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Diet & Nutrition : What Does a Pediatric Dietitian Do?

Hi, I’m Charlotte Skiles, a nutrition consultant
and clinical herbalist for Eat in Peace Wellness Consulting, located in Austin, Texas. And
today, I’m going to talk to you about what a pediatric dietitian does. And this is pretty
simple, so a pediatric dietitian is going to specialize in nutrition for infants, children’s,
and adolescents. The cutoff age there is about 18 years. And the idea here is that these
are different phases of life, and so when you search out that sort of specialized care,
you’re very much taking into account where that child is in their development and what
foods are going to serve them best. But as a side note, something I’d like to say here
is that I think a good pediatric dietitian would always have a conversation with the
parent about what he or she is eating and what foods are available at home because,
in reality, kids want to be like their parents, and they follow our example, as adults. So
for the parent to take a lot of ownership over what foods are in the house. If the child,
for instant, doesn’t do well in sugar or food additives, that the parent maybe not eat those
foods and see what life is like for them without those foods in their diet. So that’s basically
what a pediatric dietitian would do. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Diet & Nutrition : What Does a Pediatric Dietitian Do?

  1. Great video. Could you show us how to calculate TPN for a week old infant with open abdomen? Protocol, monitoring, adjusting?

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