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*chewing with music playing in the background* *”HandClap” by Fitz and the Tantrums playing in the background* JP: ALEXA STOP. Julia: I was listening to that song. JP: Where’s my grilled cheese? Julia: I didn’t make it yet. JP: You need a hand? Julia: Okay… *Dramatic music starts playing in background* *Creepy JP spooks Julia* JP: And We’re done! JP: We’re finally done! Julia: I’m just gonna put a little bit of oil in this bowl and Put it in, flip it to get the oil on the other side flip again And then what we’re going to do is, we’re going to take this towel here We’re gonna make a damp and I’m gonna cover it. One hour and when we check it should double in size and go to the next step. JP: And welcome to another episode of “JP Complains While Julia Make’s Bread”. It’s been an hour. And IT’S POOF.. Oh my God, this is huge Julia: Hey, JP. If you want to help you have to wash your hands. JP: No. No. No. I’m not gonna help. Julia: Okay. I did’t think so. Julia: Did you wash your hands? JP: Yeah. I did it off-camera. Julia: Liar. Julia: So now- JP: you gotta cover it with a dirty rag again right? Julia: Gonna put it by the heat for 40 minutes, its not dirty. JP: You’re a rag queen. There you go, guys! Another 40 minutes. It’s that easy! You just bake it for 30 minutes. And then you spend a couple hours counting for 20 minutes. All right guys, while we wait for this fun but long bread process, we have partnered up with these guys. They are also going to be making a epic grilled cheese It should be live on their channel right as we speak. They also helped us make Diablo sauce, so make sure you head over there, Community Table Hit subscribe. Now back to making bread… Julia: JP, the best part about this is it takes no time at all except for 30 minutes… Julia: It’s okay that it poofs because we’re gonna cut it down anyways. JP: Okay. Julia: It’s not perfect, but it’s, it’s bread. JP: Do you want to go back to not doing anything? Julia: Yeah. JP: Okay. JP *GASP* There it is. Julia: It’s not brown yet, but it’s definitely bread. We forgot to buy this at the store, so we just went to the deli and we picked up the most important thing because if you have a giant grilled cheese You’re gonna need a giant bowl of tomato soup #NotSponsoredByCampbell’sButILoveThisStuff It reminds me of America and growing up with my mom *Cue the depressing music* Pig Thing: Hullo. Julia: To make this soup, heat, stirring occasionally. For creamier soup, use one can of milk. Otherwise you can use water. JP: I want to do some, like, color grading on this soup. It’s done! Open it up! Ohhhh… Julia: The bread is done cooling. JP: No, don’t have it hover on my head like this! We need to cut this bread to make it look like sliced bread I don’t trust Julia, Julia does not trust me. Comment below who do you think’s gonna cut this bread better? JP or Julia? This almost looks like a good loaf of bread… JP: Ready, Jules? I’m going to juggle. Julia: NoooOOOOO JP: Red knife! *GASP* I’m gonna take off just the top layer, and I think this grilled cheese will be the perfect… Julia: Wait! Stop. *Horrified gasp* JP: Why would you say that? Julia: Because this place is a mess. JP: All right, here we go guys… Julia: Make sure it’s super thick still… only cut the top layer off JP: This is the bread… selfie with the bread Julia: Wow, that’s huge-uh! JP: My cut was pretty good. Let’s see yours. Julia: Alright, I don’t know if that was good enough. JP: Are you gonna shave off the bottom? Julia: Yes. JP: Okay? Julia: This will take a few shavings. Julia: But it’ll, it’ll happen. JP: It’s like schwarma. Julia: Oh, wow, this bread is PERFECTLY cooked. JP: You’re being so… aggressive. Julia: BREAD-gressive. JP: Guys.. Julia: I’ve made it too thin.. JP: We got thick… Julia: Mmm. This is good. JP: I know, I told you it was good. Julia: I could make bread all day. I could be good as a bread maker. JP: What are you doing? Julia: Showing the butter. *laugh* I’m excited, shut up. This is totally the exciting part where we butter everything. JP: Guys, when you make a grilled-cheese, No matter giant or small, it’s only gonna take about two minutes per side. All right, get it on. Julia: Here we go. JP: Wait, wait get that open so you put the cheese slices on. Julia: I got this. JP: You look constipated- Julia: Don’t look at me- JP: just open up the cheese- Julia: I’m opening it! JP: Oh My God, it went on. Julia: Cheese. JP: The cheese isn’t melting. We gotta bake this. This just in. Julia’s taking it upon herself to Cut the excess bread off Julia: you don’t have to do this at home guys you can just eat it with its imperfections. Okay, going back in the oven. JP: That’s good. I like a triangle cut. When you’re making grilled cheese, it best be a triangle. The longest distance of the hypotenuse gives you the most cheese pull. Julia: But we want cheese pull, right? JP: Yeah, we want cheese pull. Julia: So let’s make cheese pull happen. Julia: I’m pulling cheese. Freaking… saucesome. Oh my god… YES! YES! There it goes, guys. JP: This is it, giant grilled cheese sandwich. So simple, yet so sophisticated. This is the best grilled cheese ever! Oh my God, are you kidding me? This is amazing! Julia: I love Campbell’s. Oh my gosh, for every person that’s ever requested us to do this, thank you! Make sure to comment what other giant things that you want us to create because you guys Really do motivate us to make it happen. Guys, make sure to go check out the Community Table’s Grilled cheese sandwich. Also very epic and amazing. Subscribe to their channel and let them know that we sent you. *Laughing* JP: You can take a bite of yours, so… Did you ruin my sandwich? Wait… *Laughing*


  1. Are You Guys Married? if You Are Married i have a question is not a question actually if you are pregnant if the baby is a boy u should name him Josh if is a girl u should name her jesicca

  2. I know a lot of people love grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, but I’ve always loved them with ketchup! πŸ˜€

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