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[ENG/다이어트 브이로그] 운동하고 요리하고 먹는 다이어터🔥|diet vlog | 홈트| 건강하게 먹기| 간헐적단식| diet routine

I made salad kimbap for the first time. There’s nothing solid inside, so it’s all burst. More than half of them are blown up. I think I should eat this for dinner.Oh, come on First, I’ll have lunch like this. I eat rice like I drink it too fast. I’m going to slow down a little bit. Among Netflix, Modern Family Mead 20 minutes per episode?About 25 minutes? So I’m going to watch it and eat slowly. The kimbap is so soft right now. I can’t eat without a spoon. Next time, I’ll put the eggs underneath. Put the vegetables on top of it. I’m going to do this. Ah. Yay! This is tteokbokki for my boyfriend. I’m going to eat the gimbap that exploded earlier. But with the tteokbokki soup, I’m going to eat a little bit of cabbage. Try it. I can’t see the cabbage. Mix it up. You don’t mix it. You dip it. That’s enough. It’s enriched. to be delicious – Delicious?
– The cheese is delicious. Cheese Tteokbokki – What do you think?
– Delicious. Is it yummy? Give me some more cabbages. I didn’t eat it, but it’s not there. Is there really don’t you have one? Put some sauce on it. Here. The real burpee test.
I think it’s great. I’m done with my exercise.
before washing I’m going to air fry the chicken breast and wash it. I washed up and made a sandwich. It’s very thick, right? in the evening
I’m going to eat bananas, chicken breast and crab meat. I was going to have a half of the sandwich I made for lunch I’m full. It’s too heavy for dinner. I will have that for lunch tomorrow. I’ve been working out, washing up, and preparing for lunch This is half the sandwich I had for lunch yesterday. This is a yogurt ball. Gric Yogurt with Banana, Strawberry, Hampside, and Cacao Nibs
I put it in like this. I’m afraid I’ll have to eat because I can’t keep up. I think I’m full.
What should I do…?
00:17:59,800 –>00:18:04,620
I’m going to have a yogurt ball for dinner. Greek yogurt, bananas, strawberries, hamp seeds, cacao nibs I thought a lot about how to upload the diet video. If you raise it like that once a week, I’m not very strong-willed.
The diet could end in just three days. I might not be able to do it for a week.
So I’d rather have three days off. Let’s put it up.
So I put it up on Wednesday. I put it up on Saturday, like this.
Or I’m thinking of uploading it on Sunday. So even after lunch, Mondays, Tuesdays, and today’s exercise.
I did edit it. As I edited it, my weight didn’t change that much. But there seems to be some change in the line, Miss Bok-Parents. But it’s only been three days, so I don’t know. It’s only been three days.
You can gain weight again over the weekend. I don’t know three days. I put in the hamseed and it’s really savory. Exercise is important when you’re on a diet. They say Sik takes up more than exercise. When I was in high school,
When I’m on a diet I went on a one-food diet or I controlled my diet a lot. But that’s the way it is. After I lose weight, You get fat when you eat normal times. There’s something about the ceremony. Strictly, I couldn’t go on a diet for a long time. So I started fasting intermittently since last year. Let’s make it 16:8 then. I’ll just eat what I normally eat. I was punctual. 16 hours of hunger, 8 hours of food, Drink more than two liters of water.
in that way Uh, in case of weekends, you can increase the time of hunger from 16 hours or on the day of the appointment Uh, I’ve been trying to protect my hunger for at least 12 hours. That’s how I do it.
I didn’t do much exercise without realizing it. That’s how I lost almost eight kilos. That’s why I’m maintaining this weight. If you want to lose more weight, you’ll have to control your diet. But I’m not going to lose any weight in a short period of time. It’s a little long-term subtraction.
I think it fits me. I also like to eat. Eat something to eat.
I’m stretching out the amount of exercise. I’m thinking about taking it out. I eat what I want to eat. I don’t want to eat that much in small quantities And as much as possible, protein-oriented as possible. in this fashion
Well, drink a lot of water. I’m trying to build a diet habit that fits me.
I’m working on a lot of things right now. I think it’s most important to find the right diet for me. Because when you’re on a diet and you’re under a lot of stress, I don’t think I’m going to lose weight
In my experience, I felt that… And I’ll do it without stress. It’s sustainable for a long time. I’m trying to make ends meet.
You don’t have to be stressed out, do you? So I think it’ll be okay to slowly find the right diet method for me. And people who usually go on a diet.
Look up the video, and if you do that, Usually, it’s upper and lower body days. We split up the exercise. He does that a lot. Oh, but in my case, there’s something about it in my character
I’m a little nervous if I don’t get a whole body. Do you know what it is? So the more I do it, the more I add videos, the more videos I add. I keep looking for videos and doing this. Oh, so when I do exercise, I think I’m doing it all over. I’d like to add some more exercise right now.
I think it’s too much. I just added it in the beginning.
There’s no point in not doing it later. So this week, I just want to do this.
I’m just going to do these exercises. I’m done

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