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Easy 1000 Calorie Diet Menu

To stay trim and fit is the dream of almost
every one. The solution is to maintain a balanced diet. It could be slow at first but eventually you
will reach your goal. But then, what if you must lose weight for
a short period of time? Let us say you will be having your debut for
a number of months from now and your weight almost doubled from your regular body stature? What if there is an office outing and you
will be compelled to show your legs? After all, had you seen some one wearing jeans
in the beach? A regular balanced diet can not address your
concern. However, a 1000 calorie diet menu can. A 1000 calorie diet menu is a crucial mission
in order to lose weight. This is a 7 days diet program. 1000 calorie diet is designed to lose you
those pounds as quickly as possible. We should, however, be realistic with our
goal. It is not advised to pursue 1000 diet plan
for more than a week. With the 1000 calorie diet menu, you will
be eating foods with low calories every day. There is a guide followed in order to make
sure that you lose 1000 calories each day. Here is an example of an easy 1000 calorie
diet menu that you could follow? For breakfast, you can go with oatmeal. Oatmeal is a usual part of breakfast. In fact, it is good for our digestive system
because it is high in fiber. It has low calories as well. Aside from being kind to our digestive system,
oatmeal can make you feel full as well. This is an advantage since you are just starting
your day. A cup of oatmeal and a skim milk will start
your day for your 1000 calorie diet menu. If oatmeal is not your thing, you can go with
a second option. You can take 1 hard boiled egg, 1 piece of
wheat bread and a skim milk. If you do not like milk, you may drink a fresh
fruit juice instead. For your lunch, you may have mixed salad. Salad tastes good as it is light to eat. Add 50g lettuce and 50 g sweet peppers, 70
g canned tuna and 10 g mayonnaise. Tuna is good for our body. This would sustain you so you could keep up
with your days work. However, if this will not satisfy you, check
your second option. You may go with a 50 g steamed rice, 50 g
fried beef with 100g celery and 5 g olive oil. You may also add 100g cucumber salad on the
side. If you do not prefer vegetable then replace
beef with 100g steamed tofu with 10g carrot and 10g corn. For your dinner, you may have 70g roast chicken
breast. Make sure you remove the skin please. 80g mashed potatoes, 60g broccoli. This is already a heartfelt dinner. However, if you can check other option if
this is not good for you. How about vegetable pasta? Add a marinara sauce to it. One possible question could be this; Do I
still get a snack considering I am losing weight? The answer is yes, by all means. However, keep it low. You do not want to ruin your 1000 calorie
diet menu, right? Go with a banana with cashews. Banana is a good source of iron and it boosts
energy as well. A 1000 calorie diet menu may be a challenge
if you are used on a full meal. However, it would take a little sacrifice
to look good. After all, it would be nice to be able to
wear again those clothes we had kept in the closet for a long, long time. Dive in, take the challenge. Reach your desired weight in no time.

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