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I ordered whole wheat snacks from offline site few days ago. New snack is released, so I ordered every menu! I enjoy these snacks when I’m slightly hungry. I ordered every snack two of each. These two are currently released! These are stick shape, different from other menu. These are cookies that I really like. One is matcha flavor, and one is plain. These cookies taste like mini scone. This is very dense, rather than crispy. These are protein chips. 1. Garlic butter 2. Spicy 3. Nuts 4. Bean flour My best flavor is ‘Garlic Butter’ ! This is sweet and similar to garlic baguette! Protein chips are little bit harder than other fried chips in mart. But I love that kind of texture of taste, so I enjoy eating these. I haven’t tried this one too. This is cream cheese crispy roll. This looks similar to the snack that I bought at Costco everytime. It’s cream cheese flavor, so if you like cream cheese, I recommend this one! To get free shipping service, I also bought misura toast. This is Misura wholemeal rusks. It’s a bang for your buck! There were various snacks from Misura! I want to try them some day later. Then let’s try these one by one! 1. Protein stick – Oat All of the snacks I will introduce today have pretty much protein in them. 12g of protein in one pack. Maybe it’s better than other snacks in mart when you think of protein or health. Long stick shape (crispy sound) It’s quite hard, but still it’s okay for me. I can taste oat flavor well. It’s very nutty in the end! This will be good with jam or yogurt, too. This is the amount of one pack. There are about 10 sticks, and it’s not that much. Still, it’s good for a snack! The taste of this snack is plain and nutty 🙂 It’s not that oily. ❗️I think I can eat several packs at one time. ❗️ Can you hear the crispy sound..? 😲 2. Protein stick – black sesame The color seems like sea weed.. I want to know how this will be different from oat flavor! Let’s open. This smells so good. I think this is sweeter than oat flavor. Sticks are easy to eat using fingers. 😉 10g of protein in one pack. I think this amount is okay as a snack. I can smell sea weed but actually this doesn’t include sea weed at all.. (Very crispy) This one is more crispy and nutty than oat flavor! I recommend this to who likes nutty flavor ❤️ I can feel the texture of whole black sesame while eating. I like this one better than the oat flavor one. So delicious! As expected, snacks should have a good crispy texture. 3. Protein crispy roll – cream cheese This is also the first time trying this one. I like cream cheese, so I think this will be delicious to me. 10g of protein in one pack. It’s not as much as I thought. I can smell salty and cheesy flavor. There are 16 balls in one pack. It’s about this size. It’s a bite size. Slightly yellowish color. Cream cheese is inside here! Outside part is plain, and I can taste cream cheese inside. It’s softer than I thought. I can taste cheese pretty well, and it’s very soft. It melts like snow inside my mouth. Other snacks from this company are crispy and hard, but this one is soft. I recommend crispy roll to who likes soft texture. 4. Protein chip – Nuts I think this is original taste. I have seen this snacks in offline store often. 11g of protein in one pack. There are thin chips in it. I can see pumpkin seed and sunflower seed. I think this will be crispy. Texture of this snack is hard and crispy. It’s not a lot inside, but it’s little bit more than stick. Protein chips have hardest texture among all menus. Taste of nuts is not that remarkable. But still, I can taste nutty flavor after several bites. I recommend this flavor to who likes nutty and plain taste. ‘Spicy’ and ‘Garlic butter’ flavor is quite strong, and ‘Nuts’ and ‘Bean powder’ flavor is plain. I like this crispy sound. 😊 But you have to be careful with your teeth! It’s good to eat while watching TV show or movie. 5. Protein chips – Bean powder This flavor is not sweet. Here’s what’s inside. Bean smell was not that strong than I thought. 10g of protein in one pack. This is the amount of one pack. This looks like a slice of.. tree.. Here is the powder of bean! Cross section of the chip is very soft. Let’s try it. This is more plain than other protein chips. Also, it’s crispy just like other chips. I thought this was so unsweet when I first ate this flavor, but this time, I can taste little bit sweet flavor! But still, it’s plain than other chips in mart. 😀 I can enjoy this as a healthy snack. You can hear this sound during protein chip review. 😉 Chips covered with bean powder. I like this nutty taste! Anyway, this one is not strong. So I recommend this one to who likes plain taste! The powder is well sprinkled. 6. Protein chips – Spicy I’ve tried it before, but I can’t remember exactly. 😅 9g of protein in one pack. Let’s check if this is really spicy. 🔥 Color is red ❤️ I can smell spicy flavor even though I didn’t eat it! I can also smell sweet flavor, too. The part I just ate was light red, but this part is redder. Part which has much seasoning is much more delicious! 😋 Light red color chips are just nutty and not spicy. It would be better if there were more seasoning. It’s not that spicy, so maybe children can enjoy this snack too! 7. Protein chips – Garlic Butter I like this flavor the most! 😍 It’s sweet and I can taste garlic flavor well. 9g of protein in one pack. Smell of garlic is pretty strong! 🧄 Dark color part is more delicious and sweeter than the light part. So I pick dark pieces unconsciously. 😅 Garlic tastes weaker than before. Garlic flavor is not strong as garlic baguette, but it’s sweet enough and I can taste butter well! It’s good to keep eating without thinking. All protein chips are super crispy! 8. Protein cookie – Matcha Protein cookies have two flavor. One is matcha and the other is plain. I like matcha or green tea cookies, so it was delicious for me! Let’s try now. One cookie is about this size. Cute triangle shape 😊 10g of protein in one pack. The amount of one pack is this much. Nine cookies in one pack. Size of the cookie is quite small, so I wish there were more. 🙏🏻 Cross section looks just like mini scone! It’s not crispy as general cookies. Cookie become dense in the mouth after several bites! I like scones, so I like this texture. ❤️ Matcha flavor is not that strong. It’s delicating. I can also taste milk too! It’s nutty than sweet. This is dense than I thought, so it will be better with milk or something to drink. I’ll eat rest of these too! 9. Protein cookie – Plain 11g of protein in one pack. This contains little bit more protein than other snacks that I reviewed. Actually, it doesn’t have that much protein like protein bar or powder. But it’s better than general cookies or chips you can buy in mart. When I tried it before, it tasted like an egg snack. Eight pieces in one pack this time. I wish there were a little more 🙁 Cute size 🙂 Still, it is more full than its size. Mini triangle 😊 Cross section looks like this. It’s like a mini scone, and I can feel something crispy inside. Also I can taste little bit of milk powder, too! Nutty and plain taste! I think this will become more delicious if I put this in air fryer! I will try that way with another package some day 😛 If you like dense texture, then I recommend cookies! I enjoyed the rest too. 😋 I really recommend these as a diet snack! Thank you for watching! 😊🙏🏻

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