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Dr. Nick’s Reply To ” Can You Get Enough Protein on a Vegan Diet? | Game Changers Debate “

so now that we’ve made it clear that
complex carbohydrates are good for you fresh fruit and vegetables can we
basically, get enough protein on a vegan a diet that’s the real big burning
the question that I love to answer and I think it’s best answered by this
the incredible debate as you can see here with the general so can I just your
concerns with the protein and just make sure I’m understanding your argument
protein quantity and protein quality and within protein quality it would be the
amino acid profile and the digestibility is that fair though those are your
issues with the consideration of protein is very important we’re on the same page
for what we’re discussing right so I I just don’t know where and again not
saying that it’s not possible to get enough protein quantity right and
quality of and mix of amino acids in if you’re really on it right butthere’s
well-planned just like your any other diet was well planned I think it’s less
it’s less likely that you’ll get protein right on a completely vegan diet without
a diet that contains animal protein it’s more complicated it’s not it’s not more
complicated what it is is if you just you don’t know yeah if you don’t know
what you’re doing and you’ve been eating in a certain way for 30 years and you
slowly take your meat off the plate and you only eat what was left from the
plate you’re gonna have a balance of knowledge and understanding about that
is pretty low in my experience right no I agree that’s why I think people people
need more resources to make better informed decisions about their health
about their exercise and so on I agree what’s your position on what he said
okay so you could this is I’m just quoting you from last time and you you
really put me through a lot of hours of extra work now it’s gone from like three
thousand to like thirty one hundred you know anyway so it was just so much wrong
with what you said that adds that they’re going to eat every single topic
but anyway so three ounces of you said three ounces of 90 percent lean ground
beef do you think the animal fat is not good
for you because all of a sudden now Chris is a so he says no not a protein
car what was the statement in the film her film ground beef not retaining that
for protein content no no no no the statement of the film was the most
common no it’s not it’s not actually not 80 yeah anywhere from and grass-fed beef
which is what I advocate okay that race generally leaner okay great
was specifically talking about protein cuts no I know that’s what we’re gonna
go into right okay so listen to lean ground beef okay so basically what I had
said and I might become of the exact words that I said but I pretty much do
as I’d recorded it a number of times so one cup of cooked lentils or a peanut
butter sandwich has about as much protein as three ounces of beef or three
large eggs that was what I said okay I might be off in a word but that was what
I said okay I said about as much protein okay so you go on to say three ounces of
90 percent lean ground beef well already what you did is you picked Lina beef but
you know even though you don’t advocate for that you you you don’t think the
animal fat is bad so what you did is you picked the leanest beef any right you
say has 24 grams of protein I’m not sure what your sources but he does advocate
for fed beef grass-fed beef is leaner so he’s talking about what he does advocate
for the dil it makes sense it’s like three ounces ground lean meat okay but
the thing is the point in the film or that most people aren’t saying that most
people yeah you were saying if any what we said in the film right I think you’re
saying regular asian-american ground beef was much less about what we’re
trying to point this thing was not to say this is the best foods theory or
just so much in comparison the regular stuff that you eat like a peanut butters
how much people think no protein at all right they think you know people think
that plants have no protein the first question you get asked or where do you
get your protein so I said it’s got about as much protein so you say then on
by the way I’d listen to your 30-minute podcast trying to take down the film
which came out before you came on on Joe’s podcast and you said that you and
you sort of backed this up I don’t know this happened like from one article and
it got spread and spread and spread that someone said you need
five tablespoons of peanut butter to get the same amount of protein in what world
for someone and you changed your tune a little bit when you came on the podcast
but in when I make a peanut butter sandwich I use bread two pieces of bread
how many like you would use to use a bread and peanut butter sandwich I think
that’s what a second by definition right it’s pretty much Joshua so what you do
on your podcast you admit that a tablespoon of peanut butter is four
grams right mm-hmm okay and what is 4 times 5 20 right and and then by per
USDA how much is a one piece of whole wheat bread four or five depending on
the source you look at I agree how many pieces of bread – yeah okay so five
grams of protein and bread the one that I actually have a home is 6 grams but
let’s take USDA ok her five five plus five is person 10 plus 20 from the
peanut butter is 30 well even on the leanest beef that you chose it was 24
grams why did you say you needed five tablespoons of peanut butter and I know
how it came about because I think what you do is you take other people’s work
like Denise Miller and all these other people you read their articles and you
take their arguments because some of the stuff that L on your site is very
reflective of people’s other arguments on other sites so there was something
that started where people started saying you need five tables rooms of peanut
butter and in the first article it said without the bread now I don’t know why
you don’t include bread and when you make a sandwich because I mean most
people do it’s not just peanut butter and I almost bought a peanut butter
sandwich in here today to show you what two tablespoons of peanut butter looks
like a two and a half because the one I had I looked at it and it was just
surprising like when you actually measure a real tablespoon it’s actually
not that much peanut butter and like okay so he’s kind of getting caught up
in this whole idea that peanut butter is considered a great source of protein but
he’s trying to make a point that the the vegetables and the protein are as good
as animal protein and we we really don’t have to worry about getting enough
protein from vegetables so you know now that we’ve kind of gone through this
back and forth Banting and said the stage I think is important for the
next part is the most important part where we get into the whole idea of
protein requirements for good health so mine I figured out how’s about like two
and a half tablespoons and two pieces of bread my bread has like 6 grams butter
alright so my PA runs left like 22 grams of protein anyway well red would be more
like 2 or 3 grams again like we showed a piece of whole wheat bread on there
we’re advocating eating mostly Whole Foods that’s a whole grain no one is
saying we even said in the film if we want to shape it we just try and push
plants we said white sugar and flat white flour bad for you you’re
associated with weight gain that carbohydrates from whole food sources
are instituted with better lean body mass lower body fat percentage and
everything else but anyway so I don’t understand your math what I think it is
you took that article because articles that spread from that article forgot to
put the bit in parenthesis about without the two pieces of bread so you take five
tablespoons of peanut butter at four grams a piece that’s 20 grams right
which is around what pieces of bread ten thirties so why did 24 grams of your
hand-picked lean beef which you don’t even necessarily like there’s no reason
that you should be picking that when that’s not what we showed in the film
why are you comparing 24 grams to 30 grams why didn’t you say four
tablespoons of peanut butter fair enough Mary now got it wrong again okay so this
is what it’s frustrating when I watch the show because like every five minutes
I’m hearing something that’s just factually incorrect or that’s why okay
so basically what what the game-changer movie it’s been attacked about
vegetarians not getting of protein or vegans and Joe Rogan is kind of
refereeing this and if you watch the whole clip you you’ll get a good sense
for the outcome showing that this guy was really taken to task I’ll go into
more detail about this topic on protein requirements on another segment but
right now I want to kind of get on just to be very clear that you get all the
protein you need from fruits and vegetables beans and peas he mentions
peanut butter almond butter almonds nuts and seeds all these things have enough
protein when you get enough calories that’s all you just have to make sure
you eat enough calories taken enough food to sustain your body weight
and you’ll reach your ideal goal so long as you’re basically I think paying
attention to unprocessed foods rather than processed foods so I’m not
advocating a junk food that’s a vegetarian or restful diet I’m
advocating a Whole Foods diet

5 thoughts on “Dr. Nick’s Reply To ” Can You Get Enough Protein on a Vegan Diet? | Game Changers Debate “

  1. He ripped Kresser a new ass…! BTW Kresser is full of Botox, his face doesn't move and looks fake….LMAO, what a joke of a guy……..
    Whole plant based protein foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  2. Wonderful set of videos Dr Delgato, especially recently. I think my question for the "anti-vegan duo" would be… does anyone really know how much protein a human being needs to begin with? Thanks for all your time taken to educate and elevate these topics that need more attention from the public. Are there any folks who are actually deficient in proteins, especially vegans?

  3. You mention the use of organ meat for thyroid health. Can you go more in depth since you promote a vegan diet for health?

  4. A pure vegan that is 100% plant based will easily get enough protein. Protein deficiency only exists in alcoholics ( not consuming enough whole food ) or starving people when protein provides osmotic pressure and the belly swells up from loss of regulation of fluids. When humans are given zero amounts of protein studies show we excrete under 10 grams of protein a day which must be replaced. Dr Kempner showed 20 grams of protein from white rice, fruit and common table sugar *(sugar has zero protein) was used to provide sufficient calories to not increase the protein to allow the kidneys to heal in his obese patients who reduced over 147 lbs of weight in one year to reach extremely lean body weight was actually more than enough to meet the protein needs of adults based on them being in positive nitrogen balance *retaining more protein than they lost. A normal plant based diet that meets one's caloric needs to sustain ideal body weight provides from 49 to 80 grams of protein which is over three to four times anyone's needs including athletes. The new Guinea islander take in 3% protein 3% fat 94% carbohydrates mostly from sweet potatoes and there leaves and the athlete tarahamara Indians that run beyond ultra marathoners (120 miles nonstop) have 10% protein 10% fat 80% carbohydrates of beans avocados tortillas pinola nuts have more than adequate protein intake because enzymes recycle *150 grams daily of quality protein & 30 grams from intestinal lining recycle which makes it impossible to not get enough protein so long as calories are enough to meet ones monthly energy needs. In other words 300 to 500 grams of complex carbohydrates a day will have a "protein sparing effect" allowing the remaining amount of protein to build and repair the body rather than the protein being burned just as calories. See my original book used on Amazon Grow Young and Slim by Dr Nick Delgado and the revised ebook available soon at http://NickDelgado.com

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