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Do Omega-3 DHA Supplements Cause Cancer? Dr Fuhrman & Dr Greger

In October 2019 Jeff Nelson and veg source
released a fascinating well researched video discussing the potential harmful effects of
taking DHA supplements including algae derived DHA. Jeff has thoroughly researched the subject
with this video in particular being over an hour long, packed full of scientific research
and I highly recommend you watch his series and research the topic for yourself. One of the concerns raised in the video is
the connection between omega 3 fatty acids and prostate cancer, which was extremely worrying. One of the studies featured in the video came
to this conclusion quote “This study confirms previous reports of increased prostate cancer
risk among men with high blood concentrations of LCω-3PUFA.The consistency of these findings
suggests that these fatty acids are involved in prostate tumorigenesis. Recommendations to increase LCω-3PUFA intake
should consider its potential risks” I have to be honest I am still researching the subject
for myself and I really encourage you to do the same. Dr Joel Fuhrman and Dr Michael Greger recommend
we take a vegan DHA supplement so I think it’s important we hear their take on these
findings. The first clip comes from Red Pill Vegan’s
interview with Dr Greger I highly recommend you watch his video in full. The link is in the description. The second comes from Dr Fuhrman’s video
the need for DHA by vegans linked below. [Red Pill Vegan] It appears there may be some
risk for men with prostate cancer in some recent research with taking supplemental DHA. So Dr Michael Klaper recently published a
video about that and said he’s going to stop recommending it I was just curios have
you seen that research yet? [Dr Greger] Hand it over, looking forward
to it. I’m open, always. [Red Pill Vegan] So currently you’re still
saying it’s optional but not necessary for DHA. [Dr Greger] I recommend people consider it,
I take it myself I recommend people consider it but if people are randomized to DHA and
their prostate cancer gets worse I would stop recommending it. [ Red Pill Vegan] So it looks like from the
research that I’ve seen, it’s only a small subset of men and what happens I think is
the long chain omega 3 fatty acids saturate the prostate when taken in a supplemental
form. [Dr Greger] But presumably they’re taking
fish oil, that’s how most people take DHA they don’t take some algae oil. So you’re saying people taking fish oil
have more prostate cancer that’s not a shocker particularly because you can’t get, you
can just get some of the lighter pollutants to distil off but even distilled, steam distilled
fish oil can be packed with pollutants so that wouldn’t surprise me at all but I’ve
got to see the study. [Red Pill Vegan] If the research is specifically
on algae based DHA if there was an increased risk in prostate cancer would it be enough
for you to change your recommendations? [Dr Greger] Well it depends was it an observational
study? [Red Pill Vegan] I don’t know I haven’t
seen it myself. [Dr Greger] So presumably it was and then
you’d worry about two things, confounding factors and then reverse causation because
you can’t prove cause or effect but let’s check it out! [Dr Fuhrman] Let’s go on to the idea that
taking a low-dose DHA supplement can cause prostate cancer and that is why we must avoid
this, according to Nelson. This study appears to be how he first convinced
Dr Klaper to stop taking or recommending DHA. First of all, the study in question did not
look at DHA intake, fish intake or algae DHA supplement intake. They only looked at plasma phospholipid levels
of omega-3, not the standard acceptable research test. An omega-3 index, because it is a measure
taken from red blood cells, is more accurate and reflective of longer-term DHA status.. Nevertheless, the two blood samples used were
not drawn decades before and do not reflect years of omega-3 levels or intake, just likely
how much fish they were eating in the days or weeks before their blood was drawn. Keep in your mind that the major finding in
this same study was that low levels of trans fat were associated with more cancer, and
the lowest levels were found with more aggressive cancer. Trans fat, as you might have heard, is outlawed;
it is the most dangerous fat a person can eat, yet this study showed higher amounts
in the blood was protective against aggressive prostate cancer. If the results of this study are to be taken
seriously, we should be eating margarine and Crisco oil to protect ourselves from prostate
cancer. Remember, cancer causes accumulate for decades
before diagnosis. The researchers only had two blood draws,
and only the first was drawn before the men knew they had cancer. The second one, drawn a few years later, may
have included men who found out they had cancer or had at least noted a rising PSA, so they
could have modified their diet as a result. All we know from this study is that men with
more advanced or aggressive prostate cancer ate more fish. Men noting a rising pre-cancerous PSA or prostate
cancer typically try to eat healthier, with less meat and more fish. So we don’t really know the significance
of this trivial finding that found a very slightly higher plasma omega-3 level in this
group with more aggressive cancer. It may be from higher fish intake causing
a problem, or it may just reflect the timing of the second blood draw. Nevertheless, it has nothing to do with vegans
using a small dose of DHA to prevent deficiency. These results can only make sense if some
were informed that they were at heightened risk and then started to eat better, with
less trans-fat and less junk food and started to eat more fish instead of red meat. The fact that trans fats were so low in those
with aggressive cancer indicates that some men who developed these cancers likely were
aware they had some problem brewing. There is no way higher levels of dangerous
man-made trans fats could be protecting against prostate cancer, so we know these findings
must be a red herring. If we think the findings from this study indicates
DHA causes cancer then we should be eating margarine and more potato chips and fried
fast food to protect against prostate cancer. Obviously, the findings in this study are
meaningless. Prostate cancer is a slowly growing disease
taking decades to manifest and advance to those advanced stages. If this study reflected an actual effect of
omega-3 fatty acids, we would see more prostate cancer in Japan where they eat so much fish
throughout life, taking in eight times the amount of fish oils compared to Americans
and their DHA levels are double the levels compared to the US. But they have less than a third of the prostate
cancer we see here. If we are considering something so surprising
and unlikely that even a low dose of DHA would cause prostate cancer, at least the person
presenting that position should review all the studies looking at this question and see
where the totality of the evidence points. A fundamental aspect of quality research is
consistency and repeatability. Reputable studies looking at this question
show the opposite: They show higher DHA levels are associated with lower risk of prostate
cancer. A recent meta-analysis of fish and prostate
cancer showed fish had a protective effect on prostate cancer mortality. There are many studies, and the results have
not been consistent. There are some theories about possible reasons
for the increases in risk seen in a few of the studies. It could be the accumulated heavy metals or
other pollutants in fish. And very high doses of EPA and DHA from fish
oil can have an immunosuppressive effect. There is also the possibility of detection
bias, where health-conscious men are more likely to eat fish or take fish oil and have
PSA screenings, making a diagnosis of prostate cancer more likely. My advice for those eating plant-rich diets
has always been to avoid high-dose fish oil supplements and instead take a small dose
of vegan EPA-DHA instead. The fact that there may be some small potential
risk from a high-dose fish oil or from eating lots of fish, has no bearing on the recommendation
for non-fish-eaters to take a small insurance dose of algae-derived EPA and DHA to prevent
insufficiency and protect brain health with aging. Dr. Ornish showed his nutritional program
reversed prostate cancer – and his program included 3 grams of fish oil supplement a
day. The idea that a well-designed vegan diet with
just a low dose algae supplement, 250 mg to avoid a deficiency in DHA would cause prostate
cancer is not only unsupported, but ludicrous. And, mentioning Dr. Ornish – his recent
review of much of this science had him change his prior advice, and now he recommends not
only DHA, but also that his heart patients and others consume some nuts and seeds in
their diet. Of course, all of you are free to have your
own conclusions and beliefs without being attacked.

56 thoughts on “Do Omega-3 DHA Supplements Cause Cancer? Dr Fuhrman & Dr Greger

  1. dr greger says vegans brains are shrinking.he is vegan himself.and says that one should take omega 3 supplements DHA and EPA.And some vegan doctors that these supplements can cause cancer.And now DR Rick Dina he is vegan mostly rawvegan says that omega 3 and glucos can cause diabetic.So what to think. its new things all the time.never is it just to eat.love fruits and veggies and nuts..so many different oppinions on internet.

  2. Consume quality fish regularly in the diet just like the Japanese centenariuns do and keep inflammation as low as possible in the body #foodismedicine

  3. End OF THE DEBATES… We we're designed to eat plants, wake up people GOD would have not designed us to eat something that would kill us through cancer, all those foods are the devil's/man's man made foods.

  4. What a surprise that men with prostate cancer had higher levels of a supplement known to treat prostate cancer: one wonders how these researchers managed to get funding for this ridiculous study…whoops! They admit that they didn't get enough funding to do the research properly. As Dr Fuhrman points out, it takes decades, not weeks, for prostate cancer to develop.

  5. I note that the VegSource sock-puppet "Nelson Barrantes" is out of his lair today spewing gibberish about Dr Fuhrman.

  6. I was wondering about this because hench herbivore was saying carageenan causes cancer so dha epa supplements that contain it might be bad for you… I guess that's not true then? Or not fully understood

  7. I do not trust Fuhrman neither Greger in everything highcarbers are my go to. Brain Shrink? Benefits of a bioacumulable fat? LOL!

  8. There are studies showing reduced risk of prostate cancer with fish consumption…. " case-control study that was published too late for inclusion in the meta-analysis by Szymanski et al, risk of aggressive prostate cancer was 63% lower (OR, 0.37; 95% CI, 0.25-0.54; P<.0001) in the top quar-

    tile of total long-chain omega-3 consumption than in the bottom quartile….. men who already have prostate cancer, a
    regular high intake of fish has been linked to a
    marked increase in survival. An analysis
    derived from the Physicians’ Health Study
    found that prostate cancer patients who ate

    fish at least 5 times weekly had a 48% lower risk of death from this disease than those who

    ate less than one fish meal weekly.15 In a Swedish cohort, patients with prostate cancer in the

    fourth quartile of total marine omega-3 consumption were 40% less likely to die of prostate
    cancer during follow-up than those in the first
    quartile.16 In an in vitro model of hormone
    ablation and evolution of androgen independenced in which androgen-sensitive prostate
    cancer cells grown in charcoal-stripped serum grow slowly but gradually achieve a marked increase in growth rate over 10 weeks of incubationd concurrent exposure to EPA or DHA
    prevented this increase in growth rate, suggesting that fish oil might slow the transition to
    androgen independence in patients with prostate cancer "

  9. The jury is out, hmmmmmmmm, not sure what camp to believe. Research seems cloudy…Great video presenting all the evidence and points of view. Thank you
    Whole plant based foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  10. Thank you so much for giving me more information on that scary report. I feel so much more comfortable with Dr. Gregor's recommendation

  11. Brain shrinkage and dementia scare me more than low-risk of prostrate cancer. I’m putting my money on Greger/Fuhrman and taking the low-dose algae DHA/EPA.

  12. Dr. Fuhrman is pretty scandalous. Just listen to VegSource's videos on him. I will STEER CLEAR OF THESE PRODUCTS. Somehow I have survived almost 50 years WITHOUT much supplementation….

  13. Not interested in taking any supplements other than B12. I have never eaten seafood, nor have my inland ancestors eaten any, and yet I have managed just fine without it.

  14. I don't think Jeff Nelson is to be trusted AT ALL! I have videos exposing his maliciously misleading inaccuracies. Great job including Red Pill Vegan, he's cool 🙂 And, I'm so glad that you included the elaborate and thoroughly thoughtful information that Dr. Fuhrman provided. If you are at all curious about the legitimacy of Jeff Nelson then it is in your best interest to see these videos I have put up today. Here's one, I'm finishing the other now and will add the link to it as soon as it's up: https://youtu.be/1UNNxtKGb6A

  15. Did Fuhrman bang one of Nelson’s daughters or something? This dude’s got it out for him and keeps trying to trash his reputation with shotty online attacks

  16. I mean if you can get it from it's natural source, that would be the best way. I'm not a huge fish eater so I'm supplementing with cod liver oil, a vegan DHA supplement, and seeds.

  17. Plant Based Science London: Thanks so much for addressing this extremely important topic. Please do a follow-up video after more information on this topic comes to light.

  18. I don't trust Jeff Nelson. He is neither a scientist nor a doctor. His business model is to create scandals and trash actual experts to drive traffic to his site.

  19. I'm surprised that Dr. Klaper would change his recommendation based on this one study if it really is as poorly carried out as Dr. Fuhrman explains.

  20. I really hope I can re-take my algae omega 3 supplement if it is safe. I stopped taking it when your previous video came out about it causing prostate cancer in men! Not sure if it would affect women in their intimate parts though

  21. plenty of human populations who didnt live by the ocean and didnt have dha supplements, Dr Mcdougall said this decades ago.. Dr Greger and Dr Fuhrman are horrible for veganism.

  22. Why are you ignoring Dr Michael Klaper in your video? He is way more experienced that any of these 2 sellers (Greger and Furhman). Please check out Dr Klaper’s video on the topic

  23. Please can you do a video on emphysema? Is it true that a low carb diet reduces oxygen requirement and reduces the amount of CO2 produced? Could fasting reduce inflammation and activate stem cells thus improve lung function? Why does lung function continue to decline in those with emphysema despite quitting smoking? What can be done: supplements, foods to avoid and include, essential oils, diffuser/steamers etc? I'm desperate to help my mum get better again 😥

  24. Jeff Nelson proved that Greger and Fuhrman have conflicts of interest on this issue. You should try to ask an independent subject matter expert for a review. Jeff Nelson has been extremely honest and revealing in his videos.

  25. Good to know. I used to take Omega 3s. They seemed to help me feel better, at the time. I quit taking them, and most other supplements for a few years. Going mostly WFPB has improved health amazingly. Even so, I plan on adding a dha/epa supplement. Been meaning to for a while. I have quite a lot of confidence in and respect for Dr Ornish. Great work. Plus, Dr. Gregor checks the research , so hearing this video makes me feel even better about my choice. Seems a modest dose is safe and may be quite beneficial for Brain health particularly. I feel it's right for me, for now. Some folks may prefer not to supplement. To each his own…🙂

  26. We need to start talking about the things that do not cause cancer because it seems like pretty much everything else does.

  27. Very recent DHA/EPA and prostate cancer risk study ……

    I continue to take my 450mg algal DHA three times a week.

  28. So basically one requires supplements on a vegan diet, but supplements have been shown not to work. What now?
    And what motivates these "doctors" to make far reaching recommendations on the basis of only one selected study?

  29. Dr. Greger is outstanding but clearly, he misspoke when referencing Dr. Essylstein’s study results stating the study was based on randomized, controlled trials when in fact the data was from patient case histories. It’s odd that Dr. G would make this mistake, especially when the Adventist II Health Study looked at many thousands of people (and not the small, limited number as in the Essylstein study) and unequivocally demonstrated increased cardiovascular death in those eating insufficient nuts and seeds. In that study, and other large cohort studies, it’s clear that a 40% increase in cardiac death is observed in those that did not consume adequate nuts. This was observed even in vegans and near-vegans. Dr. Fuhrman published a study looking at nut intake and the effect on blood pressure and cholesterol lowering on over 450 people that demonstrated excellent improvements. Looking closely at the basis for Dr. Essylstein’s position on nuts it’s clear his advice is dangerous and its quite strange how people find it credible and so blindly follow it. Look to the science for the answer, the answer is clear.

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