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to try and songs job olive oil olive oil I like that one a lot actually you stuck your answer I tell therefore fighter v hey honey business I must rush the cheetah hey try to stop it all anybody don’t even fit the MCG my first million I’m like hey guys he’s done with his photo shoot and now it’s time for me as you know very handsome yes trying song straw concern it’s so much hype about this thing I can confirm to this ice cream really lives up to the hype not just novel really crazy flavors but the quality prepare to be blown away by calories okay so they have all these crazy flavors honey lavender olive oil balsamic and black pepper hair with blue cheese all these craziness and I’m gonna try to wing okay I would love to try everything okay yeah let’s do it yes see it’s not like but that’s not the one [Music] I also have no no but I don’t need in my own spoon I just need to have the bite here I mean I don’t need by [Music] no one is good at that one yeah who would have thought that eating lavender actually be in trouble it really does Betina Arbequina olive other olive-oil I like that one a lot actually wow it’s really thick you can feel I bounced my favorite kebab thank you so much we really appreciate it are you – thanks olive oil cinnamon snickerdoodle yeah the coffee climate soken honey lavender yes these are weird good morning from Portland we just had breakfast downstairs I wish I got that on camera for you because it was hilarious every time we sit down to eat it takes us like 20 minutes to take all of our pictures for Instagram yeah like boomerangs for the stories and then we’re doing it back and forth and we’re switching seeds and trying to get the right one and by the time we eat it’s like cold and everybody’s looking at us like we’re weirdos so now we are heading to the hotel gym we’re gonna go do some cardio before his shoot today part two and that’s eight right taking some l-carnitine 3,000 in mango flavours my fav I like taking this before cardio because it makes me feeling a sweat more and like my heart rate goes faster happy and free aids and fat burning promotes energy and endurance I just really love adding l-carnitine especially when I’m cutting so highly recommend this one to you guys and it tastes amazing and it’s really easy to take it’s a liquid instead of pills so this isn’t like playing for my favorite I’ll come that I’ve ever tried so you can save some moolah on it by using my discount code kt20 which is also down in the description box below then I get our butts moving because we’re running a little bit late now so catch you guys at the gym doing noob c-clip in the BCA is in here for potassium thank you freezing my butt off Quentin’s shoe right now upstairs obviously no heater apparently mr. white vacation is big Lincoln is like yes to wear a t-shirt top and he right in front of the window oh now he has a lot of sleeve on but he was [Music] [Music] my brains not working I don’t want you to have that one rather like power it’s just got to the Saturday market in Portland [Music] [Music] [Music]

28 thoughts on “EATING OUR WAY THROUGH PORTLAND – Part 1 ft. Weston Boucher

  1. You two are such are couple goals! 💯 the way u look at each other ❤️💐 I really enjoy your videos Katie 💃 Sending love from South Africa 🇿🇦❤️😊

  2. Holy smokes ! That ice cream!! Girl , I just got back from Portland ,how did I miss this place !! Looks a amazing! 😀P.S. I feel you on the weather so Bipolar , I'm from Vegas very predictable weather . The weather in Portland is so crazy , super hot then 5 min later pouring rain, then sunny for 1 hour, then windy etc Lol!!

  3. Portland is my home town ! The honey lavender is my favorite! Fun vlog and love how real & honest you always are Katie!

  4. You should try blue star donuts next time your in Portland and hike over in forest park ! It rains a lot here but it is so beautiful!

  5. I miss how my city used to be! It’s so damn crowded now with people coming from Cali and staying here. Cost of living shot up too :/

  6. Hi, new to your channel ❤️I’ve just watched your arteritis video just wondering do your joints click or need cracking? Mine go really stiff and feels like air is trapped

  7. one thing I LOVE about you vlog is that you've always used lots of different music. Buffbunny uses the same whistling music in everyone and it drives me up the wall.

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