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[ENG/Diet Vlog] 일주일만에 49kg에서 47kg되는 방법/-2kg in 7days/생리주간 다이어트/단기 다이어트

From tomorrow, I will go on a short diet from 49kg to 47kg So I’m making Greek yogurt for diet Yogurt tastes good and if you eat it while you’re on a diet, it goes to the bathroom well I think it’s a very essential diet when you’re on a diet I ate all the avocados, so I ordered a new one Starting at 49.4 kg I came to the center to do Pilates again today It’s finally time for dinner I’m going to make a yogurt ball with a little bit of Greek yogurt Yogurt Ball is so delicious even if it is eaten every day I am happiest when I eat roasted sweet potato with yogurt ball and air fryer while on a diet 23:1 Intermittent fasting is a bit plentiful because you need enough calories and nutrition for a meal Cycle 25km 49kg Wow, it’s very thick and nice. this time Put it in a glass bottle and refrigerate it Since today is a day to eat two meals, lunch is simply avocado smoothie ball Today, I only added avocado and almond milk without banana Instead, I topped it with some cashew nuts My menstruation started, so I had a stomachache and I didn’t have an appetite, so I prepared a simple dinner On the first day, I had severe menstrual pain, so I couldn’t exercise and just slept stretching 48.8kg I can’t lose weight during menstrual week I’m at the mart to shop frozen blueberries milk I bought smoked duck meat for dinner I bought a lettuce for a wrap Today’s dinner Thank you for the meal Meat is always a wrap It’s good to eat some meat during menstrual week Duck meat is good for diet because it has a lot of protein I don’t like smoked duck meat, but I’m on a diet that doesn’t taste bad a very delicious dinner evening exercises 48.2kg Because of Corona, Pilates academy was closed for a week and it rained. I couldn’t do any outdoor exercises. I took him on an empty cycle of 18 kilometers Finally, I ordered 10 bags of brown rice soul began mayonnaise This is a must because I often make yogurt balls and smoothie balls I’ve become an indispensable person like KakaoNibs dependable I will make devil’s-tongue jelly fried rice gimbap for dinner Place 2 lettuce leaves on the rice and sprinkle with sriracha sauce I’m not going to cut it, I’m just going to eat it. It’s going to burst I cycled once more in the evening 48kg The weather was better than yesterday, so I walked in the park I walked about an hour fast My precious meal today is an open whole wheat bread sandwich Place whole wheat bread with 2 lettuce and chicken breast steak on top And a piece of cheese Tomatoes are heart-shaped Finally, half-boiled eggs Thank you for the meal I was ecstatic at the bread I hadn’t eaten in a long time Oh, and I added half a sweet potato because I was a little short of calories I tried to cut gracefully and eat brunch, but the open sandwich was not easy to eat It’s been a long time since I ate a lot of delicious food It’s a secret. I ate all of this and I had another whole wheat bread Why did you make an open sandwich? Maybe because I ate bread after a long time or because I ate it too quickly, I couldn’t digest, so I rode the cycle 5km more than usual I had indigestion until this morning, so I didn’t weigh myself and went to a stair exercise Lunch is a simple yogurt ball After lunch, I had indigestion again, so I went to the convenience store and bought some digestive medicine Dinner is simple 25km of the evening exercise cycle 47.8kg I’m waiting for the subway to go to the hospital Today’s dinner Thank you for the meal It’s a good dinner tonight 23:1 Intermittent fasting is a meal a day, so I tend to eat it a little bit I ate a lot of food for two meals, so I felt a bit burdened by dieting and had indigestion But there are often times when I have neurotic digestive problems and can’t digest without eating So I had a stomach endoscopy, and there was no problem The advantage of intermittent fasting is that you don’t usually like fruits or even the vegetable chicken breast seems so delicious it makes me feel the value of food. I can’t wait to have a meal. It I am eating while watching BTS comeback stage I haven’t eaten the chicken breast sausage I bought since that day I can’t eat it because it tastes bad The chicken breast steak is the best a bite with cinnamon powder I really enjoyed the meal 47.4kg Thank you for watching this video again today I’ll be back with another diet video

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  1. 다이어트 식단 지키기가 넘나
    힘든 거 같아요 ㅠ
    오리고기 찍어드신 소스는

  2. 덕이님>_< 세상에! 역시 한만큼 결과가 나타나는군요!!👍👍 너무멋있어용ㅎㅎ 저는 50kg대에서 정체기? 를 맞ㅇ해서 죽ㄱ씁니당..ㅠㅠㅠ 흡 ㅠㅠ 내일부터는 조금 더 식단을 타잇트하게 하려구요! 저두! 덕이님도 이번 한주도 화이팅입니닷😍

  3. 요거트 드실 때 양 어느정도로 드세요? 저도 지금 아침마다 그릭요거트 먹는데 150g 먹으면 많을까요…?

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