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Easy Recipes With Bananas || Banana Diet Detox and Weightloss Plan

I promised you in the last episode, that this time I will show you what recipes you can use in the banana diet. Recipes and cheat codes. Do you remember? We to show us this recipe, we have with us Chef Toasty. As I said before, since we’re eating only bananas in the ‘Banana Island Diet’ we can trick ourselves into thinking we’re eating something else. So, let me tell you what preparation to make for the first recipe. You will get a wonderful treat of breakfast in the morning. For making this recipe Cut them into thin slices and freeze them for one to two days. After you freeze it it will feel it’s almost like an ice-cube when it’s completely frozen. It will become that hard. Then you will know the bananas are ready to be made into an ice-cream. You can add chopped nuts to it. That it, you can have a handful of nuts everyday. Since this is one serving of ice-cream. I, maybe add about one tablespoon of nuts. I like to garnish with out nuts to make it look colourful. There’s no sugar or honey in this. I haven’t added milk or honey. But since bananas are sweet, that sweetness is more than enough, We can add finely chopped nuts as garnish. I hope you all like the banana ice-cream recipe. Now I’m going to show you next recipe. But, we’re going to be adding a small refreshing element to this. Let’s start the second recipe. In this I usually chop and use the bananas. I’m using two bananas to make this smoothie. Next what we’re going to add is take some lemon That’s why I’m adding a little more lemon to it. After adding the lemon We will have to add some ice cold water. I’m adding about half a glass of water. Our smoothie is ready. that you’re having cereal. What we will need for this are What we are going to do with the bananas is using one banana and a lot of water we are making banana milk. You’re free to add few ice cubes if you want it to be chilled. Now we will blend it well. As you can see, it has the consistency of milk. If you blend it really well, it will become foamy. Our banana milk is ready. What we’re going to do now is. thin slices in the bowl this will be enough. Apart from that, we will add some the thing that makes it taste different is I said we could have some dried fruits, right? What we’re going to do now is that we’re going to add some dates. Take some kimia dates. Natural dates are available. Pour the banana milk that you have prepared. You can add some chopped nuts. So, how did you like these three recipes? If you want to add some life into it If you have any creatives recipes using only bananas Apart from these three recipes There are a few more small cheat-codes, I will let you know. When I feel really hungry, I do these small cheats instead of giving up on the diet. When I feel really hungry, I do these small cheats instead of giving up on the diet. What they are Then you can take a small piece of pickle and that will satisfy your craving, The thing with these chips is that I’ll show you how they look. It is dehydrated and it is baked. When I work out We’re not taking in any salts when in the banana diet. What I do then is And lot of people will be used to have tea or coffee, right? You can give green tea if you want. Black tea of black coffee is also acceptable. Without any of those; I know it will be difficult.

100 thoughts on “Easy Recipes With Bananas || Banana Diet Detox and Weightloss Plan

  1. Actually i want to start banana diet bt ippudu Nen start chesty madyalo ugadi vastundi… only bananany tinala lekapoty aa roju anni fruits pachadi untadiga adi tinocha

  2. Hello i am about to start this diet ….bcos i want to detox my body toxins …..can i use varities of bananas like karpurm chakkarkeli etc …..

  3. Tq so much mam…. Meru Telugu valani small screen lo entertainment chestunaru and YouTube lo manchi helpful videos tho help chestunaru tq so much

  4. Weight loss kosame tagocha leda healthy skin kosam tagocha Mali weight loss avtama bcz am very thin๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Hey astrixx once again…
    We can do this?
    Banana pan cakes…..
    Take an banana nd just 2 eggs
    Take a bowl add the banana pices nd 2 whole eggs nd make sure that use less oil if u need due 2 less colestrol ….Nd wear it like an dosa a small amount on a dosa pan…Oosm banana pan cake….๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  6. Wow you are so beautiful mam from inside and outside
    I am going to start my banana diet from today hope it will go smooth. I am 28 and weight 80 I tried a lot of weight loss tricks but they doesn't work may be becoz of my thyroid hope the best. Thank you mam

  7. superbb….only bananas tisukovalaa,leda coconut water and black tea.green tea with honey tho thisukovacha….ela rasipes kakunda mamuluga banana tisukovacha plzzzz give me reply medam

  8. Hi ashmitha
    Can i have this banana smoothie and cereal to my daily breakfast instead of banana diet

  9. Hi Ash….I really need ur help…I'm searching all diets blogs….but I really want to be in diet….can u suggest a plan for atleast one month…I saw ur banana diet …can I try to lose weight…oatmeal or Kellogg's can be a breakfast ah??

  10. bananas tinnadam valla weight gain avutaru ani vinna mari banana tho diet valla amyina prblem vunda

  11. Hi Ashmitha..๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿปvery nice to see your all videos.. i have seen you first on screen in murari..๐Ÿ˜Šactly this is my first commment..i mean to say that ppl used to see lot of videos right..after that commenting, like tat!! But i didnโ€™t comment to any kind of video clip till now , if liked also!! Feeling good that sending to yu !! & All the Best ever!! ๐Ÿ˜And could you pls tell about any creams which we can use for daily ..Like in the morning..after bath rather than a sunscreen lotion what kind of face cream we can use !!? Like fair n lovely etc..so Could you pls tell for all skin types!

  12. hi mam… nenu start chasta ee banana diet ni naku oo doubt vachindi daily okerakam bananas tinala ….or chakrakeli, inka bananas lo verieties change cheyyochha…. plez reply mam….

  13. Hi sis… Im in hostel… Nenu direct banana, dry fruits and green tea…. Tesukovachaa…. Ela recipes chesukokunda direct banana….

  14. Banana diet chesthu how cheyalo.ledante 1st week only 30 banana per day tinnaka next week lo ila recipes chesukuni thanks.plz reply me

  15. Hi Asmitha garu…. Thanks for the useful recipes. And me dress Chala nachindi naku. Will u please share the link of the site if you bought in online… Plzzzz

  16. Ashtrixx I love ur diet SOOOO much… Today I started banana diet so after one week I will share my comment here again.. Very excited to do all these thing.. Love u Akka…. Intha Manchi videos peti Chala help chesthunav Andharki love u akkaaaaaaaa..

  17. Pakka 20 to 30 tinala…. naku anni bananas heavy avthai… extra vere yem tinakunda ayyina kuda heavy avtunnav… nenu yem cheyali please give me reply sissy

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