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Dr. Stephen Bittiker talks Natural Anti Inflammatory and Joint Rebuilder

Well I consider Flexcin to be extremely safe.
One of the main things that you run into with nutritional supplementation with patients
is that you have to explain to them that this is that this is a biological, it’s not a
drug. This is designed to support the tissue, to help it regenerate and to rebuild cartilage
tissue, give it what it needs to do what the body wants to do which is to rebuild damaged
tissue. A drug will suppress a symptom quicker, but
remember a lot of your over the counter medications and even some of your prescribed anti inflammatories
inhibit what’s called the sulfation process in the body. And that’s the process the
body uses to manufacture cartilage. So the very thing you take that will temporarily
relieve your arthritic type symptoms will be the very thing that makes it worse over
a long period of time. Well, the beauty of Flexcin is that the longer
you use it the better it seems to get. Flexcin is a synergistic supplement, by that I mean
one of the key elements in this is the proteolytic enzymes. They act as natural anti inflammatories
– there’s excellent research on that – also they actually help in the assimilation of
what’s in there. And then you have the cetyl myristoleate which seems to reset the memory-T
helper cells in the body. Then you have the substrate – the glucosamine sulfate chondroitin
and sulfate which is what the body actually uses to manufacture this and those, themselves,
are anti inflammatory. They actually inhibit the lipoxygenase enzyme that’s responsible
for a lot of this, but they do it in such a fashion that they don’t damage any organs.
And then the Type II Collagen seems to be the thing that holds the whole thing together.
I use it in a large percentage of my patients. I just see a general overall enhancement.
A general increased contentment in my patients. I know I’m doing them a lot of good. And
when people come back and repeatedly order something without any prodding from me at
all, you know it has to be working quite well.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Stephen Bittiker talks Natural Anti Inflammatory and Joint Rebuilder

  1. Excuse me sir. I have been diagnosed with tendinosis in the wrist and elbow. Do you think this product will help in building Type I collagen so my tendons can heal? I have been lifting weights for many years and this may have caused the tendinosis.

  2. We have several customers who have Tendinosis and Tendinitis. They've found Flexcin helps with the discomfort in their joints, muscles and other tissues. It does vary on a case by case basis. We offer a 3 bottle guarantee in case you don't see results.

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