Kac Para Yarismasi

Arthritis Diet and Exercises

Diet. It’s been 100 days since it started. Like I’m proud. I will make abc juice which is very famous in Korea these days. Abc juice is very effective in getting rid of the visceral fat Mix carrots, apples, and beets. I’ll make a mugwortyogurt ball. I put in some mugwort powder, banana, blueberry and cacao nibs A few days ago, a subscriber posted a comment on YouTube. I read the comments and sympathized with them. He/She said 55kg is the hardest part to lose. I agree with that. !!!! After one shot of 55kg, I lost weight late and I’m full of appetite. But I’m going to do it to the end.!!! If I hold out, I’ll get through it one day. ^^ Let’s make more commitment and cheer up.!!!!*^^* I’m going to work.^^ Boil sweet potatoes as soon as I get home from work. Depending on how I cook sweet potatoes, I may gain weight or you may not. First of all, the raw sweet potato doesn’t gain the weight. And then the steamed sweet potato gets fat. Roasted sweet potatoes are the most fattening recipe.!!!! If eat a lot of roasted sweet potatoes because they are delicious, get fat ㅠㅠ But roasted sweet potato is the best Everything that’s delicious is getting fat. the order of fattening : roast sweet potato>Steamed sweet potato> raw sweet potato I’m worried because I want to eat junk food when I’m working. So I want to cook seaweed and take it to the company. Seaweed is very helpful in getting a swelling on body. I’ll eat seaweed when I want a snack. But I’m glad I’m still in the 56kg range. But… a pizza and chicken party at work. ㅠㅠ Diet OMGT !!! I came home after work. I didn’t open the seaweed that I was going to eat instead of junk food. ^^ I feel guilty for eating too much, but it’s okay.^^ If you keep hunger for 16 hours, the food you ate won’t go to fat. Home training hard. ^^!! Wake up 6 am I’m going to eat a lot of carbohydrates, protein, and fat for breakfast. Ta-da! Breakfast is complete! Even if you eat one, decorate it and eat it. *^^* It’s a Greek yogurt I can’t miss on a diet. Greek yogurt is so delicious. I think I eat sweet potato cake when I put it on. It’s good to eat with cherry tomatoes.^^ I’ll work out before I go to work. It’s been so cold these days, so I applied for an OnlinePT(Personal Training) from Mydano. Many people have been wondering about Online PT lately, and I’m going to try. I will exercise hard and eat a meal. I watched the exercise and copied it while watching YouTube. It was hard to find the right video for me every time. So the coach has made a plan for me, so I just watch and follow. I will try really hard during the month of December!! And I’ll review about this. I burn fat with aerobic exercise. Now exercise of muscle Working outrefreshingly and going to work. ^^★ As soon as I get home from work, I’m ready for dinner. I’m gonna make Gimbap without rice. It’s my first time making Gimbap. ^^; Haha… It’s difficult. ^^; But it’s ruined. ^^ It’s my taste to just grab and tear the gimbap. It’s so good. The time to eat is 1 minute, but the time to clean up is 1 hour. Oh my God. ^^ I’m going hiking with my husband today.efdsfsd I go to Mt. Inwang in Seoul. Looks like lower than I thought. With my Apple Watch. The air was fresh and I loved it. I’d like to buy hiking suits, hiking boots. ^^; The harsh breath sounds^^ I’m gonna have to build more physical strength. My heart rate keeps going up. It’s finally normal. ^0^ I can see Lotte World Tower and Mt. Namsan. I’m so happy to climb the mountain after a long time. I eat protein bars after exercise. That’ll give memuscle. It’s fun to work out with Apple Watch. Thank you for watching the video today.

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