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Dip Recipes Protein Treats by Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to Protein Treats today
we are making super easy and yummy dip mixes now I know for lots of you you’re
like I need something really quick I need something easy that I can just
serve that I know is going to be high in protein and it’s going to make me so
full and that’s what today is about I’m going to show you a few hacks so that
you can make your own protein dip so let’s get started alright today we’re
going to do three different mixes and just to show you how easy this is you
don’t even have to go from scratch just get some actual dip mixes check the back
and make sure the carbohydrates are low and there’s no added sugars and you can
have any flavor you want so today we’ve got a French onion we have a ranch dip
and then what I have here is some salsa the great thing about salsa it’s really
low in calories and it’s really low in sugar just make sure when you look at
the ingredients on the back and up the nutritional information that you’re
looking for no added sugar the only sugars that should be in it are from the
actual tomatoes so the big thing about making protein dip mixes is you just
throw together some fresh veggies now the problem with just eating low-fat
fresh veggies is your hungry they don’t fill you up what’s great about adding
protein to your dip mix is it’s going to make you see feel so full and so
satisfied and it’s the easiest thing to feed yourself and your kids i’m going to
show you guys all you need some Greek yogurt make sure you get it plain don’t
get anything that has added sugar in it and you take your Greek yogurt throw it
right into a bowl just like this and you’re going to add in two scoops of
natural Nutralean so one two and then we’re going to add in one
of our dip mixes this one happens to be a french onion but you can use almost
any flavor dip mix you want you’re going to go ahead and add as much in as you
want to make that’s all there is to it the nice thing about your natural
Nutralean is you’re going to get lots of fiber you’re going to get lots of
protein and it mixes beautifully so all you need to do is mix it all the way
through so it’s nice and even and then you’re going to let it sit for about
five to ten minutes and remix it again and it’s going to be creamy and smooth
just like a store-bought dip now we’re going to do the exact same thing again
we’ve got our Greek yogurt and you can use either a no fat Greek yogurt or I
always prefer 3% Greek yogurt so you get a little bit of the fat in the Greek
yogurt which helps you to feel a little bit more full plus it gives it such a
decadent creamy creamy taste once again we’re going to throw in this one is our
ranch dip going to toss in my ranch dip and my two scoops of natural Nutralean
and just like magic now we’ve got over 40 grams of protein and over 15 grams of
prebiotic fiber in our dip here we go just mix it up only takes a second now you can use a whisk but you don’t
even have to do that a spoon will do it just great we’re going to set this aside
we’re going to let it mix for a minute and i’m going to show you guys how to do
super easy simple one with a bit of salsa there with your Greek yogurt toss
that right into your bowl let’s go and then we’re going to add in our two
scoops of natural Nutralean and then just a taste you’re going to add in your
salsa now to make the one with the salsa this couldn’t be any easier you take
your two scoops of natural Nutralean put it right in with your Greek yogurt
and mix it up and then just a taste add some salsa right in there look at this
and you can do almost anything with this if you have low carb tortillas that
you’ve made from some of our other recipes crackers you can use all sorts
of vegetables you can even take zucchini and slice them up nice and thin so that
you wind up with like a zucchini chip and you go ahead and look at this
perfect good for you mixes that took two seconds to throw together that you can
feed your family couldn’t be any easier there you go you guys we made three
amazing protein mixes it took us about two seconds to throw it together and
they taste absolutely amazing I’m going to go ahead i’m going to have a little
bit of that ranch dip look at that i’m getting tons of protein tons of fiber
and i did it all in a few seconds i can’t wait to hear what you guys come up
with for your own dips in your own mixes and make sure you comment below
subscribe so you get our recipes for next week and I’ll see you guys soon
thanks guys

One thought on “Dip Recipes Protein Treats by Nutracelle

  1. Make dips from scratch. That’s the beauty of home cooking. If I have to buy envelopes to make the dip. Why to bother?? I better go to the store and buy the dip already done. Sorry!!!

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