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Do we have scientific evidence of the best diet for longevity? | Peter Attia

[Rhonda]: What are you eating, then, to try
to delay the aging process like what is…so diet obviously plays a very important role
in aging and I’m trying to figure out exactly the best diet to eat and talk a little bit
about what I think, but I’d love to get some of your thoughts. [Peter]: So I mean think the short answer
is we don’t know definitively, and I don’t think we’re going to know definitively if
you define “definitively” as a randomized clinical trial of longevity in humans. We have to posit that we’re never going to
figure that out. So instead we have to rely on proxies. So we look at proxies in animals where you
can do virtually anything you want in a totally controlled setting but then you run the risk
of two things. One, are you identifying diets that are clinically
and biologically meaningful to your host? For example, if you put a humanized diet into
a mouse what you learn may or may not extrapolate to the human. And then secondly, you’re really hindered
by the idea that you’re studying that animal in an artificial environment and when you
reduce the risk of a subset of death, a subset of causes of death which is effectively metabolic
disease, you’re often unable to measure what in my opinion is an under-appreciated risk
that comes on, which is, sort of, the more sudden and traumatic causes of death that
we take for granted, especially in the case of caloric restriction. So that’s the problem with animals. Then what we do in humans is we kind of rely
on our best proxy biomarkers that we think reflect the systems that drive aging and we
can measure those things over time and sort of estimate what we think is the effective
this dietary change or that dietary change or this lifestyle change or that drug change
on those things. And so I basically try to focus my efforts
on, sort of, converging those two worlds but acknowledging that we’re never going to know
the answer for certain and we’re going to have to use our best judgment around those
things and hope that in time certain other things do become available. For example, it would be really great if there
is a way in the blood to measure the activity of mTOR. We don’t have that. It would also be great if we could measure
other growth pathways like the RAS pathway without having to rely on tissue biopsies
and things like that.

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  2. I would request that you look at the mongol warrior diet. They ate 90% meat/dairy and created the largest contiguous land empire in recorded history.

  3. Thank you for this fascinating discussion. And I’m especially impressed by the important point that there are many limitations to using animal studies.

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