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22 thoughts on “Dietary Treatment for Painful Periods

  1. This is absolutely true! Since I began a vegan diet almost 2 years ago, my periods arrive with no discomfort (maybe a little increased body temperature) and no pain. After decades of dreading those days of the month, it's been so refreshing to see them pass like any other.

  2. I would like to see a study do grass and free range meat vs grain fed meat(90% of what people eat and high in Arachidonic acid) for the same condition

  3. It's anecdotal, but I tried to cling to animal food via grass-fed/organic meat and it didn't matter. Only drastically cutting the fat via a vegetarian diet has helped my symptoms. Even higher fat vegetarian didn't help. When I went down to 10-12% calories from fat, with at least 60% of my calories from raw/fresh sources, did it normalize.

  4. I would like to suggest that you need to go one step further and Go Vegan Plus which means eating a wide variety of whole organic plants while avoiding added salt and sugar.

  5. My husband has treated women with PMS, migraines, and other female disorders with acupuncture, and sometimes herbal remedies. The ones that have the greatest success rate also follow our nutritional coaching to switch to a healthy produce-based//low-fat vegan diet. Amazing however that we have women who have PCOS that really want to be able to get pregnant, will spend tons of money on fertility, but won't change their diet.

  6. Acupuncture is very good for relieving cramps. Also, avoiding ice cold anything, so only drinking or eating room temp or warm foods gives some people complete relief.

  7. I recently cut out all grains (as well as potatoes) from my diet and I feel great. I heard that lectins are in those types of food (I'll have to read more about lectins now).

  8. Dr. Greger and the team,
    The vitamin d study gave an extremely high oral daily dose of vitamin d3… 300, 000 I.U. exactly. Isn't that dangerous? What's the limit? How were they able to get away with that?

  9. I have been vegan for just over a year and I feel great but my period cramps every month are horrific. I came off the pill as I went vegan so it's been over a year off that as well. Every month I can barely move, I get diarrhoea and vomiting. I eat high carb low fat, no processed foods just rice, potatoes, beans, veg, lentils, fruits that kind of thing (no oil ect). Does anyone know anything that could help/ go into more detail about the vitamin d he briefly talked about?

  10. im sorry who wants a surgeon go in there and damage your chances of getring pregnant. that is the whole problem. i do believe diet works and taking care of all deficient minerals/vitamins

  11. So grateful to not be in pain anymore. I went vegan and no more pain. I am sure it was dairy for me. I have been vegetarian. I suffered for so long (age 9 till 46…I am 47 now). I tried everything and did a lot of drugs (legal and not so legal). My periods are normal, pain free, shorter and I don't throw up, I can walk, work, play. I take B12, seaweed, a multi, and D (I live in a northern climate). No menopause in sight, still regular. I was so worried about having to have a hysterectomy. Thank you!

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