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Dietetic Services and Management

[ Music ]>>My name’s Lori Hoolihan, and I’m the chair
and an instructor of the nutrition department. The demand for nutritionists is actually
escalating, and has been for a few years. And, the primary reason for that is that the
chronic disease incidence is very, very high. And, there’s more and more focus now on
prevention of those chronic diseases. And, with the focus on prevention,
nutrition is a primary portion of that focus. What students can do once they graduate
with either a certificate or an AS degree in nutrition, is they can immediately
go out there in the job market, and work to help people lose weight,
or help them with their diabetes. They can work in food service. They can work as a diet assistant
in a hospital, doing clinical work. In addition, if they decide to go on in the
field of nutrition, they can always jump into a four-year, and continue
their career in that way.>>So, with any degrees that you earn, whether
it’s an associate degree, bachelor’s, master’s, or so on, I think the higher you go, the more
degrees you earn, the more certificates, awards, the more, not only knowledgeable will
you be, but you’ll be more credible. Then you’ll be able to earn more money,
and I think the possibilities are endless.>>I think in terms of the
foundation that we provide them, sometimes community colleges
actually do a better job training them to actually work directly in the field. We have more hands-on experiences, more
focus on application, even in the classroom, I think, than some four-years do. So, those two reasons are quite
compelling to choose a community college, at least for the first couple of years. [ Music ]

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