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[ENG] Mina’s Diet Diary, -3kg in a week / 일주일만에 체지방 -3kg, 나의 다이어트 노하우 공개!!

Finally, now I am on a diet. I purchased inbody machine called ‘peacock.’ If you press this button below, and then step on the machine, If gives a precise analysis of my body weight. I currently weigh 52.1kg. The below is my body weight that I measured when I first bought the machine. I start up my diet by drinking protein shake. It is difficult for me to take. Hello everyone. Today am thinking of taking a video of me self-caring myself. I am thinking of getting meridian massage, and then I will get legs massage for my diet. This is my first time getting legs massage, actually I have edema especially on my legs. I’ll try this time, and if it is okay, I’ll keep on getting legs massage too. I first started with the legs massage. The massage will be focused on getting rid of edema, and cellulite. I’ll show the face massage in my next video! This is how scary it is. I thought it was just a plate. Wow It hurts too much. This is very efficient in getting rid of cellulite. Oh is it? Please refer to this. Prepare a plate that has a similar shape to that. But will there be a plate that looks like that? I think it will hurt with just normal plate, but there are rakes attached. Maybe my body is consisted of bodily waste. It hurts every single part of my body. It surely is consist of bunch of bodily waste. The more you get, it will hurt less. Really?! This means that I really am a bunch of body waste. I was done getting face massage too. While editing the videos at home, I ate blueberry for snacks , as I was very hungry. This sounds like ASMR How interesting. Blueberry has a calorie of 45 kcal for 100g. As they are rich in fiber, they are known to be good for constipation. If you take blueberry as snack when you are on a diet, this will be very efficient in releasing bodily toxins. This was really delicious. Now I am going to prepare for the dinner, I am going to bake the rye bread in the toaster. I will take only 10 pieces of almonds. As it contains too much fat, you shouldn’t take more than 10 almonds a day. I am going to apply raspberry jam on the toast. I tend to reduce the amount of sauce I apply, but I don’t prefer totally removing the jam. And this is the milk that I like. (Vegemeal A) As Vegemeal B has too much sugar inside, I really recommend you to eat A instead. Now I am ready for my dinner, I think this will be less than 400 kcal. In my case, I go on a diet by eating what I want to eat. But the important thing is that I only eat half of it. If you eat just the half of what you used to eat, then what your body absorbs will also be half of how it used to be. You can’t but lose weight if you follow this method. This method is very simple, but as for me and for you, we all need a very strong discipline for this. And you may all know that the three main nutrients are carbohydrate, protein, and fat. I think the proportions of carbohydrate and protein is very important, I normally take 70 percent of protein, and 30 percent of carbohydrate. But there are some people who never eat carbohydrate at the thought that it will make them fat, but this is a really bad way of losing weight. It is because our energy comes out from this carbohydrate, and it uses the energy from glucose. If you don’t have enough carbohydrate, our body will be in short of energy. This will make us very easy to go on a binge out of sudden. In the short term, your body weight might change, but as the time goes by, your body will be like yo-yo. From now on, I’ll teach you how to drink water. You have to drink more than 4L of water, then it will start to decompose the body fat. This is really difficult to do. We all know that drinking at least 2L of water is recommended, but that amount is vital for a day. But you have to drink more than 2L in order to break down the fat. That’s why I drink 4L a day, this is very challenging to do. You might be wondering why there is a chicken from the beginning, The Gubne chicken original has a calorie of 960kcal, which is very low for chicken. And also, as I cannot eat all, I think I had 4 to 5 pieces. I didn’t calculate it precisely, but won’t it be almost 200-300kcal? Tomorrow morning I went out from house, I brought a bottle of water, and a piece of crab. I am thinking of replacing this as my breakfast, I think this crab is perfect for a meal or for snacks. Considering its calories,the satiety is good. I am currently in the hospital, and I will drink a cup of Americano. (5-10kcal) I can’t stop drinking coffee. My mom visited my home, and she says she will cook chicken soup for me. I was wondering whether I should eat this or not. I ended up eating. I will show myself losing 3kg of body fat in a week by eating this chicken soup. I’ll give my mom a present !!! Thank you ~ Why don’t you open it? I thought you would cry by being so impressed, but how come you don’t cry? Yeah..This doesn’t make me cry. I thought you would cry!!!! I will cry later. I enjoy eating paprika as a snack. It has almost no calorie, and it has a very crispy texture. It makes me feel like I am eating a cracker. And I decided to exercise with my mom. Now I just came outside to exercise. I am planning to do cardiovascular exercise for 30 minutes. Did I just say ride? I have a habit of going to the gym so I accidentally said ride cardiovascular exercises. I will work 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises and then go back home. Because my mom visited my house, on my 3rd day of being on a diet, I ended up eating a bowl of chicken soup. But as it is full of my mom’s love, I’ll not think of getting fat after eating the chicken soup. So I enjoyed eating my mom’s meal. I’ll show myself losing weight even eating a bowl of chicken soup. Actually rather than what you eat, it is more of whether you eat less than your basal metabolism that helps you lose weight. So if your basal metabolism is about 1200 kcal, Then you should eat less than 1200kcal to lose weight. The chicken soup might count up to 1000 kcal, you can say that I was on a state of not being on a diet, but also being on a diet at the same time. I didn’t eat dinner, and I as had a nice and full one meal I had some paprika and almonds. Paprika almost has no calories. Usually you have to do cardiovascular exercises at least 40 minutes. Your fat starts to burn after 40 minutes of cardiovascular exercises. If you stop working out right after 40 minutes, it is just maintaining the current body state. So when I am on a diet, I always do cardiovascular exercises for more than one hour. Mom’s twerking After exercise, I always take protein shake. The reason why I eat this shake is to compensate the protein that I used while exercising. This will never make you fat. What I eat is protein shake for women. It only counts up to 180 kcal. This is the shake that I enjoyed drinking when I bulked my body up. Now we’ll be looking at my body weight difference over one week. I first told you that I am going to use in-body machine to analyze my body. When you look at this, there is a category of body weight, body fat, muscle weight, moisture, protein, and etc. You can look this up in very detail. After I have been using this in-body machine, I realized that there was a big difference between when you measure it in the morning and night. There was a description describing the reason behind this. When you sleep, 1L of water is released thru sweat, urine, and by skin pores. That’s why there is a difference between measurements of morning and night. We are now going to take a look at my body weight difference. On the day of beginning I weighted 52.1 kg. On the last day, I weighted 51.2 kg. There’s not much difference. But the important thing here is the body fat percentage. When you see the screen on the right, do you see that the percentage has dropped evidently? I used to have 14kg of body fat, but in the last day, there was 11.2 kg. There was a decrease of 2.6 kg of body fat in a week. Now we are going to take a look at muscle weight. On the first day, I had 35.9 kg of muscles, and in the last day the weight was 37.4 kg. This means that while I was on a diet, there was a decrease in body fat, but increase in muscles. This is the key point of when you are on a diet. You can avoid yo-yo diet by losing body fat, and increasing muscle weight. and that’s how you can go on a healthy diet. When you take a look at BMR it says that, the more basal metabolism you have, the less you will gain weight. And I told you that I drank up to 4L of water per day, if you see this chart you can check that even though I Iost my body fat, the moisture counts up to very high percentage. Although I was ranked as normal in the beginning, the protien rate got up high during my diet. When you go on a diet with eating less, you usually end up losing protein. Then your skin will be less elastic. Is this scary? Oh and I was very happy with this. To be honest I don’t believe this machine for 100 percent. Not that I used this machine as I believe this, I just purchased this to check the daily body difference visually. Anyways, my body age got younger in 3 years! This is a very pleasant thing? You guys have seen my diet that happened for 1 week, How do you feel? Do you think you can go on a diet too? As I said before, the change in body fat and muscle is really important. You must go on a diet by losing body fat and increasing muscle, as the one that I had done. There’s a word called’eye-body’ To be honest, I started being on a diet because of this magazine photo shot. Anyways, this was a good opportunity that I could show that how much you weight is not important. I wish you could be on a healthy diet too. I’ll see you on the next video bye!

100 thoughts on “[ENG] Mina’s Diet Diary, -3kg in a week / 일주일만에 체지방 -3kg, 나의 다이어트 노하우 공개!!

  1. Thanks for sharing all those Tipps. I knew drinking more than two liter water is important for fat loss but not that 4 Liter is the magic number also 40 minutes of cardio is a great Tipp, too
    Thanks and good luck everyone going on diet now

  2. This video is so bad omg. Stick to the things you know. Drinking more water won't 'break down the fat', that's not how it works. You're starving yourself and drinking excessive amounts of water so that you don't feel how hungry you are. It's not healthy to lose 3kg in a week ESPECIALLY when your starting weight is 52kg. I only got half way through the video bc of how bad it was.

  3. i love you miss mina!! you are my dancing and selfcare inspiration since then 💗 sending love & support from the philippines!! 🥰

  4. 저번에 라이브방송할때 체지방 답변도 해주신거 정말 감사해용😘 오늘 영상도 너무 유익하고 재밌었어요 다이어트랑 운동관련 영상 짱이예요👍👍👍(물론 다른 영상도 다 보고있습니다😊) 올려주셔서 감사합니다💕💕

  5. Focus on a ketogenic diet, figure out your daily calorie maintenance level, and at what rate you burn fat. And then just do exercises that have a high respiratory reaction. You should be fine. Also, "body toxins" are a myth, your stomach detoxifies around every 3 days automatically– consult a doctor+sports nutritionist (get your facts from experts). Eat well, exercise correctly, and sleep enough. Simple recipe. Focus on increasing muscle mass rather than losing weight.

    Also fat is fine, carbs and sugar are the enemy–your daily intake of required carbs is around two pieces of toast or 1 cup of rice, and only during intense times (like dancing or martial arts). Thing about carbs=glucose=energy is because you're feeding your body carbs as an energy source, which is fine for SHORT term energy boosts because it's easy to absorb, but for your overall, all day energy dependability, you want to burn ketones (otherwise you need to be working out 12 hours a day, wtf!).

    Also, what do you mean by "losing weight"? Other than the base mass weight of your body (bones, muscle, hair, etc.)–you're either talking about water weight, adipose fat weight and muscle mass weight. So which are you looking to lose? Ideally you want that water weight down and adipose tissue/fat gone, and the best way to get rid of both is to encourage muscle mass growth, which if it happens, the scale may show you're heavier–but that's a good thing.

    If you want to be so scientific about this process, go figure out what your body composition is, how much is water, fat and muscle. Also, you DO NOT need 4 liters of water a day, that's a myth. And you may run the risk of fucking up your electrolyte balance in the body with too much water–are you trying to decrease the sodium in your blood stream? Just drink as and when you feel thirsty, each body has its own water requirement, so when you feel thirsty, drink. Carry a water bottle that's got some pink/green salt, a bit of honey and lime.

    Speaking of sodium, start eating pink salt, or Himalayan seal salt, or Celtic sea salt which is green. Quality of salt actually matters greatly.

    There's only one real way of losing fat, and that's through exercises that jacks up your heart rate and make you breath hard–so do something that really makes your heart pump and breath flow–boxing or judo are great, so is body building. Dancing too, but I'm guessing your body is used to that now. So try something you're not good at, that makes your heart pump like crazy, and breathing difficult–you'll lose fat 100% guaranteed (plus chill with the carbs and sleep 7-8 hours a day).

    Considering your age is 25 and your weight is 52 KG, your fat burning zone should be around 135 bpm, buy a heart monitor or apple watch, and do some kinda workout that hits that number. Try it for six months then come back again for a second evaluation of you body composition. If, for example, you're still 52 KG, is that because you put on muscle and lost water/fat weight? In that case you have succeeded. Mission accomplished!

  6. I love your dancing but dropping this much weight in one week isn't really healthy. Flash diets aren't sustainable.

  7. Oh my god… Mina.. you're only having like 800-1000 calories a day. A woman who is as active as you are should be eating almost twice that! This is literally some of the most awful diet advice I've ever seen, and I hope no one watching this is emulating her!

  8. the information you give at 4:20 is false. when you run out of glycogen your body will turn to fat as an energy source. i am doing ketogenic diet and it involves restricting carbohydrates, specifically at 20g. i have safely lost 50 pounds this way.

    ( 누나 아직도 사랑해요)

  9. This is so horrible I’m actually mad. I know that Diet culture is a thing in South Korea and she actually thinks that this is “dieting” but she’s going to be fully responsible for inspiring young girls to eat like this. Also I don't believe that she's drinking that much water for health reasons. It makes her feel full because like any normal human, she will get hungry eating that little so naturally the water will fill her stomach up.

  10. You do not need to diet! You’re perfectly slender and fit now with a fantastic body. You’re the sexiest woman in the world.

  11. I have learned so much from this video! I'll do the same, thanks Mina ^_^

  12. guys, the key to a good diet is not to eat less, but to eat HEALTHY! white bread and jam are obviously not healthy, and it doesn't matter if you only eat one when you are not getting the right nutrients. breakfast should be rich and of large amount, while at dinner you can eat less. but eating little in general and exercising hard on top of that will lead to easy exhaustion, craving more and the body going to survival mode, thus storing more fat. if anyone is considering to diet, please consult a professional nutritionist/doctor and find out what type of body you have. counting calories, restricting the amount you eat, and weighing yourself are not necessary, when you eat healthy foods — that don't contain transfat, lots of preservatives, fake sugar etc. — and make sure you are dieting with the right intention. drink water only when you're thirsty! don't force yourself. eat plenty of fiber like lettuce, as they help "cleaning out" your stomach of bad stuff! grind up a smoothie now and then. switch your snacks into healthier options (frozen grapes are really yummy) … just felt like saying this. i still love mina though, but i think diets should be talked about only by professionals who actually know the scientific behind the scenes 🙂

  13. to drink that much of water can be dangerous for kidneys as they will be drained of the good things (minerals) and you might have deficiencies afterwards.

  14. Whats is going on, last time when i was on Mina's channel she was trying to gain weight and now she is troubling to loose it?

  15. I started a diet 5 weeks ago. I lost 6kg of fat, and i managed to gain muscle. Here is the diet : No sugar and processed food. Nothing easier. I eat a lot of fat like cheese, peanut butter, . Eatting fat will no get you fat. But eatting sugar will. And one light full body workout every two days 🙂 And by the way, i used to eat a lot at the beggining. One week in, i started to eat a lot less. Sugar tells your mind to eat, even if you're not hungry. Keep in mind, sugar is a legal poison.

  16. Can you please teach a dance in a video I would love to learn an easy dance because I don't really dance so yeah I hope you'll see my comment and do it!❤❤love you the best dancer!

  17. You're super skinny already! The secret to maintaining a body like yours is eating healthy and exercising, not cutting all of the food in the world out of your diet. Thats super unhealthy!

  18. I feel so sad for all the people who are watching this thinking it’s a healthy and good way to lose weight and will follow this
    This is literally how most people fall into the trap of having disordered eating habits
    Guys this is in no way healthy nor sustainable and it will ruin your metabolism in the long run, you will regain everything if not more if you do this for a short time and then go back to eating normal amounts of food
    And you’ll end up binging so much
    Instead of doing stupid “diets” like this, just eat more healthy foods that are rich with nutrients, Listen to your body and what it needs
    I feel like a 80% healthy and 20% unhealthy foods ratio is sustainable and will keep you from binging on junk food too
    And of course exercise (don’t just focus on cardio, you need muscles too! ) I’m obviously not an expert but I speak from experience, I’ve gone through stupid diets like this and I keep gaining and losing the same few kgs bc of it, my appetite is ruined, and if you keep going like this you’ll have much more severe problems that you won’t get rid of
    I’m honestly so sad that diets like this have been normalized in SK and are spread as if they are the new found secret into losing weight.

  19. what the fuck, why is she dieting?? she is as tiny as can be, and someone who dances and is as active as she is, she should be eating more,m. I don't understand how in Korea people can have such warped images of their bodies when they are fine

  20. Come re sano! Que dicen estúpidas? >:u Seguro USTEDES comen cosas más pesadas y fritas.
    Yo perdí 2kilos en 3 dias y me siento bien 😂🤣 miren, ahí me desmayo.
    Posta, parece que la tiene clara. Come suplemento proteínico. Pero lo demás parece una comida sana. Ella debe medir metro 55… Igual tiene que estar arriba de los 50kg es lo más sano. Así podes donar sangre también 😉

  21. I think it's fine to eat a low calorie diet as that has been researched and documented to be beneficial for most subjects. However, it's extremely important to eat nutrient dense foods as your intake is so limited. People who restrict themselves to 1000 calories a day eat very specific types of foods which contain no empty calories. You'd need to do your research and spend time prepping meals etc. if you want to do this healthily.

  22. Mina I love you but please stop spreading things to ur fans like eating less and going on diets which is not sustainable whatsoever. Eating healthy and eating enough calories for your body will not only keep u fit but will also increase your metabolism if u workout well enough

  23. Her weight it’s 50 kg why she wants to loose weight? I mean if she want to eat healthy or become stronger I understand that she change her diet, but not for weight reasons. I care about those teens that are going to think that weight more than 50kg it’s being fat. I know every person it’s different

  24. okay i understand she isn’t being as healthy as she thinks in this video and she needs a lot of education, but pls remember she is korean and she performs a lot (almost as much as an idol) so appearance and everything is very important to her. i completely understand this is a bad example she is setting but, guys this is all she knows . pls try and be less cruel with your words instead of criticizing her harshly . instead of being rude just say it in a calm manner and she will understand .

  25. Just read a few comments down here, and holy… Mina your inspiring young people to starve themselves. You are not on a diet honey, you are starving your body. Being on a diet means, eating healthy and fueling your body with the right nutrients. Just cutting down calories and eating unhealthy foods doesn't help one bit.

  26. i hope no one watches this video and follows her advice. this is very unhealthy and will lead to macro and micronutrient deficiency.. you need a balanced diet aka foods from all 5 food groups (grains, meat, dairy, fruit, vegetable) every single day in the correct quantities to have a healthy body. eating such little amounts is not sustainable, drinking 4L of water every day is toxic to your body (probably why she has oedema in her legs at a young age), and exercising to compensate for eating some chicken soup… these are all very toxic mindsets that i hope people can recognise and do not take on..

  27. I abhor when people chew with their mouths open and make that sound. I know it's irrational but nothing makes me angrier faster… other than that great video!

  28. She just started to eat less. Doing a diet means a healty way for eating. If you really wanna lose weight, just start to eat healty and 2 meals a day (eat healty and feel full) If you add a workout routine in it, your body will find its way.

  29. the asian diet culture is actually so toxic because so many people including influencers like Mina follow and endorse such bad diets. i used to believe this shit before and tried eating like a baby – obviously unsustainable and screwed up my body so that i was hungry even after eating more than i usually ate, trying to make up for all the cut calories. honestly you don't need to eat like this to lose weight, our bodies aren't built the same as theirs – take into account their height, bone framing – their petite structure requires much less calories than average people. its not sustainable for anyone to eat like this unless they're a toddler, and even toddlers eat more so they can grow.
    don't eat a toast for dinner – it wont fill you up, and you'll end up eating more. it's not even that healthy anyway. eat veggies instead – eat as much veggies until you are full – it fills you up and doesn't make you bloated, rather than eat only half of a normal meal.

    i weigh the same as her, and i eat full filling courses. i never go hungry, and im full of energy, and i don't crave eating snacks/junk. the secret is to find foods that dont trigger you, for example, i try not to eat nuts even though they are healthy because i end up eating too much and i have trouble controlling portions. and don't eat if your not hungry just because its a food you like – you'll just feel bloated afterwards. my appetite has calmed down now that my body knows im not going to starve it and thank god i know better than to follow these diets, please don't eat just bread for dinner, and save yourselves a lot of trouble.

  30. stop judging her for dieting!!! if it gives her satisfaction then thats all that matters and she even said in the end that the numbers of your weight aren't important

  31. 팁은 좋으나 정확한 정보를 전달합시다…
    저탄수 저당질 다이어트 키토제닉 식단은 탄수화물 섭취를 제한하지만 이는 몸이 탄수화물 대신 지방을 주 원료로 사용할 수 있도록 몸을 바꿔주는 과정이에요… 그리고 모든 식품에 탄수화물이 들어있기 때문에 극단적으로 피하지 않는 이상 부족할 일은 없답니다…
    참고로 다이어트 중 호밀빵이나 잼, 당분 있는 음식을 먹으면 인슐린이 안정되지 않은 대부분의 분들이 다이어트를 중도 포기하게 돼요. 인슐린이 올라가 식욕 조절이 어렵기 때문입니다. 단기 다이어트 밖에 안 되는 셈입니다… 무조건 칼로리 적게 먹는다고 빠지는 거 아니구요…

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