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[DIET VLOG] 촬영 2주전  -4kg 감량하는 극성수기 다이어트 식단 (하루 식단)

Sunday, December 1st, Body Check I kept drinking because it was my birthday recently, but I gained a lot of weight and lost a little weight after going on a diet for a week. Hello, everyone. I’m kimjoomin I’m going to do an under wear shoot about two days from now. I’m planning to lose a little bit more weight in the next two days because I have a schedule to shoot a famous brand underwear. Today, when I lose weight in a hurry, I’m going to show you what I eat for a day:) For now, I’ve reduced the amount of carbohydrates in a hurry to get rid of body fat. This is sweet potato! 100 to 110 grams of sweet potatoes Next, the protein bar (ENERGY BAR – HIGH PROTEIN) And then multi-vitamins and fats are being taken in this omega-3 form, which is healthier. And a warm Americano from a cafe in front of my house. BCAA has essential amino acids, so it’s good to eat before exercising! And this is the supplement I always take. (Whey protein) It contains about 27 grams of protein in three spoons. There’s about 23 grams of protein in 100 grams of chicken breast, and you can think that this supplement contains a little more protein than chicken breast. So, if you eat this protein bar and supplement, I think the amount of protein you need to eat in a meal will be roughly the right amount. I’ll eat it briefly like this, and I’ll go to work out 🙂 Tip of the Supplement: Pour about 200ml of water and then add a scoop (9g) of BCAA. Finally, add 3 spoons of Wei protein and that’s it! When shaking a water bottle containing protein, block and shake the inlet to prevent the lid from opening. Protein bars contain 8 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat, and 18 grams of carbohydrates I like to eat it because it has less fat and more protein than a typical energy bar. 🙂 Choco-flavored Protein Bar + Choco-flavored Protein=It’s so sweet (it’s just my style). I don’t have much time, so I’ll just eat this sweet potato and go out. 🙂 I came to the fitness center near Hongdae to exercise with my friend. There are so many good instruments for back exercise today. I’m going to work hard to shoot the underwear that I caught in two days…!! When performing a lat pull down, the area of stimulation depends on the width of the grip. If you hold it as wide as I do, it can give you a lot of luminescence and a lot of stimulation on your upper back. Friends who work out together: What happens when you swear while filming? Me: I’m going to put music on it anyway (Is he crazy??) ME: But don’t overdo it. — Audience: [Sighs] Cable low! It’s a great exercise for increasing the thickness of your back! Exercise with the feeling of receding the shoulder blades…!! It’s a great exercise for making the light-bellied muscles big and thick. This is the end of exercise today! I came to eat shabu shabu after exercise. I’m going to eat 180 grams of beef, vegetables and a little rice. I think it’s done. Can I eat it? Bro?
Thank you for the meal.~~ I use chopsticks faster than I can see with my eyes. Eating is an exercise, so I have to eat protein quickly. Wow… Look at the color of the meat. I ate that yesterday, but I want to eat it again. If you eat vegetables together when you eat, you can increase your feeling of fullness. This is a Shabu Shabu chain restaurant called Chaseondang. It was really delicious. It’s a pumpkin from the shabu-shabu soup. When you have to eat out while on a diet, don’t be too pressured to eat. In fact, whatever food you eat is fine with just the right amount (excluding fried foods). I’m hungry but I’m so hot that I’m cooling down lol Shabu Shabu is so delicious since it’s been a while. There was no food at home, so I stopped by a local mart to shop for a while…!! I’m here to shop at a nearby mart. There are many kinds of vegetables, but I like to eat onions among them. A dollar onion for two…!! When choosing sweet potatoes, it’s convenient if you choose the one in good condition:) Sometimes I buy a rotten guy and spit it out while eating. He looks like he’s gonna be okay. Another food to buy is brown rice!! I need to buy some brown rice. brown rice brown rice brown rice brown rice brown rice Uh…?! (?) We’re out of brown rice. kkkk I can’t help it. I have to buy some white rice. white rice;; I’ll have white rice. ;;
Actually, it doesn’t matter much to me even if I eat white rice. This is 550g of sweet potato, 210g of white rice, and two onions for one day. For dinner, I’d like to have a roast chicken salad from Subway. I asked them to take out all the saline vegetables such as pickles and halapinos as ingredients for Ladies and gentlemen, this is your third meal:) Roast chicken salad and chicken breast sausage. The chicken breast sausage contains 25g of protein and 7g of fat. I was going to eat on the subway, but I turned on the camera when I came to the convenience store to buy chicken breast sausage and soda. No, it’s only been three hours since I had Shabu Shabu and I’m already hungry; Took out my sausage from the package good to eat chicken breast. 🙂 I personally like salad very much because of the texture. Let’s start with chicken breast sausage. Oh… Is it better than I thought? I didn’t eat chicken breast sausage well, but I’ll use it from now on. I drink carbonated water because I’m thirsty. When I’m on a diet, people ask me if I’m hungry. I always eat four or five meals like this, so it’s not too hard. I’m going to come home and try to prepare a fourth meal….!! 150g of beef + 2 eggs …!! Last time, there was a comment saying that I should be good at cleaning broccoli. I just ate frozen broccoli and green bean so I don’t have to do it……!! First, remove the fat from the beef. The dishes are troublesome if you are pushed back, so please do them right away. I pressed the wrong cap, and it’s really messy. ;; Grease a pan with olive oil and stir-fry beef and frozen vegetables. Add two eggs and sprinkle pepper salt without scruple. It’s mixed with pepper and salt. It’s convenient. I turned it back on with my cell phone because the camera was turned off in the middle. Oh, it’s delicious more than I thought. I guess I’m good at cooking. In fact, fried rice is delicious even if you put something in it. Haha It’s a little bland, so I’ll put some Heinz mustard on it. At this point, I’m almost a PR ambassador for Heinz Mustard. I love the taste of frozen vegetables bb Now, this was my diet meal when I was on a diet in a hurry.

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  1. 프로틴 물에 타먹는게 너무 힘들어서 저는 아몬드브리즈에 타먹는데 너무 맛있어요.. 물에 타먹으면 칼로리도 줄고 좋지만 도저히 맛없어서 못먹겠 ㅠㅠ

  2. 인스타그램 스토리에는 올렸는데 촬영 잘 마치구 왔습니다:) 곧 언더웨어 촬영 영상도 업로드 하겠습니다…!!

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  3. Wooooooo you're beautiful 🤩🤩🤩😘😘😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  4. 얼짱 주민님!! 항상 영상 잘보고 있어요!! 다이어트하고 있는데 주민님 영상 보면서 홧팅하고 있어요~ 앞으로 좋은 영상 많이 올려주시고 항상 응원하겠습니다! ^^

  5. Liked your Vlog. After the Thanksgiving week I gained a few pounds.😑 So now I am getting back on track. Taking good notes and adding sweet potatoes and cabbage to my grocery list. Good luck at the photo shoot.😊

  6. It's nice to see a normal diet without restricting yourself even though you wanna lose quickly some weight ,keep up with the good work ✊🏼

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