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Discover the backstory to today’s vegan movement (“Vegetarianism: The Story So Far” promo vid)

What is the backstory to today’s thriving vegan movement? It’s twenty five centuries of passionate advocates for animals. “Today a fat beast!” “Great Ox!” “Killed by Siha!” “The General” – making some of the same points as today – “To compare plants with animals is doing
violence to the order of things.” – A story of fascinating people – “Henry Clubb, despite the fact that he is personally involved in arming soldiers,” “… chooses to not carry a firearm” – of surprising characters – “I do not destroy the lamb and the kid to glut my appetite” – And twists and turns – “And then Pope Innocent III calls a crusade
against them.” – I’m Ian McDonald, I make The Vegan Option podcast, – – and its latest series, in 15 parts, – – tells its biggest story ever – ours. – – With dozens of expert interviews. – “It’s a movement that interestingly crosses
between Britain and India” – and visits to some of the places where the story unfolded – “This is the most sacred place in this Earth,
according to the Buddhists” – It’s been broadcast on London’s Resonance FM, and as a podcast, – – so you can get it for free from Apple podcasts, PocketCasts, Stitcher, – – Soundcloud, YouTube, Android, Radio Public, and more, – – or from the Vegan Option dot org. – – And then you can discover this epic battle of ideas – – whilst you’re commuting, or travelling, or doing chores. – – Listeners have called it – “Brilliant”, “Outstanding”, and “Wonderful”. – Other vegan podcasters say – “It’s absolutely phenomenal” “So fascinating and educational and inspiring, seriously” “An amazing documentary” – So download it from your favourite podcast app, – – or go to the Vegan Option dot org.

2 thoughts on “Discover the backstory to today’s vegan movement (“Vegetarianism: The Story So Far” promo vid)

  1. I've been listening to this while walking at night; listened to it during the recent meteor shower. This is engrossing and highly recommended.

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