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Do Low Carb Diets Really Work?

As followers of this channel know, I’m an
advocator for calories in and calories out paired with macro counting and exercise for
weight management. But, rising research of low-carb diets are
beginning to blur our understanding of energy balance. Subsequently, it created two opposing groups
of believers in the matter, sparking heavy debate and scrutiny on both sides. The battle of low-carb vs energy balance continues
today, and it has been so intense that even I have come to question the foundation of
calories in and calories out… ehh, not entirely. But this video is not about that debate, because
frankly, regardless of what stance I take, it won’t ever satisfy everyone. That being said, low-carb diets DO seem to
have more weight loss benefits than most other diets. For those not too familiar with low-carb diets,
the concept is quite simple: Consume fewer carbs. In many cases, 50 grams of carbs or fewer
per day, at least for those aiming for Keto, which is only about 2 medium-sized apples. Although it sounds like quite an undertaking,
going low-carb also means you’re allowed to eat a lot more protein and fat. The mountainous carby mash potatoes go down,
but protein steaks and delicious fatty butters go up. It certainly makes the carb limitation…
easier to digest, pun intended. But, what else makes it better than other
diets for weight loss? One thing that many people initially experience
when going low-carb is an immediate drop in water weight via the reduction of the water-retaining
carb our body uses known as glucose and its stored form glycogen. Obviously, this is not exactly the fat weight
you’re hoping to lose, but this can be motivational for those easily swayed by the number on the
scale. Not exactly my favorite measurement tool,
but alas, for many it is. The lack of carbs also promotes the state
of Ketosis, as many of you already know. Along with some of the benefits outlined in
my keto video, being in ketosis via low-carb dieting has been associated with the suppression
of the hormone ghrelin, making you feel full quicker. But… the majority of weight loss benefits
might not actually be related to the lack of carbs. If anything, it comes down to fact that you’re
eating more protein. Out of the three macronutrients, protein is
the only one to show consistent positive effects on weight loss. And it comes down to protein’s effect on
three factors: satiation, thermogenesis, and total food intake. When it comes to satiation, almost always,
more protein makes study subjects feel fuller with fewer calories. A 2005 study showed that the satiating effect
of protein is so strong that it was able to decrease energy intake by 441 calories per
day, hypothetically equating to nearly one pound lost per week. It’s hypothesized that this might be due
to an increased sensitivity to leptin, the hormone that inhibits hunger, when consuming
more protein. In terms of thermogenesis, protein is beneficial
to weight loss under thermic effect of food. Thermic effect of food is generally defined
as the amount of energy it takes for the body to process the food you eat. Carbs and fat tend to have a 5 to 15% thermic
effect. Protein, on the other hand, has a notably
higher thermic effect of 20-35%. That means for 500 calories of carbs or fat
you consume, it takes roughly 25 to 75 calories to digest it. 500 calories of protein, however, will take
100 to 175 calories. Short term, not that big of a deal… but
in the long run, it can add up to a significant number of calories burned, thus more weight
loss. Finally, with total food intake, it comes
down to limiting the desire to eat, aka satiety. Unlike satiation, where you feel full quicker,
satiety means you feel satisfied longer. The benefit of this is that it might reduce
the amount of food you eat later. One study found that, subjects that had a
low protein lunch consumed 811 calories during dinner. High protein group, however, consumed only
438, almost half as much! Similar to keto, protein-induced satiety is
related to the hormone ghrelin, which regulates appetite. Now, as we can see, if there’s any reason
to take up a low-carb diet outside of ketosis, it’s because it naturally promotes eating
more protein! Of course, it’s still important to make
sure not to get too much protein, as it can present a myriad of issues, just as overconsumption
of fats and carbs will. But the main takeaway is that low-carb diets
can work regardless of its primary function. And it still doesn’t go against the science
of calories in and out. More protein means more calories burned and
fewer calories consumed. Just like how it should be. But, if it’s true that there’s other potential
weight loss benefits that we’re not yet privy to when it comes to low carb diets,
it only stands to become an even stronger weight loss tool. But that’s a debate for another day… For now, let me know your opinion on the matter. Share your experiences with low carb or keto
diets in the comments below, or comment if you think that all of the factors I’ve mentioned
still isn’t reasonable enough for using low-carb diets. As always, thank you for watching!

100 thoughts on “Do Low Carb Diets Really Work?

  1. Hi Picture Fit ! Long time fan of yours and since lost 20 kg's in 10 months I think that I am reliable source,to keep it short i trained hard and focused on calories in and calories out but after I've lost 20 kg's i looked really good and fit but still no abs shoving until i added in some more protein,fats and reduced carbs,that's when i got my six pack to show up.So i would say both are usable but lowering carbs and adding protein and fats is much more efficient if you are looking to lose body fat.

  2. @PictureFit I've heard from keto followers that keto works together with Calorie in and Calorie Out.
    So if you are on keto diet, eating all the fats and proteins and less carbs, but you are taking more calorie than your body required, then you are still not losing fat.
    Can you shed some light on it? because watching your video make it confusing, it was like Keto and CICO are on opposide side of each other. (but in reality, they say Under keto, still must abide CICO rules, otherwise you will stall on losing weight and will not see any progress)

  3. Not the best representation of the case LCHF/Keto proponents are making.The experts tend to make the case for metabolic insulin regulation being the most important factor in weight lose,and control.
    Dr Benjamin Bikman gave a very informative presentation.


  4. Thank you for the video!

    Could you please provide a number for fat concerning what you refer to as "thermogenesis" at 3:35 you would call reasonable?

  5. Ketosis and low carb are good for fast weight loss but not necessarily sustainable. In the long run, your body will suffer. The brain and muscles do not run off of fats and protein. Protein can be used to restore broken muscle fibers, yes, but your body runs off of carbs. And i'm talking good carbs like whole grains, quinoa, oats, sweet potato, etc. If you exercise regularly, carbs will be good for you. That water retention helps the muscles swell and gives you a good pump; it also gives you energy to perform better in your workouts. I wouldn't suggest low carb to anyone as a long term weight management solution. Especially not over two months. **p.s.- don't fear fats. Healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocado, etc. are actually good for you and omega-3 is healthy for the brain.

  6. Not gonna watch this video because I already know it works. 😏
    I was on a ketogenic diet for 2 months: lost 12 kgs, 4 inches around the waist, and body fat went from 32% to 11%.
    Since then I have been on variations of a low carb diet for 18 months and have been experimenting with caloric intake. This helped me gain 5 kgs of lean muscle with nearly no fat gain.
    Really enjoying my year round ripped look.
    Oh, and I weigh and cook each one of my meals.

  7. Don't know about those research.
    But low carb diet works for me like magic.

  8. I agree with this 100% and to add to this. The carbs that make us fat are refined carbs and sugars and same can be said about trans fats which also to happen to be man made. So when you cut down on those you will see inches lost which equals fat lost which means weight loss. Also a more keto diet i would only suggest to people such as my self with sedentary jobs. If i had a active job then of course bring me those carbs. The more you know

  9. Low carb is still counting macros and energy in energy out. If I want to stay my current weight I need to eat 1500 calories. So to lose weight I eat 1250 and count my macros. I eat 85% fat, 10% protein and 5% carbs. I also make sure my fat intake comes from healthy sources like Avocados and Coconut oil. Bacon is just a small part of it, usually wrapped around Asparagus or a hot pepper filled with cream cheese.

    This isn't a fad diet. It has been around for nearly 100 years. It was first developed to help treat epilepsy. I was having mini seizures and my blood sugar was going haywire. My blood sugar has normalized, I've lost 20 lbs, and the seizures have stopped.

    All diets are energy restrictive if they are a diet. Just some restrict one aspect of where that same said energy comes from and some diets restrict others. If given a choice between listening to the processed food industry or making it myself and eating the same things my great-grandfather did that helped him live to be 102, I will eat what my great-grandfather did and the others can suck it.

  10. Would you say that, a low carb diet also is naturally lower in calories as well, and that is what mostly contributes to its effect? In the America diet, high carb foods are often paired with high fat foods (like baked goods and pizza) and can easily be over eaten while providing little satiety. In my experience, whether or not I was eating a lot or little carbs, weight loss seemed to occur once my calorie intake was lower.

  11. I'm doing ADF,,Keto with veg or salad and fast 2 days of week and have lost 22lbs per week,so this works for me,,,,,,but I feel people should choose a diet see how it works,,give it time is month or two if it doesn't work try another,type,,,I'm in my 50s and couldn't lose weight,,,I did this with no exercise and cut out bread,rice,potato,sugar, though have a cheat meal every one or two weeks,,,also important to have lemon juice in morning,,,,look up Scott The Truck Driver,also Dr Eric Berg's and Alternate day Faster,,,, this channel is great too so keep upmthe fab work,,,,

  12. Low carb and high protein when not needed is bullshit because of gluconeogenesis which prevents ketosis in the first place (and the suppression of ghrelin) and makes you have higher levels of insulin for more time than eating very high fat, very low carbs and low proteins.

  13. No, going keto does not mean you are allowed or going to eat more protein, in fact, it means that your protein is going lower than in the 50c/30p/20f standard bro diet or a 40/40/20 or whatever it is.. Please get your facts straight before you make a video while having 500k subscribers. The fact that you said what you said means that you're not really in a position to preach information related to the particular topic to half a milion people

  14. Yes Low Carb Diets work , but you have to be willing to stay long term and Commit . Health benefits out way any other diet I have tried . It's a new lifestyle of eating , not a just lose weight then eat carbs and junk to gain it back again. Sugar and high carb junk foods got you in bad shape – doesn't it only make sense to stay away from them ? As for Energy I get more having Eggs n Bacon then a bagel and Cream cheese LOl Going pass my 3 year mark on Keto , blood work is perfect . I left pre – diabetes , high cholesterol and high blood pressure to name a few of my problems behind me .

  15. Low carb diets work well for short term. With higher protein intake, it leads to cancer. And if you are taking animal protein with fat, it leads to diabetic, erectile dysfunction, strokes and heart attacks. Most low carb diets promoter have high BMI and had premature deaths and sometimes sudden deaths. On the other hand, plant based whole food diet is a natural way to get caloric restriction and increase lifespan. If you look at all the plant based promoters, they are all lean and sexy looking mother fuckers! The key to weight loss is ketosis, and human growth hormone. The only way to access that is through intermittent fasting! Using diet to access ketosis is simply fucking stupid and won't get any human growth hormone. Finally, human milk is 1% protein yet, baby can grow at ultra speed. Human thrive on low protein diet. When we eat too much protein, kidney filter it out and we just piss it all out. We do need high fat though. Get it from whole food nuts and seeds. Study show, you can eat unlimited amount of peanuts and won't gain any weight! Anything human processed are not healthy. So they said "Don't fuck with mother nature."

  16. i used to be super skinny and bulking doesn't help me on building my muscles. But when i tried a month of low carb and high protein diet, i start to gain more muscles and my weight dropped from 74kg to 62kg but i look ripped and muscular asf.
    definitely recommend serious bodybuilders to try it out but beware cause low carb and low sugar will effect your moods as you will be grumpy all day and easily go mad.
    happy building folks 🙂

  17. in a ketgenic diet lots claims that too much protein can kick you out of ketosis due to glyconuegenisis effect. your entitled only for 20 or 25% of your total macros. so how come you say on your video that in low carb diet you loose weight cause of high amount of protein ? cant understand that…

  18. So how people take a shit on keto diet? No fibre, do these people shit once a week or sit in washroom for 1 hour to get the little mole out?

  19. then there's the benefit of decreased risk of CV death with low carb diets…


  20. Yeah ketosis is a state of starvation or sickness.

    It is a caloric restriction diet so it works for weightloss.

    Please don't promote a diet without abundant fruits and high fibre grains and legumes.

    High fibre diets are superior when calories are matched and you get more antioxidants.

  21. I've been doing CICO for the last year and also low-ish carb at the the same time. I'm down 76 pounds, so it's working for me.

  22. If your doing ketosis though don’t eat too much protein. Excess protein gets converted to glucose and can kick you out of ketosis

  23. You never tried water fasting for more than 5 days have you? You don't feel hungry at all after the 3rd day. I can guarantee that it wasn't because I was eating more protein. I followed much of your channel until this point, but now it puts your integrity into question.

  24. i know that you are a cico guy but… the more videos i see about low carb diets and how insulin affects weight loss the more confuse i get,
    like you are saying nothing escapes the rule of calories in and calories out but videos like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1Z9ObBmRxE or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcMBm-UVdII
    its just like… the oppsite of what your saying, i don't mean that you are saying something wrong or anything, but what i am saying that we need more information in such a topic, i know that u have touched on this topic before but it just wasn't enough, so is there is some people more insulin sensitive
    and for others calories are calories and rules are rules or… IT DEPENDS… my name is ahmed and thanks for your time

  25. Went low carb and started putting on weight, think the danger is fat is so dense it's very easy to up your total CI per day or maybe it's takes time to refine eating in a new way.

  26. Eh. I kept my protein intake the same, dropped my carbs, upped my fats and lost weight very fast. And I was already lean to begin with. Mostly water but it’s due to less glycogen, not higher protein

  27. low to no carb makes people have bad breath and smell bad. i would appreciate a girl with 5 extra pounds but i love to kiss and go down on.

  28. The best way to use keto is use it to have a low body fat percentage, then after this up your amount of exercise and slowly introduce complex carbs into your diet.

  29. If you're on keto you shouldn't be eating much more protein than you usually do. It's about the increase in unsaturated fats.

  30. guys pushing keto on YouTube allll look kinda sickly and greasy. carb eating athletes look healthy and glowy. not saying keto don't work, but it's not for me.

  31. Low carb diets are effective, but only in the short term. Eventually, your body’s metabolism will adapt to your new diet causing further weight loss effects to be minute at best.

  32. You put a lot THOUGHT and work into this informative video. You sure know your facts… my eating habits are based around Vegan LIFESTYLE. Have you done a segment on Vegan-veggie eaters ? Thanks.

  33. I like lo-carb but the problem is this type of diet is so hard to stick to, especially if you eat a lot of Mexican and/or Indian food.

  34. cut carb is like the best diet to be lean or cut Ang get 6 abs, but remember how much should you workout to not destroy ur body, cardio will be way shorter because you can't anyway but that is a good thing. cheat meal is necessary once a week and if u do this for only 2 months straight, the result is there, people say this diet is gonna make you uncomfortable and miserable all this time, yes it will but only for the first week or 2, your body is stronger than you think, so believing u can't or knowing u r stronger is the key to this diet.

  35. Forgot to mention the other benefit of low carb, reduced insulin spike. When insulin is high, fat metabolization is reduced. By reducing insulin levels, more fat can be used.

  36. Oh you also forgot that the more protien you take from meats that burn more, not from supplments as its fast to absorb .. people gonna choke on them now lol

  37. I'm not an expert but some people do question whether all calories are equal. Some experts disagree that calories in and calories out by themselves promote weight loss. There argument is basically hormonal, and that sugar in particular stimulates a huge spike in insulin which makes it hard for people to lose body fat. Dr. Lustig, an endocrinologist, famous for his scientific studies on his clients, mainly children, argues that sugar also inhibits growth hormones, and makes people hungrier than usual, and more lethargic. There is another good channel in Youtube called ' What I've learned'. This guy is also very educational like your channel. Please check his videos out and I would like to know your opinion on his findings.

  38. I can care less what you call it Carbohydrates, Keto or whatever. This is the way I look at it. You put fuel into a cars gas tank and you drive the vehicle till the gas tank is empty. Now for whatever reason you feel the car's gas tank and you let the car sit the gas breaks down the metal of the gas tank and accumulates rust. Once the vehicle is moving it again the rust is pulled through all aspects of the engine which builds up causing more wear and tear on the engine until it no longer runs anymore… And the car is dead. Hope that simplifies things it sure does for me if I feel my tank and do not work off the energy that was put in it will a clean your leg until it fills my heart with rust and it will not start again.

  39. have the weight loss benefits benefits in the research supporting low carb measured measure body composition as well?

  40. it’s the increase of protein that’s helping people slim down, not the lack of carbs. protein is harder to turn to body fat, makes you feel full, and goes into muscle building tasks.

  41. I tried low carbs, felt worse than I ever have before, but then again I workout six days a week and run minimum thirty miles a week

  42. Actually, you'll get knocked right out of Keto if you eat too much Protein. So you can't just increase your meat size blindly…

  43. since when 13yo w/o knowledge about physiology is allowed to give shitstain health advice on the internet?!?!

  44. you do not consume more protein on keto. you replace the carbs with fats. this keeps your insulin down and lets the body use the dietary and stored fats. do your research

  45. I did a 5 months experiment with low carb (once a week cheat day), eating somthing arond 70g of carbs (from rice, sweet potato and legumes)… of course my body composition changed (from 20 to 15% of fat… I lost 8 pounds of pure fat, muscle mass stay nearly at the same level) … but the best surprise i had was that some small joint pains disappeared!!… now, I try to eat " normal diet " as before (1 g of protein per pound, 2g of carbs and low fat)… joint pains are coming back.. so for me it s becoming a question of health and quality of life rather then "bodybuilding style" … the main problem with the low carb I 've found, it s that I become really "thin", and I would like to be more muscolar without eating tons of proteins…

  46. Been low carb and then keto over these last 3 years. Outstanding lifestyle. I only wish I'd done this while struggling with diets in my 20's.

  47. i used to train and run alot i used to drink only vegies and fruits all day long and still not loosing weight not shredding and nothing i think my problem is i was drinking like 5-6 bananas a day with honey spoon that is very high carbs now i am gonna try to completely remove nuts honey and bananas from my diet for a week and see if there is any visual changes so i can stick to a low carb for longer

  48. Low carb is low calorie.
    I hope people realize there are meta analysis and professional papers on this subject. This video makes it seem like low carb is better. The research summary doesn't conclude that…

  49. You will not lose fat without a caloric deficit. Low carb diets just do a better job at controlling hunger, making the caloric deficit easier to maintain

  50. hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover
    atkins diet danger and risks
    try Voneyton Uncontrollable Progression (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  51. It appeared like the “3 week diet” offered an approach to many of the problems I have experienced up to now: excess weight, metabolic adaptation in addition to the widely known “weight loss plateau”. When push came to shove clearly there was really only one way to discover and that’s when I made the decision to put the “3 Week Diet” to the final challenge. read about my journey. Click Here https://tinyurl.com/ycnb3n34

  52. Should I go below 50g of carbs if I am lifting weights daily? I'm on a 3 split program and 30min cardio after lifting. Currently I am eating 180+g (at 1.4g/kg) of protein, 86g of carbs, and 24g of fat. I am conflicted if I should just go below 50g of carbs and increase to 2.5g/kg of protein. The goal for now is just lose weight then maintain my lean mass and strength. Is it bad for me if I go below 50g? Would my muscles become weaker due to lack of glycogen since I am lifting everyday?

  53. How about eating the Things your body desires? E.g. I prefer food with less carbs and rarely eat food with a High amount of it. So it's The right amount for me. So is that '' low carb '' or Just eating what my body needs? XD

  54. Did you even attempt to answer what the headline caption is NO! Why not call it hear is my un- scientific theory on how protein is processed in the body.

  55. This channel is wrong low carb diets are dangerous because carbs fuel the brain. What are you going to to when you have to go to work if your brain isn't fully functioning or school?

  56. I think you skipped the hormonal part of weightloss. Calories DO matter but it is NOT everything that matters.

    The insulin lack encourages fat mobilization given insulin has a fat storing capability. In low carb, insulin isnt being stoked. Therefore, insulin isnt a barrier to fat burning.

  57. i have no problem eating carbs with lots of fiber to maintaining my healthy weight cuz they get slowly in the bloodstream and used by my body so something like 40% of calories i take are carbs and no problem as i buy lots of whole grains and i eat it with lots of vegetables like raw broccoli and tomato, and i eat 3 fruits every day that the calories they have are carbs ! and when you want to maintain your weight lowering low G.I. CARB maybe is not the healthiest thing to do as you replace it with fats like in the keto diet that even though it is effective for weight loss it may not be the healthiest.

  58. As someone who is a relatively hard gainer, (i stay under 13% bf just by eating inuitively) i can say is not really for me

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