Kac Para Yarismasi

Arthritis Diet and Exercises

Dietetic Technician – Wisconsin Technical Colleges

[Tammy:] I work for the school district
in food nutrition services. [Veronica:] I can work at hospitals, nursing homes,
schools and it’s talking to the patients, saying what they can eat,
what they shouldn’t eat so they could be healthy. [Tammy:] There’s a lot of different people
that you deal with at every age level and every educational level so psychology
courses are definitely something that helps. [Veronica:] I want to have anatomy,
physiology, psychology, nutrition. [Tammy:] The program has field experiences. Once you go out into the workforce,
the thing that people look for is not just that you’ve gone through the program,
you’re qualified but do you have the work experience. [Veronica:] I really like to help people so that’s one of the main reasons I am in this program.

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