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Dr. Longo discusses his book, The Longevity Diet | Valter Longo

[Rhonda]: Cool. So you have a new book out, called “The Longevity
Diet,” [Valter]: Yeah, “The Longevity Diet,” and
it’s divided into two sections, the first half is all about everyday diet, and in this
everyday diet I talk about five pillars of longevity. I basically say let’s base the decision on
diet on epidemiological studies, centenarian studies, basic research focus on longevity,
clinical studies, and studies of complex systems. And complex system being cars and planes. And I always thought that it’s very, a very
good way to remove, I mean, together with the other four pillars, to remove all the
uncertainties and say, well how do systems that we build age? To just get a fundamental understanding of
the environment and how the environment affects the complex systems. So the first health is that. And centenarian groups, the ones that have
record longevity from around the world who were really important. You know, for example I always say to people
the ketogenic diet, well let’s look at groups that have record longevity that use the ketogenic
diet. None of them. Right? So, that’s very important to say for the safety
component once you make a decision about what the science tells you, it’s always good to
look around the world and say, how commonly used is this diet? And if the answer is, it’s not used at all,
you’re really taking a chance on this diet. And the other half of the book is about the
fasting-mimicking diet, and you know, on normal people, some of the things we discussed, and
then a chapter on diabetes type 1 and type 2, there is a chapter on autoimmunities, there’s
a chapter on Alzheimer’s and neurodegeneration, and a chapter on cancer. So it goes through all the major…and a chapter
on cardiovascular disease…all the major diseases, and tries to, you know, mostly based
on data out there, and combine it with what we learn, to try to provide people with complementary
intervention. So for example if you look at diabetes, basically
it says, well, here’s what you could do every day, but then you can introduce the periodic
fasting-mimicking diet. Of course you’re going to need your endocrinologist
to make the decision whether this is clinical trial type of intervention or they can actually
do it. That is very tricky, so probably best, be
best to keep it within a clinical trial. But you know, some endocrinologists may be
experienced enough to follow their own patients and allow them to do it.

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