milk and it helps to burn fat and helps you lose weight even been shown to help reduce obesity and cancer it’s important to note that CLA is only found in animal products so in order the data has to come from the product and the best ways to get it drumroll please is from grass-fed cream and butter if you’re not excited about that then I don’t know what you would get excited about I have never left the butter train okay guys even back in the days when I was young groom people who are filling your heads with that butter it’s gonna harm you I’m like there’s no way there’s no way I had no idea honestly at that time but I stuck on that butter train and I have been a better lover for my whole life so my friends watching this are probably thinking well of course she thinks butters healthy but it’s true and we’re gonna move on to the next item in raw dairy so the next item is butyrate butyrate helps to heal your gut yes I said that there should be some applause there it also helps to reduce inflammation we’re seeing a trend here but it’s a great trend to have especially when we have a inflammatory disease butyrate also helps you control the cells that line your and test and it helps control the good it helps to balance out the new and the old it also helps to boost your immunity and fight cancer it’s anti-inflammatory abilities help to reduce oxidative stress and control free radicals which are great things for it to do within your body especially when we’re trying to prevent cancer now I know that there will be some people watching this who prefer a plant-based diet and they’re gonna tell me but Mary Madeline you can get butyrate without even eating that’s accurate fiber when you eat fiber fiber in your gut can then be transformed into butyrate but the key there is that you have to have a properly functioning well working well oiled machine of a gut for it to do that and typically when we’re dealing with things such as endometriosis the inflammatory disease that it is or even can even other things such as autoimmune disease our gut isn’t working right and that’s why we have to focus so much on killing our gut so it’s way less likely that your guts actually going to be able to go through that whole process the way it should and you reap the benefit so it’s typically best especially when you’re working on doing our gut to just get it from the food itself as it already contains it also last but not least in raw grass-fed dairy there are things called gangliosides on the fat membrane and these help to and helps prevent bad bacteria from growing in your test ins and make sure that it stays the way it should be and that there is more good than bad okay guys so we’ve run through pasteurization and why it is a true culprit of the inflammation and then we talked about raw dairy and why it is not inflammatory and why in fact it has properties within it help reduce inflammation between claa butyrate gangliosides all the good things including the probiotics that are naturally in raw dairy which get completely crushed and mutilated and messed up and pasteurized dairy now I am going to go ahead and mention that this doesn’t mean that dairy is for everyone there are people who have true allergies to dairy so I’m not recommending that you go out and drink it there are also people who maybe their gut still isn’t in a good enough place to even add in raw dairy well it is healing to your gut sometimes if we’ve been dealing with leaky gut or other gut issues it could still be an inflammatory food to it not really work both our body just yet there are also just some people who still just don’t tolerate raw dairy even compared to pasteurized dairy and that is a-okay my purpose in this video is to actually just share the truth with you and help you to know that if you have worked on healing your gut and you have been told and in Demetrios that you cannot have dairy that it’s inflammatory I wanted to go ahead and share the good news with you then it’s really the processing and how the cow is raised to begin with compared to the raw dairy in and of itself it’s so healthy it’s so healing and hi and inflammatory in fact so I wanted those people who think they should or could give it a try and they desire to to know that it’s okay and know that it can help you heal there are many investors who have gone without drinking dairy and they feel much better in the beginning the reason why is because you most likely been drinking pasteurized dairy and it does help to reduce those symptoms and help you feel better and if you can’t get raw dairy I definitely would not drink pasteurized dairy it is highly inflammatory and not good for really anybody but alien raw dairy should have a different effect on your body so it actually could be a food that helps you to heal your gut helps to reduce inflammation that you can enjoy in I hope this video helped to open your eyes about the difference between pasteurized and raw dairy and why one is highly inflammatory and not good for anyone and one is a healing nutrient-dense anti inflammatory probiotic rich amazing food which can help even those suffering from endometriosis if you’ve enjoyed this video please go ahead and give it a thumbs up I would really appreciate it and I would also truly love it if you would subscribe down below and become part of my YouTube community guys I thank you so much for watching and I will look forward to seeing you in the next video on Friday have a great day guys bye [Music]

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