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Dietetic Coleslaw salad- Insalata di cavolo [{○●ENGLISH SUBTITLES●○}]

Dietetic coleslaw Welcome my friends as usual in my tiny tiny kitchen but full of love! Today we are going to prepare the coleslaw.. Cabbage salad You might think it is not a great taste, but it is actually great! It get usually eat as a side of meat , fried fish, chips, hamburger, BBQ It really is perfect with lots of dishes and it is quite tasty It is a traditional American sauce, in Italy is not as popular I am not too sure why! but if the Russian salad had a boom , why not this one as well? Easy, inexpensive and quick to prepare Let’s see how to do it! Take the cabbage and cut in little slices very thin, it doesn’t need to be a huge portion Once cut should look like this, like shred Put on a side and lets cut a red onion at the same way I have chosen a red onion as it is sweater and I like it more Shred it as well before put on a side Same to do with the carrot but I will use a cheese greater as it is going to be smaller than cut with the knife Almost everything ready, colorful and crunchy At this point I am going to add my touch a tuft of parsley It is going to give colour and tasty I am going to swab the mayo with Greek yogurt It is very creamy and it gets very well with this type of salad 2 or 2 and half teaspoon of yogurt few drops of vinegar only drops And then mix everything very well. Here it is. ready. Coleslaw with Simone’s touch. Nice, tasty and healthy I am going to prepare an home made burger to go with it Next time I will teach you how to do the special Simone’s burger. This is pretty simple, mince, salt and pepper. Just a bit of salt on the pan and high heat Put the home made hamburger on Ketcup: no fat Tomatos: even less! Hamburger done with lean mince And then our special salad, light and tasty! Perfect with the hamburger,,, cabbage salad I can only say have a try! Let’s try it! Such a taste! The crunchiness is just perfect Very low in calories, can substitute the bread with brown bread for even healthier options Delicious sandwich with 0 fat This salad goes well with fish, chips, meat , hamburger You just need to try! See you soon!! Ciao!!!

11 thoughts on “Dietetic Coleslaw salad- Insalata di cavolo [{○●ENGLISH SUBTITLES●○}]

  1. Ma quella specie di insalata russa fatta con il cavolo rosso che si trova all'estero, come è fatta? È simile sembra… Troppo buona!

  2. Bravo Simone, mangio volentiere!! Grazie e carissimi saluti!!🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👍👍👍🖐😋😋😋😋😋😋

  3. Maestro come te la cavi con la cucina cinese/giapponese? Faresti qualche ricetta tipo ramen sushi spaghetti con gamberi e verdure ecc grazie Chef

  4. Scusa Simone, potresti dirmi quale yogurt greco hai usato?
    Quello che prendo io di solito, il Fage, è molto piú denso di quello che usi nella ricetta ed avrei problemi ad amalgamare il tutto.

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