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What’s up youTube, it’s versus time in the healthy junk food kitchen And it’s a very special day because my brother Gabe is here for just one week before he leaves over seas, and that scares me But he’s tough and I’m proud of him And I’m gonna feed him pizza in the shape of a cube don’t you want pizza in the shape of a cube? I thought we We’re getting wings Gabe this is not about you! . This is about pizza Cube. It’s really important Hershey. You want a pizza in the shape of a cube Don’t you oh you just want that dog treat thats ok too u cant go i wont let go im not gonna let go check out my roblox account Emily7317 :3 We’re just gonna have to go to the grocery store hugging like this Okay, let’s just thank you for all your services you know the pizza sauce ain’t gonna help you in this competition just so you know so you might want to just pick something and go Is that all for you once you pop you don’t stop Pizza Cube Pizza cube pikachu let me have a thumbs up for these frickin ranger shorts. Yeah All right, Jp here. I am at the Wendy’s. I have no idea what you’re doing it can I get for Bacon aiders without cheese That’ll be it All right, we’re back and Julia brought the grocery cart with us. Well. You’re allowed to do that yep We’ve done a lot of pizza so much. We’ve never done it in the shape of a cube And I don’t think anyone has you want to know why? Stupid idea it might not be possible one pizza pan two pizza Pan three pizza pans Down it goes oh Yeah, that looks good. What are you doing? Like don’t you think you’re wasting time, but you have a lot of work to do no? This is ready to come out We can’t wait any longer and mom made mushrooms for her cube because she’s trying to peace and vegetable lovers Go free me guys. Don’t vote for the lazy bird over there Don’t vote for him Both of them right now are going through their cutting techniques making sure that they square off their dough This is easy just take one of the squares you made put it on top and Cut dough cube but how do we make this in that pizza cube you may ask, your done just eat it like that . So, Julia’s Mom is going a flatbread route, but to hold the sides together she’s actually creating a glue out of flour and water but if it works Julia This is already cooked it cuz it’s flatbreads. There’s nothing get it going basically We’re making a sauce guys So one can of tomato paste with some pizza sauce mix it together it has to be thick your mom’s going with the olive oil And garlic roasted tomatoes tomato paste basel pepper salt oregano sugar no cutting corners in this competition this is the easy part guys just like the pizza cake we’ve done this before we know how to do this we gotta connect it I’m inside here this might be a little bit loose, but that’s okay right on the bottom. We’re gonna place our square They’re gonna do a tablespoon of sauce now. We’re going with our cheese layer There’s a lot of finesse involved with this this has a lot of calories! We’re gonna want to put pepperonis on that, but I’m gonna wait I’m actually really interested to see what JP does though because he always seems to surprise me Bacon Aiders no cheese, but look it the burgers are square. That’s all that matters ahhh they’re kind of square So here we go right in the center think this is gonna work. We go whether burger patty then we got our bacon right ? another slice of cheese Burger Patty It seems like you’re just making a burger cube. Oh see look at that perfect. There’s Mayonaise right there and ketchup You’re not Gonna use the bun no Why do you order the Baconaiders with no cheese and no bun?cuz I just want to eat buns It’s like something I like doing another slice of cheese another beef patty a little bit more ketchup another slice of cheese One more burger patty, and then we’re gonna squeeze on some more that look more of these bacon strips And they’re all nice and Mayonnaise even beat up Boom you see that. I do now this side will be good this side over The baby little decision there guys a little tummy tuck even though this is not pizza at all I’m so rootin for you. Jp. I’m done yet. Sprayed this guy down It’s on the pan guys. I think he’s gonna cook this like a flemenyon All right, we’re gonna try two minutes per side. I’m basically cooking this like a flaming yawn, not using the oven method Let’s see how this turns out sense we’re gonna be doing this a different way I’m gonna just grill these up first well. I’ll get some paper towels though because no one wants some greasy pepperoni A little bit of tomato paste a little bit of pizza sauce just like Julia did except this is going in hot Were just Gonna put a melted slice on top All right here we go we’re gonna do that on all sides looks like a dice sorta Alright there. there we are guys Julia’s Pizza baby Wow, i like how that cooks on the side that’s cool. It does resemble a cute sort of more like a flowerpot There’s my really weird pizza Cube. See if I can even get this tinfoil out no the glue is sticking I gotta say yours looks more like a cube though than Julia’s. I think it’s gonna work I think it’s gonna work. Oh There it is look like the things you buy strawberries in we’re Gonna make it work i’m mixing Parmesan and mozerella This is the homemade sauce: peppers and mushrooms This is all coming together like an actual Cube And then just top it off a little bit of that Parmesan and mozzarella mixture here we go We got the actual pizza cube going in Here it is guys It’s not a fail. It’s Gonna be so hot you gotta help your mom your just sitting there with the water It worked it worked you put a rubber band around it ? that’s that’s what worked! I can’t even fit my mouth around it all that’s a pizza – that’s pizza, lasagna This is next-level stuff you guys have to make this even though it didn’t turn out the perfect Cube shape This might be the greatest pizza I’ve ever made it tastes like pizza dough yeah, that’s exactly what I was going for us with you. That’s what you tell me It’s good. I think you totally won this competition. Oh my goodness that looks good – Like a good lasagna, pizza, and chili mixed together, it’s so good You got my favorite burger wrapped around my favorite thing which is pizza we have a winner guys! Oh, why dont you represent your mom I am not sharing


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