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Yo so you want to make this thing giant? Yeah? How the hell you gonna make that giant well? It’s going to take more than one chicken breast. I just like watching that (laugh) Gotta Go To The Grocery Store (Clap) AH Hey. Still Haven’t made the chicken What. Bleep. What’s up guys finally got Julia in the kitchen? It’s focusing on you We got a ton of requests From you guys to make a giant Naked chicken Taco and I have no idea how to do this But Julia no time so if you guys happen to see are last video. Where you going? You’re making this really hard to do (bleep) basically just cut it in half right See How It Opens That’s a Butter Pie. See That right there? That can Be Your Taco. Uh Oh All Ready Messed This One Up But it’s okay. It’s going to take two breast. This is going to be the bottom now All we have to do is make the tops well So I’m Just Gonna Keep Going Do you want to pawn these out? ALRIGHT Its Good (Random Song) Ooh this is a workout mmM I’m Not Going To The Gym today. We’ll Figure This Out JP Two minds are better than one so Lets Put Are Minds Together And Make It Happen Youtube. Guys Julia Dun Lost Her Mind I swear, I think I’m rubbing off on her Remember when all this is breaded so you’re not going to see any of those imperfections Feel like for a thread banger right now. I’m like Sewing the chicken breasts together this reminds me of a horror movie It gets better watch guys. This is going to be epic you’re going to be happy. We did that later on I’m going to stick some more parts and paper in between the two pieces of chicken that way it holds it open But we can put all of our taco ingredients inside It’s day two and we’re freezing something again. It’s Too Early Don’t Wake me up My mama didn’t that look like a taco. It kind of does do this awesome. [I’m] actually impressed Yeah, we didn’t really think this through did we? We did we just don’t act on oh, it’s not coming out. There’s no way I’m [gonna] get these [toothpicks] up you [gotta] have to defeat wood. I’m not gonna Lie jules We have [sideout] it’s not legal [man], and then you bite into a toothpick. You know it’s like when you eat anything with the bone [yes], yes Boom butoh, basically what you’re doing is you’re drying it out. You don’t want to put a wet stay in the fryer That’s how you start a fire Rubbing it on like a baby, baby. Sauce it’s like thinking maybe spots there’s swapping with something a little bit more difficult to do you know [here’s] the [greatest] thing I ever minute all right. This is like. I’m done This is the season [the] flour mixture what we’re going to do is just Sprinkle Wow, that looks like a taco all right in the freezer or I could get [going] for a couple hours what? Earth there’s no space So our chicken taco Julie made it too [big] so I’m like looking up a giant Saute pan I just ordered a giant pan. [I] couldn’t help it. I had to make a giant yeah your breasts Bye All right guys. This is it. This is it. This is the day. Did we get our pan right? Yeah, it’s coming in the mail and once it gets here. We can eat fry this thing and fill it with vegetables, yeah avocado Ranch Scott do you guys want to [see] this rust [again] how she does that check out the Video when the card that pops up right here check that video out all you got to do is blend it together, okay? The chickens not done, so we decided to go to a german bakery Right well it will be done. I just have to deep-fry it All right guys [day]. Three this thing’s crazy We’re strolling on a damn pot. Come in the mail. You can try this thing. I’m jealous I can’t even wait any longer you got the pot I’m done rusty. I’m kind of jealous of you guys. I got to make it go Taco Bell bottom Thanks Whoa sounds like a gone with the cops [gone] click on my God no, it’s not A Little on my face, but what is it no? That’s [too] hot and boil over it yeah, can you do it I’d help you but Sorry The oil Preheated let’s get our taco out in deep fry it [we’re] gonna. I want to use my hands because woman [oh] ok [Polish] Is really better? We put it upside down like a teepee. No it’s going to break. It’s a very fragile. It’s very fragile Now we ready ready you gotta Say I can’t wait to do this thing It looks like an awesome piece of fried chicken bone. Yeah 150 All right here. It is guys so third time they’ve seen this it’s on one something Second flat around it to hold up [alright] So putting in this special secret sauce now that the avocado ranch is inside now. You’re making into a chicken salad [kind] [of] [factly] yeah My baby the [tomatoes] [in] [it]. Oh yeah, you cut them [dig] to make it look like they’re dying How many guys maybe it actually work? What I [wanted] I’m so jealous Healing [oh] My god oh hi, so delicious the chicken silver you two can get your chicken tacos only at home Tp. Thank you. I show people I Wanted to go to Taco bell to eat that that is probably what it should say while we waited [all] [filled] up a real chicken It’s like a taco with nakedness and give this chicken [an] [enter] This is my dinner my lunch my breakfast big taco Ladies guys make sure to give this video a thumbs up and they should subscribe. We do this creedy giants up every Sunday Julia I’m very stressed So I Guess it wasn’t noticeable right there How will you go covering as old man? We [robbed] it So she got to cook ha ha ha look at that. That is crazy How many chickens is it jules did you get it too thick of Kamale Shiitake this? At the end of this day has been manhandled when that’s true Epe what do you even know you’re Georgia [gold] and KFC you want to make out a channel sure?


  1. Make a giant slice of cheese sense almost every video you guys make is cheese it every recipe love you so much hope you make it

  2. Make a whopper /Grand BigMaC 2–geth–er. Bottom top GrandmAc the bottom half—–Whopper/ why not use did almost everything. Get back to me

  3. Y'all just gonna lowkey drop Chris Kattan in the video?! You must know him a little bit if he ate your chalupa haha. Awesome!

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