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Does Healthy Eating Really Cost That Much More? Chesterfield Personal Trainer

Hi, my name is Clint Schambach, Chesterfield
Personal Trainer and also weight loss boot camp instructor. One of the main reasons that I hear people
argue for not eating healthy is that it costs too much money. It’s just too expensive
to eat fruits and vegetables. The truth of the matter is yeah, fruits and
vegetables do cost a little bit more money, and they go bad, so if you don’t eat them,
its literally money right into the garbage. But really, the main point of eating healthy
is that you stop buying all the other garbage that fills up your grocery cart. Eating healthy really doesn’t cost that
much more if you stop buying the chips, bagels, and frozen pizzas. And one way you can offset these problems
is by buying frozen vegetables. So what if you read they aren’t as healthy as fresh
vegetables. They are far better than what you were putting
in your body previously. And they also don’t go bad, as long as you put them back into
the freezer when your done. But if you are eating a healthy diet, with
fruits and vegetables making up the majority of your carbohydrates, and you add in your healthy protein and fat,
you are not going to be racking up huge grocery bills. The things you will be buying may cost a little
more, but there will be some offset with not buying all the junk food. And yeah, you can spend a ton of money if
you want to get top of the line health food with all the bells and whistles, but in reality,
there are some simple ways to eat healthy on a budget. Buy Frozen vegetables, only buy enough fruit
for a few days or 1 week, and don’t buy pre-cut or measured meat, these are just a
few. But most importantly, stop buying all the
junk food with your healthy food, that’s the fastest way to cut down your bill. If you want more tips on nutrition or wellness,
visit http://www.YouTube.com/FitnessStLouis, or if you want more information on Personal
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