Kac Para Yarismasi

Arthritis Diet and Exercises

Dietetics major inspired by mom’s special dietary needs

[LAUREN BURKETT] I’m the president of the Food and
Culinary Club. I’ve always loved to cook, growing up with an Italian mom, so I’ve
been able to, like, apply my passion here at Delaware. And I knew I wanted to be a
dietetics major since, like, sophomore year of high school. My mom had
pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes when I was a baby. Learning
about high cholesterol, high triglycerides piqued my interest in the
field. My favorite one-credit class that I’ve taken so far is actually Professor
Wiens’ culinary nutrition, and it’s all about learning different therapeutic
diets within the nutrition field. So, learning about the different nutrients
and being able to cook diets conducive to those conditions has been, like, really
helpful in applying the information that I’ve learned. I just love the variety
with it and it’s not like a desk job. You’re actually moving around and
interacting with people.

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