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dites aurevoir aux virus la grippe, la bronchite, traiter les os, le cœur, le cerveau avec ce remède

Use the skins of passion fruit
in the water and say goodbye to viruses the flu, bronchitis, treat bones, heart,
the brain It’s great, what are the
beneficial properties of the skin of the fruit passion for your health
It is a fruit very consumed in China in because of its many medicinal properties
It is an oval fruit that contains many benefits for
health, its shell is hard and contains black seeds
usually consumed in juices and desserts is
a refreshing and easy sweet fruit to the
consumption rich in active substances antioxidant, also contains
great nutritional properties and beneficial for our body in addition
This is low in calories and very rich in
vitamins and minerals in the last
Months it has been shown that the skin of the passion fruit had tremendous benefits
al on use, which could help strengthen health
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receive our advice and videos every time that we publish This fruit is useful to fight
diabetes it is able to reduce the insulin resistance and regulate the
blood sugar level passion fruit skin
varies between yellow or purple and orange depending on the variety,
the inner layer is white and the cavity contains a lot of seeds
covered with orange flesh to sometimes yellow and greenish very tasty
and aromatic is full of
crispy grayish black seeds with a sweet and sour taste but slightly
very refreshing and exotic acid We encourage you to include it
in your diet I’m sure you will when you
know the beneficial properties and
the benefits of this food tell me how you
as it is consumed and what you call it in your country and which country are you from
Do you watch this video Let’s go to the beneficial properties of
passion fruit skin not only the shell of this
fruit offers medicinal properties But also its fruit is exceptional as
we are going to see him in number 1 increases immunity
due to the high vitamin content vs
the passion fruit becomes a good antioxidants for our body number 2 the vision
This improves the vision due to the large amount of
vitamin it contains, has other components such as carotene
and phyto-micronutrient number 3 bones and joints
eat the passion fruit prevents osteoporosis
It is rich in magnesium iron phosphorus potassium and sodium
these minerals help maintain bone density
Contribute to rapid recovery during the convalescence 4 for the
heart and blood vessels, the fruit of passion improves heart function
and delays the development of diseases such as atherosclerosis
, fight against infected skin, reduced blood pressure, strengthen vessels
blood normalizes the heart rate and
blood pressure if up to here you find it interesting
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to reach as many people as possible In number 5
This is good for the brain and nerves, in effect the phenols and
alkaloids contained in passion fruit relieve anxiety and treat insomnia
studies have shown that it can be as effective as
drugs to treat anxiety the number 6 stimulates the production of collagen And fight against skin aging
, stimulates collagen production this protein
is responsible for maintaining the skin Tell me in the comments if you
show some wrinkles premature, if so you will know
in a few minutes what you have left to do 7 inhibits
hyperpigmentation zones discolored skin is one of the
unpleasant effects of aging the passion fruit contains a
substance that inhibits formation of these age spots
In number 8 protects from the sun by taking from the sun
In excess this will negatively affect the skin, this is one of the main
causes of old age. seeds
passion fruit contain powerful elements that protect the skin from
harmful effects of radiation ultraviolet
number 9 relieves asthma symptoms asthma is one of the chronic diseases
the most common in the world but this can be controlled by consuming
this as we will see below These are in number 10 studies have show
that it relieves the symptoms arthritis, osteoarthritis
the knee joint it’s a
very painful degenerative disease it causes a lot of suffering to people
a passion fruit extract
helps relieve pain and reduces the intensity of the pain, This is why we find it
very present in pharmacies, short cosmetics in several domains the passion fruit pulp
help fight diseases of the skin because you can prepare lotions
and scrubs and even masks Suitable for skin
delicate In number 2 as it is low in calories
it is suitable for dietetic foods the body receives all the substances
beneficial without being deficient In addition goes well with fish, meat
, seafood, wine and liqueur in the kitchen you still have time to
Share this video with all your acquaintances family and friends do not hesitate I will show you how to prepare
an infusion based on This fruit so that you get all the benefits
for your organism is not only across the
pulp but also the shell `
ingredients 4 exquisite and juicy fruits
two liters of water a twig of cinnamon
a lemon a medium onion
A pinch of cloves and honey For taste
method of preparation wash very well, you don’t cut them in
of them parts
and slice the onion boil the skin in a pan
passion fruit with all the pulp add the juice
a lemon add a cinnamon stick and onion
Then go to the blender for 15 minutes, after letting it sit
Do it until the shell is
All crushed add honey to taste to sweeten
and take twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon
if you are taking medicine for fight some of the symptoms already
mentioned in this video it’s best tell your doctor
of this tea and it will tell you how many times through
day you should take it if you prepare this
infusion to fight against the cold preferably take it a little warm
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12 thoughts on “dites aurevoir aux virus la grippe, la bronchite, traiter les os, le cœur, le cerveau avec ce remède

  1. Ah ma chère Rose, tu dis que ce fruit est très consommer en Chine , qu'il est sensé détruites les virus, la grippe, les mucus, exact exact exact !!il semblerait que tu ne sois pas à l'ordre du jour, parce que en ce moment en Chine et même pendant que tu étais très occupée à nous vendres des rêves ces pauvres gens de chine rendent l'âme devant l'impuissance du fruits de la passion,
    Que dieu les accueils dans son vaste Paradis , Paix aux âmes de ceux qui nous ont quittés

  2. Jador le fruit de la passion mais est ce que les enfants âgé de 7ans peuvent aussi boire cette tisane pr la grippe merci rose 😘💖

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