Kac Para Yarismasi

Arthritis Diet and Exercises

Dietitian Geelong | Nutritionist Geelong | Rachel Jeffery

geelong dietitian if you’re having trouble losing weight
always seek the advice of an accredited practising dietitian they can help you lose that weight and attain that goal hi everyone as you can see today we’re
going to be talking about butter and margarine we all use spreads whether it’s on our
toast in our sandwichs the first thing you need to do is plan in advance take the kids shopping with you you may find
if they choose fruits and vegetables that they actually like hopefully then they’ll eat
them so overall having a diet high in
fruits and vegetables breads and cereals and moderates serves of meat fish chicken and dairy you’re well on the way to a healthy diet
and a great start to your child’s life the other thing we talking about drinks is probably best to stay clear of having
soft drinks all the time they’re good for treats and to have on
occasional basis but don’t have them every day your water really is your best choice
the other group is canned fish canned fish is a great alternative when
you know you wanna fish meal that week but you don’t know exactly what are you going to
be having it so overall try to include more fish in your meals every week and minimum of two fish meals a week and
if you are having fish go for the ones that are perhaps high
in omega 3 remember those fatty oily fish that way your having a low-energy diet that is
high in protein and high in good fat sources for you
we’ve all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal
of the day well it’s actually true breakfast means breaking the fast
after we have been sleeping overnight many of us haven’t eaten for 8 to 12 hours our brains are starving they need carbohydrate foods and that’s with
breakfast cereals come in handy now there is no one single food that can
prevent cancer but anti-oxidants are very good foods to
help reduce our risks now foods that are very high in antioxidants are
your fruits vegetables nuts seeds and whole
grain cereal so believe it or not by following those couple tips you can
actually reduce your risk of cancer by half and have a healthy diet

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