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[ENG] 56kg ‣ 44kg 다이어트 전후 🔥 유지어터 식습관, 초간단 운동, 건강한 식단 공유해요!

How I was like Before, my diet and exercise Hello! It’s Fashion Youtuber Áfrom For a while, whenever I upload a fashion video, this was a frequently asked question but I am not a dietician and my diet habits were strictly based on my opinions so I questioned myself a lot before I filmed this video. I did not lose weight quickly in a short amount of time. I am not the type as I changed my habits over a long period of time and found my own way to become healthy. That’s how I maintain my figure. For those who want to maintain a healthy figure and not want quick short-term tips but helpful long-term ones you can use this video as a light-hearted guide to maintain a healthy figure. Today’s video will be about how I maintained my figure before. My diet, exercise and you know when you have cravings especially in the evening! I will also recommend some food items for those moments when you crave food. That is the order for today’s video. Firstly, my figure. In my situation, I gained the most weight when I was in my early 20s. I was really into cakes, desserts and other sweet things so I definitely felt I was gaining weight. I gained weight! I felt that the most when I was exactly in my early 20s. When I gained the most weight, I was 56kg. Some people might think ‘That sounds like a normal weight.’ ‘You were probably slightly chubby ‘ People can think that but I will post a picture of myself when I was in my early 20s here When I gain weight I start to gain weight from my cheeks and then my face overall? Then I gain weight in my stomach later. When I gained weight, it was obvious because my face would look chubbier and when I lose weight, my face would look so thin that it’s obvious All the weight I gained would go to my face and not my body. I found exercise that involved excessive sweating tiring at the time and you know that diet of eggs and sweet potatoes.. Even though I tried only eating those foods I had no will to continue the diet. So the first thing I did instead of changing a lot was to change my eating habits! That was my thought So I changed my diet and with some exercise I started to lose more and more weight. Now at around 44-45kg I have maintained this weight in that range for quite some time. Now, I will share my dietary habits that helped me lose weight. Firstly, don’t rush when you eat but eat slowly. Eat really slowly. When I used to eat tasty food no one would steal it but I would eat really quickl eat so much and then it became a habit And since I was always in a rush I didn’t feel like I was getting full quickly but rather I felt full later so I used to overeat And if I ate quickly, I would eat more than what I used to eat and that overeating became a habit. I don’t know why I was like that but why do I always want to eat tasty food quickly. So the first thing I fixed was the speed When I eat, I would not eat quickly but slowly This is a really hard habit to fix. When you eat quickly, it is bad for your digestion so for those who eat quickly, if you are wondering why you are gaining weight then for those people I recommend slowing down the speed That was the first way. The second tip when you feel like ‘I feel a bit full’ you have to stop eating in the spot. That tenacity! The second habit was also related to my dietary habits of overeating Maybe I was a greedy eater but even I was full, I couldn’t stop eating because it was so tasty I felt like I was missing out and still eat more I couldn’t control myself and kept on eating I would eat bit by bit, rest and then eat again I knew I was full but it was so tasty that I would keep eating. It was like I was unconsciously eating, you know? That was the second habit that was the hardest to fix. When I am in the zone I do not feel like ‘I am overeating’ so it became a habit. My stomach would be a bit full and I would eat more and I would eat until ‘I am so full that I cannot eat’ I am probably not alone who experienced this and it was the hardest to fix but I was determined when I decided to stop eating even if I wanted to eat more. I would put the spoon down when I felt like I was not as hungry. But I had a habit of overeating so to change this and to realize you have a problem it’d be difficult So the standard is just this. Eating only until ‘I am not hungry.’ For me, I think ‘unconscious over-eating’ was the problem. If you are concerned with gaining weight, I hope you look back whether you are ‘unconsciously over-eating’. Now, the third. I swell up quite much in the morning. On the face, even. Why is my face so chubby? It’s good to drink water to loosen the swelling but personally, I think pumpkin juice was most effective. According to my experience. Ah, recommended product! There are a wide variety of pumpkin juice as well. There were so much products in the market so I thought you would be curious of what I chose among them. So I picked some beforehand. This is definitely not an ad. It’s not sponsored. I really have nothing with this brand. Labnosh Small Farm on the Table I bought the pumpkin juice of this name and consumed it. I first found this in Olive Young. Usually, there are snacks and juice like this in Olive Young, right? I used to order them through apps. I’m not sure if it’s still in Olive Young though. When I was into pumpkin juice I really tried various kinds sold in the market. There are definitely products that are difficult to swallow, bitter, not tasty, and are making me suffer to eat. But this one is really good to eat and is sweet. It just gets swallowed. So I used to drink it in one shot in the morning, and drank a lot when my swelling was bad. Also, there are times when we’re in a hurry in the morning. It was also fine to eat as breakfast too in such times. And the fourth. Avoiding midnight snacks! When I don’t take care of myself, I actually order food and eat lots of spicy, salty stuff. We crave for food especially during the night, right? Of course, you may want to eat chicken, pizza and stuff. But if you want to take care of your shape and are doing it, please avoid eating late at night. The best thing is to drink water But how can we do that every day? I also tried only drinking water and ‘Ah, I am so hungry. I can’t bear it. I can’t even sleep.’ ‘I should eat something!’ When you feel this way, I think porridge is good because it gets digested well and you can eat it quick. I used to eat a lot of vegetable porridge for a while. But recently there’s a good porridge that I found. I am not related to this company either. It’s never an ad or sponsor. It’s really a personal recommendation! When I eat this- You know Baemin’s B Mart, right? You can order it there as well so I eat it conveniently often. It’s a brand called ‘Intake’. I think it’s a simple porridge brand. Among those, I found the morning porridge, Honey Sweet Potato is the best. It’s the best to eat as a snack. You know that moment when you’re hungry but it’s too late at night? It was a product that was best for then. You don’t need to heat this in the microwave. It was fine when cold too. If you don’t want cold food, you can pour it in a cup or bowl and heat it in the microwave. Fifth. Do not drink water while eating a meal. I realized this while talking that I had lots of bad habits. I agree. Agree. I always brought water when eating and drank as if filling the tummy with water and drank that often. We especially feel thirsty when eating salty or spicy food. If we drink water while eating a meal the water gets absorbed by the stomach and it can create more fats. Have you heard of that? I definitely felt more swelling and bloating when I drank water while eating. Personally, the biggest reason that I drank water while eating was because I ate spicy and salty food. If you eat salty or spicy stuff we cannot eat them without juice or water. So I thought that ‘I should remove that root cause.’ And I ate less spicy, less salty stuff for a while in order to lessen the thirst while having a meal. The next segment is exercise! I will talk about the workouts I did. What I first started was simply playing badminton with my friends. Hit! Hit! I did not exercise regularly like getting personally trained in a gym or working out like that. The most important thing was that back then I didn’t feel the fun in exercising. It’s so tiring and not fun so although it’s not that I didn’t visit the gym, I couldn’t find the fun in working out so… I paid for it but didn’t visit the gym. I only ate and was a couch potato so I thought that I had to sweat and do some exercise instead of just lying down. I wondered ‘Are there any exercise that are fun?’ So I thought of playing badminton with my friends after finishing the day at around 10PM to 11:30PM or 12PM, so that’s about 1 and a half to 2 hours. Badminton was fun since my friends and I did bets and I did exercise while having fun. I naturally and gradually found the fun in moving the body and working out. I felt proud that I exercised and felt a sense of achievement through badminton. After feeling the fun in exercising working out alone became natural after time when my friends could not make time I should just walk and run and move my body as much as possible in a park or on the streets. Especially during days that I ate more than I should, I think I exercised in order to reduce the guilt in myself for eating so much. It is also okay to lose weight slowly with the mindset of eating food happily and working out as much as you ate so I hope you don’t feel the pressure to lose weight right away. I talked about working out without using any money. From last year, I started paid exercising for the first time. I am combining pilates and aerobic exercise. I pondered a lot whether to do it in a group or individually. I thought that it’d be best to do it according to my body so although it costs more I thought that the advantage of exercising according to my body was great, so I am currently having individual pilates lessons. Doing the exercise according to my strength and body shape, you know, your body shape, you can also tone your body It also feels like I’m exercising systematically. I’m not sure in details but it feels like that. But I don’t think you should use a lot of money if you are only beginning your exercise journey. Also, you may not actually feel the need to exercise if you are only starting out. it would be too much it’s just not the right time yet. So at the beginning, I don’t think you should necessarily pay. You can just start working out to the extent as if you’re trying to find the fun in working out, and you’ll eventually find what’s best for you. If there’s such an exercise, I believe it’s most important that you do it regularly. So today, I shared my own way of taking care and maintaining my body shape. The body shape of everyone differs, so what I told you isn’t the only answer. don’t forget that you should watch this video just as a light reference. Then I will finish today’s video here. If you want to ask something, please leave a comment. I will come back with a better video next time. Bye~

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  21. 1. Eat slowly
    2. Stop eating when you feel slightly full
    3. Drink pumpkin juice (Labnosh Small Farm)
    4. Avoid midnight snacks (Drink water instead) or eat porridge (Intake brand)
    5. Do not drink water while eating

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  25. 1. Eat slowly in order to prevent overeating.
    2. Eat only to a point where you don’t feel hungry and not until you’re feeling full.
    3. Drink pumpkin juice for getting rid of swelling and overall well-being. Hers is from Labnosh.
    4. Avoid eating late at night and rather drink water when you’re having cravings. If you’re unbearably hungry a good food is porridge. Hers is from a brand called Intake. Her favorite flavor is Honey Sweet Potato and you can eat it cold or heated.
    5. Don’t drink while having a meal. It stops the weight loss process and creates bloating and swelling.
    6. Find a workout that is fun and doable for you always.

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  28. Thank you so much for this video!! I relate to all the bad habits you had 😅 hopefully I will be able to change and be healthy and achieve my weight goal 🙂

  29. Summary
    These are all long term goals that helped her lose weight at a regular pace and helped her to keep it off
    1. Eat slower. Pace yourself.
    2. When you feel like you are getting full, stop eating.
    3. In the morning her face would be super puffy so she drank more water but to really help with the puffiness, she drank pumpkin juice. In her opinion it helped more. It's pretty bitter and doesn't taste good so be aware.
    4. Avoid midnight snacking. Try drinking water instead but if the hunger is so strong, eat a small bowl of vegetable porridge or the porridge that comes in the small pouch (kinda looks like baby food).
    5. Don't drink water while eating. It gets absorbed into your stomach and makes you feel bloated and causes you to get fatter.
    6. Exercise(she did not do this often). She played badminton with friends because not only was it a workout but it was fun. After a while she started to realize that she liked moving her body and would walk or run around outside when her friends couldn't play badminton. In the beginning of your weightloss don't worry too much about working out. Get your diet together and slowly incorporate fun ways to start moving your body more than you already are.

  30. 저도 1년간 다이어트해서 37키로 감량했는데 빵이랑 과자에 푹 빠져버려서 5키로가 쪘어용 ㅠㅠ 군것질만 관두고 싶은데 자꾸 먹고싶고, 요즘은 밥을 먹어도 배가 차는 느낌도 안들더라구요

  31. I don't know if you know Lucy Wyndham-read but her workouts are short and they're only for 7 minutes and some people get results in 7 days but I prefer it if you continue doing it for more than 7 days for better results. Her workouts are fun to do too. I also recommend Chloe Ting but her workouts are very hard but I started to enjoy them.

  32. 에이프롬님!! 그러면 삼시세끼 다 드시긴 하신건가요?? 먹는 습관 말고는 식단 자체를 바꾸거나 그러신건 아니신거죠??

  33. 얼굴이 진짜 안찌고 몸 만 찌는데..
    집에 전신거울 도 없고 펑퍼짐한 옷만 입고 살다보니…비만 이 됬는데 이 영상 보고 또 한번 다짐 하구 갑니다!

  34. Omg no wonder . Im a big eater and i like to eat quickly like im in rush hahahaha,like u said its a habit,yes ur right. I dont know how to eat slowly 😫 but im trying .. im not happy with my weight even tho im slim but actually its not that slim like i want ☹💔

  35. 진짜대단하시네요 사실 44라길래 키가 작겠거니하고 들어왔는데 저보다 크시다니.,저는 164에 63이었다가 지금 13키로 뺐는데 더이상 안빠져서 유지만하고있어요 사실 불가능인줄알았거든요 더이상안빠져서.. 근데 저의 동기부여가되네요 ㅠㅠ 존경합니다

  36. 저두 유독 얼굴에만 정말 많이 쪄서 그게 가장 큰 스트레스인데 혹시 얼굴살빼기위해서 따로 하신 운동같은거 있나요~?!?

  37. I have a question. Im naturally a fast eater, like to me its a normal speed but others see it as rushing. I dont choke or anything like that and im okay eating quickly. Do i still need to eat slower for healthy weight loss?

  38. I come across some youtubers promoting extreme diets/ fat shaming. It is nice that she's not promoting extreme diets or calories restriction but instead giving tips on healthy habits not just for weight loss but also for overall health. <3

  39. My biggest problem is also unconscious eating. I often 'sleepwalk' into the store and buy a big bag of snacks then eating the whole thing unconsciously😂

  40. Damn I’m like 56-58 kg Ian’s i don’t look like that at all ( I know all body are different but just thinking how the same weight is distributed amazes me)

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