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Eng)[diet vlog]#10.나의 운동과 식단이야기

Hello, it’s Zeze here. Today, I’d like to talk about my diet and workout which many of you were asking me about. I did some makeup as well. I’ll be drinking red bean tea* today.
*It’s a good detoxifier & promotes diuresis. It’s pretty nice although I haven’t tried it before. The scent is so good above all. I’ve been on a diet since July 25th, and because the situation is a lot different then and low, including the workout intensity and food that I consume, it will be difficult for me to record everything that I went through those 100 days in this single video. So I’ll mainly talk about the first few days when I was losing weight. First thing I’ll be talking about is, the reason that made me start losing weight. Actually it’s not so different from many people. I just didn’t like me being fat and ugly. So I signed up for personal training (PT). 20 times in total. As it was 3 times a week, it went for about 5 weeks. Oh, it’s actually 6. I received PT for about 6 weeks. I had never exercised before. And I’ve never been this lean like this, so really there isn’t much to talk about.so really there isn’t much to talk about. 1/3 of my body was fat, and not even half was muscles. When you sign up for PT, you need to pay. But I’d never spent that much money before in my life, so I thought, ‘hey, let’s make it worth’ and exercised really hard. After you sign up for PT, usually the gym is pretty much free of charge for the duration that you receive the training. Since I could use the gym also on the non-PT days, my initial goal was, ‘I’ll go to gym every day’. That was my initial goal. And on the first day of PT, usually we do some basic fitness test, don’t we? Like squats, flanks, lunges, situps… I did it for an hour. The gym was located on top of a hill. The slope wasn’t so steep actually. But I couldn’t go down the hill. Cause my legs were worn out. You can understand how weak I was in terms of physical strength. Because of the one hour long squats and flanks, I couldn’t even go home. The pain lasted for a week, and it was so hard for me. The pain lasted for a week, and it was so hard for me. But I didn’t skip any PT because of the pain or my tired body. I went for all. For the first few PTs, I received them for 3 times a week, and I did 1 hour of aerobic exercises. And I went to gym on the days that I didn’t have PT. At first it was so embarrassing. I thought, people would think that ‘what’s she doing here? She can’t even exercise well’. It was so hard to go to the gym. It was a mental thing. But the moment I grabbed the handle of the door of the gym, a lot of thoughts came to my mind. I thought this way. ‘Hey, you can’t call yourself a human being if you can’t even do this’. I thought, ‘I can at least do this.’ and opened the door. But no one cared at all, whether I came or not. Only my trainer was like, ‘oh, you’re here?’. Doing personal workouts was just so normal. Because the gym is the place for workouts. Because I didn’t know how to use most of the equipments, I only used the treadmill for an hour. Even running was hard, so I just walked. But brisk walking was hard for me too. So I walked briskly for half an hour, and slowly for another half. I did that for a week, without skipping. At around 2nd week, the trainer told me, ‘What do you do in the evening? Come and exercise if you’re free’. So from that day, I went to gym in the evening. Of course, I didn’t know what to do, so I just did aerobic exercises. On the next day, the trainer said, ‘Why do you always walk? You should probably start running’. ‘But I think you can’t run for an hour’ ‘so walk for 5 minutes, run for 2 minutes’. So I did that. I continued it for the aerobic exercises. Of course on the PT days, I just did an hour of brisk walking because I was so tired. And I went back in the evening, and did the interval training (5 minutes of walking, 2 minutes of running). I started doing that. On Sundays, most gyms are closed. So on Sundays, I did some mountain climbing in the morning as there’s a mountain near my house, and I jogged at the park in the evening. For about 6 weeks. I did both weight training and aerobic exercises 3 times a week, and just aerobic exercises 2 times a week. After 6 weeks, I lost about 7kg. 7kg of body fat only. To sum up, I worked out 7 times a week, 3 times of weight training and 4 times of aerobic exercises. For aerobic, I did mostly the interval exercise. I started from walking for 5 minutes and running for 2 minutes, and at last it became 2 minutes of walking and 3 minutes of running. When I felt ‘Oh, I don’t find this tiring’, I increased the intensity. I reduced the walking time from 5 minutes to 4, 3 minutes, and increased the running time from 1 minute to 2, 2 to 3. I slowly changed it like that. Sometimes I used the cycling equipment as well as the stepper*.
*Stair stepper machine I liked the stepper a lot. I did it for 30 minutes and that was so hard, I was always drenched in sweat. But I really liked that feeling. I liked sweating a lot. I used the stepper occasionally, did cycling, and ran on the treadmill most of the time. I think running has the best outcome. After the PT, I couldn’t quit exercising. Because, those 6 weeks made me love working out. I signed up at the gym. On the next day of my last PT, I signed up. Since I didn’t know anything about exercising before, the 20 PT lessons didn’t teach me every single thing about exercises. So I just went to gym and did some bodyweight exercises. Like doing squats or lunges while holding a dumbbell or a kettle bell. Or flanks. Those that I learnt over the 6 weeks. I did them with weights. Then, I started wanting to find out how to use the machines and equipments. I wanted to learn. Nowadays there are a lot of videos on YouTube teaching you such things. So I searched the internet, and read books in the bookshop. As you use the machines and do weight exercises and your posture is not so good, usually the trainers over there help fix your posture So, I’d recommend you going to the gym that has trainers who can look after you although the gym may not be very large. So look for a good one carefully. I think it’s good to have some consults like how they can look after you before signing up. I started working out like that. The second thing that I will talk about is the diet. It’s a big thing. You don’t know how to eat, and how much to eat, what to eat, and you’re not sure if you eat a certain thing only. For me, I had breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as one refreshment in between. 4 meals in total. I didn’t really set a fixed time for eating. Because I knew I’m not good at it. As I said earlier, I went to gym 2-3 hours after waking up in the morning. So I just had a cup of water or a banana for breakfast before going to the gym. Usually when you have a meal before working out, the body needs to work out, but digest the food at the same time. It’s doing 2 things at the same time. Then your body can’t focus fully on the workout. So it’s really important that you finish the food 1-2 hours before exercising. And because I didn’t really have time to do that, I just had a cup of water and an apple. Or a banana or a sweet potato. I only had those before working out. And the exercises would last for a couple of hours. An hour of aerobic and an hour or weight training. When I come back home, wash up and cook, it’s about 3 hours after the breakfast. 3, 4 hours after having the breakfast. I ate at around that time, which was lunch. I had protein based meal for lunch. I would say, rather than a protein based meal, it was well balanced with carbohydrates, fats and protein. Because I lived by myself, my trainer planned the diet which was so convenience store-based. It felt a bit unhealthy and didn’t really make me feel full. So I searched the internet and planned my diet. Many people ask, ‘How many grams of carbohydrates should I eat? How many grams of protein?’ ‘What’s the ratio like?’ when they first start. But you should know that 100g of chicken breast isn’t 100g of protein. In 100g of chicken breast, 20 to 25g of protein is included. But it’ll be so tiring to plan the diet thinking of all such things. So let me explain in short. I’d tell you to consume 100g to 150g of chicken, pork and beef. For carbohydrates, there’s a term called ‘complex carbohydrates’. Simply, it’s pure carbohydrates like potatoes, sweet potatoes, unpolished rice and sweet pumpkins. 100g to 150g of that. But unpolished rice has higher calories than potatoes or sweet pumpkins, I would say 100g of unpolished rice and 150g for the rest. The side dishes or things that you wanna eat like sause, I think you can eat those a bit. So I think my lunch was around 500-600kcal. Not really 600, I think around 500 plus. When I first planned the diet, I nearly skipped the breakfast, so lunch was around 500, and breakfast was around 100-200. I’m talking about calories. And then 200-300kcal for dinner. In total, 900-1050kcal a day. My meals were based on unseasoned food. I had salad or chicken breast or eggs for dinner. I reduced the carbohydrates level and increased the protein level for dinner. There are a lot of chicken breast salads or diet bread with high protein content available at the shops. Bread, cake, donuts… there are a lot of them. So it’s good to look for them. You know, you wanna eat bread. But normal bread is unhealthy. Too much sugar and carbohydrates. I think it’s good to look for low carbohydrate, high protein bread. They’re called chiffon or protein bread. There’re just too many of them, so I can’t really recommend a single one out. Please go look for those. Scone type, cake type, pound cake… there are a lot. Or muffins, cupcakes. For cheating days* or snacks,
*A day which you consume food you wanted to eat while in a diet you would know if you have watched my channel, I had my first cheating day on the 100th day of my diet. Before then, I never ate any pizza, fried chicken, tteokbokki* at all.
*A famous Korean food, spicy rice cake I didn’t even eat any snack foods or chocolate sold at convenience stores or markets that we normally eat for snacks. Instead, for snacks, I had protein bars. I ate a lot of Labnosh protein bars sold at Olive Young*.
*A drugstore in Korea I had a lot of those. for snacks. In between lunch and dinner. Or I had oatmeal drinks rich in protein, or protein drinks. I had a lot of those. A lot of people ask, ‘As I eat like that,’ ‘around when can I eat normal meals?’. You can increase the rate of normal meals slowly when you have reached your target weight. For me, after the cheating day, I’m trying to increase the rate of normal meals to 2, 3 times a week. Another video regarding this will be uploaded, but as I started on having normal meals, but my weight didn’t change. It never changes. Because, my body has changed and the proportion of muscles has increased significantly, which must have increased my metabolism rate. Since it’s a meal that you have during weight loss, you can increase the rate of normal meals when you’re satisfied with your body. So that’s not a major issue. Because once you’re satisfied with your body, it’s really different from the past. The calories spent, food consumed, your taste, all will be different. So you don’t need to worry. I’ve talked a lot for like 20 mintues, but there still are a ton of things, like the diet method. So I can’t tell you, ‘I’m always right, so follow me’. This method worked for me and I really was desperate. Some of you may be like, ‘I won’t be so extreme. It might take more time,’ ‘but I wanna lose weight slowly by eating things I want’. So I can’t tell those people that ‘Huh? No. You’re wrong.’ ‘You don’t lose weight like that’. I’m not in a position to say that. So I just wanna tell you to use it as a reference. When you google ‘diet method’, there are millions of ways. Not everything will be suitable for each one of you. In that sense, just use my story as a reference and just think that ‘oh, she lost weight like that’. There are a lot of things that I might have missed. And there are a ton of things that I wanna explain in greater detail. But they’re too theory-based. Actually when I first started, I didn’t know how many grams of protein there is in chicken breast, or how much protein that I need to consume a day. As I studied deeper, it just caused headaches. So in the middle of my diet, I was very stressed and pretty bad tempered. As I got used to it, it’s a lot okay now, but when I compare the diet menu before and after knowing such things, there’s not much of a difference. But I feel a bit more OCD. ‘Oh, I only consumed this much protein today’. ‘Oh I did this thing this much’. I hope you don’t get such thing. The thing you focus on should be the calories. ‘Let us not eat more than this much calories today’. I hope you plan your diet well based on the target calorie you set. One thing I wanna talk about, is that you must eat after you work out. When you exercise, the fat burns as you body uses energy. We use our muscles. When we do that, the muscles get damaged. If you don’t consume protein or certain nutrients at that stage, the gaining of muscles get slower and harder. So, the damaged muscles we get from the hard workouts need to be compensated with the nutrients or protein that we consume. If you work out too late, I recommend having egg or milk lightly before going to sleep. So I’d recommend working out before meal. Unless I consult every single one of you, the right diet and workout method is all different for each one of you. And I really wanna talk to each one of you. I want to consult and recommend things to every one of you, but because I received so much love from you in such a short period, it became hard for me. Replying to each one of you. I did that at first, but recently I can only like your comments. Please don’t be disappointed if I only like your comments without replying to them, although you wrote things like ‘You’re so beautiful, Where can I find this thing? What is this?’. Please don’t be disappointed that I only liked your comments. I really read each one and want to reply to them but it takes too much of my time. I’m so sorry. But on weekends where I’m pretty free, I’ll try to reply to the comments. That’s all I have for today. I think the number of subscribers will reach 10000 soon. I’ll upload a Q&A video once it hits 10000. If you leave some questions for me, I’ll try to answer those although I won’t be able to answer every single one of them. I’ll answer the questions that are asked by many of you. I’ll sort them out and answer. Thank you so much for watching till the end although today’s video might’ve been long and boring. All those on diets, those watching this video, you’re so beautiful. Why does speaking it make me feel like crying? I get reminded of myself in the past. Please don’t give up. (Seriously..) ( :(( ) I’m so sorry for not being able to help each and every one of you. Eating a lot or not going to gym today never makes you a loser. Don’t be disappointed that you fail, don’t be sad that you were different today from yesterday. If I became cooler today as compared to the lazy myself in the past, that’s still an improvement. So let’s keep going. That’s all I have for today. Thank you for watching. Thank you so much.

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