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ENTIRE HOMESCHOOL MOM Week in the LIFE | + Homeschool Mom Morning Routine!

– Hey friends, so it is a
busy and buzzing morning. I am going to share with you
an entire homeschool week. You all have enjoyed my homeschool mom day in the life of videos so much lately I thought I would share with you a little bit of everyday for a full week. Gonna be lots of fun. Oh, but of course my
view is a little skewed because today is Tuesday. Yesterday, being a working
momma I had to have a business accounting day, yes I did. Travis ran the kids around,
took ’em to the playground, did school things, did outside things. Today I’m back to being
homeschool mom hat on, yes I am. We are going hiking with
our homeschool group, have a lot of fun stuff coming
up with this whole week. Today’s videos also
sponsored by Variety Fun, which is a subscription snack box service, you’re gonna see us get into these snacks. We’ll let you know totally how it works, but check out the first link
in the description below. Use promo code Jamerrill20, we’ll put that up here on the screen so you can see exactly
how to spell my wild name. That’s Jamerrill20, that’s gonna give you 20% percent off your first box. Lots of fun, huge savings on these snacks. I’ll do the math breakdown soon, but right now we’ve gotta
pack our lunch and go hiking. So since we have these
snack boxes to pick from I’m gonna let the kids
do some cheese sticks and some fruit and then
enjoy packin’ a snack lunch. These little snacky cubes, I
picked these up at Walmart. I thought I needed to get
better at packing individual, if I can say it, lunches
before we do our outings. So here’s the boxes. Now what they have guys, Liam you won’t be able to see this from where you’re sitting. We have, now this box, don’t think there’s not a lot in here. Because there’s layers, okay. See we got Nutrigrain
bars, junk food snacks, there’s cookies in here, it’s
just, it’s deep and wide. And then this one’s kind of
their all over snacky one. And then this is their healthy snack one. So you see we got chickpea snacks. Yeah, just again and
layers, and layers of this. So let me, oh look at this, olives. All kinds of fun. So here’s what we’re gonna do. Daniel, now normally we put
our little sandwich up top. Okay, instead Daniel I want
you to pick a clementine and two cheese sticks, put ’em here. And then you can pick up
a couple snacky things. Can you do that? Put your clementine just up there, good. And you want two clementines? Okay then get one cheese stick, maybe. Amelia, yeah. You can do this too Gabriel. Okay Daniel, so you go to pickin’. You got a Nutrigrain
bar, you want Cheetos. You say you know what’s good. Is that what you wanted? You want the chickpeas. Excellent, you have a
good lookin’ snacky lunch for today Daniel. (gentle music) Got tons of mom hiking snacks. I know, I don’t need to
eat all these on the hike. But they’re things I wanna save for myself for later. So I got a Clif bar, I’m
gonna eat this on the way. Got these chickpea snacks. Now this is called Moon Cheese, I would have never tried
this on my own, kids love it. For my ladies out there who watch carbs, it’s one carb per seven pieces, five grams of protein, cheddar. Got some Skinny Pop. These, look at these. Restaurant style chips, and
then of course Veggie Straws. Gonna put these in my
mom snack stash for now. So here we are, all packed
up with all our little boxes. Headin’ out for our hike. Wow, that’s a big run. – [Child] Can you video
me climbing up there? – [Jamerrill] Yeah. Big rock climbin’. Pull yourself on up. Good job Amelia you did it. This is a really nice
little, gentle trail. Because it’s paved, it’s
actually handicap accessible. I see the tree. We’re gonna see something really special when we get to the end here. Oh boy, were you off
the beaten path there? – [Daniel] Yep.
– Yep. Benjamin’s calling for me, mommy. Simon’s giving him a carry for me. Oh boy. Wow little overcast today. We’re up really high, huh Daniel? So we just did that trail
with our homeschool group. Probably got five or six
families from our group with us and now I’m gonna lead them
down the road to another trail. Again another very gentle one, all gravel, lots of little benches, and places in the water
to stop off along the way. Yeah we’re here on the other trail now. Gonna sit and have lunch here in a minute. Gabriel. And then, sit down, sit down. Give me, hold on, give me
your little clementine. Woo, Benjamin I know it’s exciting. Look, look, woo. And Zion. You got yours honey? That’s Naomi’s, Amelia’s. Just give me your trash. Got your clementine, and
you got your veggie straws. These are good. You want want some munchies Benny? You’re suddenly over clementines? You ate half of one. Were you in the water some. – A long time. – [Jamerrill] You were
in the water a long time, with all you buddies? – Yeah (mumbling) – And you got your goo, you’re good. So we are back and let me tell ya, I am so tired. So, so tired. I looked at my step counter on my watch, it was only 4,700 steps. Still a lot. Usually when I go on my big hikes I get when I’m done with that
it’ll be like 7,600. But it’s a lot because we
had tons of friends with us, lots of chattin’ and
that was just spread out over several hours. So by the time we got home, I was like everybody chill out time,
Momma’s takin’ a rest. Travis wasn’t home then. Travis since got home, and
then he wanted to chat. And he had run errands, and
got stuff, and did things, and had stories, so I had
to get up from my rest to hear his stories. It’s like opposite of how it usually goes. So, anyway, he is now watching kids. I know not all homeschool mommas get to lay down at 4PM and
take a 30 minute power rest, but I’m going to, okay, yes. 30 minutes, it’s on. Then I’m gonna get up and get
back to doin’ all the things. But yes, I get tired, and yes I take little power rests too and I’m doin’ it now. Okay I’m up now, pullin’
myself back together. Slept a little over an hour. And that was good. Could not have taken that afternoon homeschool mom
nap, if Travis wasn’t here to do all the things while I was nappin’. That hasn’t happened in a long time. And no I’m not pregnant, I just realized even me mentioning the
fact that I was tired and I needed an afternoon nap, there’s like tons of you
already writing that comment. Gabriel is helping Travis load trash, that’s what that is. Anyway, no, not at all. I just did a few things and was tired and saw an opportunity and I took it. Good morning, don’t have all
the lights on in here yet. It’s Wednesday morning, Wednesday morning. I am just doing a few little
tidying up things this morning, you know perfect world leave the house all cleaned up for the next
day before we go to bed. And it was pretty good,
it was pretty good. But there’s still some things that my watchful momma eye this morning is sayin’ now come on jokers, could have had a few more
things tidied up here. But for the most part, for
the most part we’re good. What my morning routine generally is, and of course mom has tons of grace, things don’t go exactly as
planned every single day. Is get up, get my coffee,
have my Jesus coffee time, as I like to call it, and then if I can I like to just throw on
something fast, quick, and in a hurry but that’s a
little better than pajamas, and then I like to go
on my three mile hike. Still working with my hair. You know when I do my big morning hiking, don’t have my makeup on yet, wear a hat and sweat and then I try to salvage my hair for the day and just have stuff happening. Travis is out with Zion, they’re at piano and doing a few things. And what are we doing here? We’re pulling life together still? You’re playing with a giraffe? We’re trying to do this fun thing, this hot chocolate and game things. But now we’ve had our full morning. Beside a little dinosaur with
his giraffe here on the floor I’m working on getting little personal pizzas ready for lunch. So I guess we’re having pizza
and hot chocolate and games. Finally, I’m determined. Sometimes mommas you have to
say you’re doing something and keep circling, and circling,
and circling back around and it will happen, oh yes it will. Okay moms, and this is how best laid junky box pizza plans can go. I was smellin’ something
and it was the pizza. So good thing we’ve
got a nice little stash of these at the moment. Benjamin wanted to work on
buildin’ a house for a minute. We’re getting a documentary on and Gabriel’s helping me get
out the cups for hot chocolate. So we made it through, we did game time. Got their other household things done, other school things
done, got out the door. It’s rainin’ as the weather report permitted for our library time. And then Benjamin came
over here and found Naomi. Are you gettin’ held by Omi? Naomi’s been listening to audio books. Okay, look who’s here, yep. Travis and I get to see the man. We are on our weekly,
bi-weekly, however often we go, date to the chiropractor and
breakfast, it’s really early. Some kids were just gettin’ up, don’t worry we have teenagers at home we can sneak out once in a while. Anyway, I’m gonna get my neck looked at, he’s gonna get his back,
our neck and our back. And then we’re gonna go to breakfast. So out of the chiropractor, Travis and I passed our test. And I just got to go into a drug store which is always lots of fun. I love going into drug stores
because they have everything. But I wanted to get myself a flat iron, one of those ceramic ones. Something new for momma. Naomi needed a few things,
we just needed some things and I wanted to go into a drug store instead of taking an hour of my life and going into Walmart. So I’ll show you my bag of goodies, also got a few new makeupie
things, drugstore makeup. This is the iron I got, you
all tell me if this is right. I’m also going to have my
done tomorrow, mmm-hmm. We’ll be talking about that. But this is the one I
got, I think it was $45. It says, yeah, it’s a steam flat iron. And hyrdo-silk, that sounds nice. I prefer my hair curly, but
then it also goes straight. So I thought well maybe I’ll just help it. Naomi needed hairspray. Here’s some new makeupie things. So I got this eyeliner, it’s a white. I love that light, shimmery gray. I was just gonna play with
this one a little bit. They didn’t have a light gray in there. I got myself a fresh liquid liner, ’cause mine is getting clumpy. What else did I get? Oh I also got a lavender. I thought why not, that might be fun. Two things of Vaseline, got Naomi this little one to carry in her purse. We like to put it on our hands
and such this time of year. More of my Frizz Buster stuff, I put in my hair and the girl’s hair. And then I always end up going through more conditioner than shampoo. So this is one of the shampoos I rotate and it’s a purple, anti-brassy shampoo. Oh yeah, some antibiotic ointment. So that’s my little quick, oh and two bigger things of Vaseline. Did I say that? Biggest size they had, I
would have got big tubs of it. But anyway. One for upstairs, one for downstairs. This is just a cute like little
mom and pop type restaurant. And when we drive by
it the kids always say, there’s mom and dad’s
breakfast restaurant. Okay so here’s momma’s
down home breakfast. (gentle music) This is his D for dinosaur coloring book that we also got from Master Books. This is Daniel’s math book. I know when I did our preview of what I had ordered from
Master Books this year. The math book is brand
new it was on back order. So this is it, it’s level K. It’s math lessons for a living education. Benjamin is talking to his
yogurt in the background. This is what Daniel’s doing for math. Okay Daniel so we’re doing
more with the shapes. So it wants you to trace the big square, this is the main part of your house. For you it says color
all the rectangles red. And then you’re gonna count how many red, you would write it. And for this one you’re gonna
color all the circles blue. So I’ll get you a blue crayon. Ready? Fire Engine Man. Hold on, a fire engine man. I love fire engines. I like to squirt the fires, I’m going to be a fire engine man. Fire engine man. So I have Naomi, Gabriel, and Liam doing some copy work right now. And I have Daniel, and
Amelia, and Benjamin resting and having some yogurt
with their lunch right now listening to some Veggie Tales songs. I’m going to quickly, ’cause we’ve got another
church thing tonight, I’m gonna get this
spaghetti bake in the oven. I just wanna show this to you, because this is from May, 20th. So in the spring, not officially summer, here it is almost November and I’m gonna get this in the oven now. I’m going to leave the foil tented and this will be our dinner. So just saying, this freezer meal has been in my freezer a
little over five moths. And it’s gonna be great for dinner. Remember to check out
today’s sponsor, Variety Fun which is a snack subscription service. Their snacks are available in bi-weekly or monthly delivery options, They offer free shipping
and no commitment. Which hey, I like that. They have affordable pricing. Snack boxes start at 24.99 but use my 20 percent off
coupon code, Jamerrill20 to get your fist snack box for just 19.99. They offer over 500 variety of snacks, including both classic
and healthy options. These boxes are great for
lunches, game nights, road trips. And you know we had a bunch of fun taking ’em on our hiking trip. We’ve even been using them as homeschool snacks throughout the week. Super rare occurrence, been a
while since we’ve done this. Really bright sun, huh. So momma’s going out today. Yesterday our evening
church plans were canceled. We had a bunch of storms
come through our area and they just said, nope
everybody stay home. So that was fine, we stayed home. We watched Apollo 13. Then we had a dance party. Yeah just had a nice evening at home. Today I have, I know again
just get ready for this, I haven’t gone to like
“have my hair done,” sorry Travis being six foot six and me being five foot
four you know it’s always let’s adjust the mirrors
and get the car set up for the day. I have not had my hair done
by someone other than myself, maybe it looks like that, in over a year. So I’m going out today
to have my hair done and get a mani and a pedi. And then I’m going to sit at Panera Bread and work on an accounting spreadsheet for the rest of the day. I know, super exciting. I had on my list that I was
gonna go to Dollar Tree, and do a Dollar Tree haul,
and maybe go to Sharp Shopper. You know do my YouTube video
stuff, and I just can’t. I need to be focused. And I need to focus on this
one project and get this done. Travis and kids are doing school and doing stuff at home today. And yeah, I won’t see
’em until this evening. So he’s running the show,
I’m gonna eat this banana and get running down the road. (gentle music) Okay friends, so we’ve got all kinds of hair things going down. I don’t even know the names
of all the things she’s doing. But my hair stylist
viewers, you probably know. So here’s a little views going on. Gonna be fantastic. I did go ahead and decide
to do the long bob. I think she called it a lob, you know this I don’t. But I’m excited about it. It’s gonna turn out, positive thinking. Okay so I’m just jumping
back on here with my hair. Totally forgot to even
update any more in there. So yeah it’s a lot shorter
but that’s what I wanted. I told you I was Googling
blonde, long bob. And this is how it turned out. She also worked on my eyebrows
and I guess it’s okay. I mean it’s okay, it is okay. It’s the whole, I don’t identify as a
lady with short hair, or as a short hair girl. But it’s short, but it’s not bad. It’s just different. It’s what I wanted. I just, I’ll have to get used to it. Okay, happy Saturday. I’m out talking to this hair. I think we might be friends but still peculiar at the moment. I know, so many bigger things
in life to worry about. But you know ladies how it goes. We are, many of us attached to our hair. So I am out hiking, I should not be out hiking. But I’m going to do this. I’ve been, for the last week most days getting out here and doing
three miles on my own. If kids get up early enough
I’ll have one who comes with me. And now it’s like lunch time, it’s not even early, but still. I feel so much better when I do it. And my steps are so much
higher on my step counter. And it’s something that I can do. And I usually get a lot of writing done, using my talk to text on my phone. Lots of good ideas out and it’s just a nice
time that I appreciate. And Travis has, he took
Naomi to a craft party. There’s some other girls
about her age range in homeschool group and
they’re getting together to do these extra
organized crafting times, which is a lot of fun. I think the other momma was makin’ pizza and lots of girls are on their way. Travis has most of the
other kids with him. And I am supposed to be
having my Saturday work day. Wasn’t able to get this
walk in early this morning, ’cause family life took over early. Which is fine, that’s its job. So before I start
working, which it’s mainly my long time spread sheet
project I keep talkin’ about. Before I start working today I wanna get this walk in though. Mkay, there’s my mom lunch I’m gonna take to the porch
and now get to work, yay. So were are runnin’ down the
road, it is Sunday morning. I took my best attempt at doing my hair. Doesn’t look not curled like
how they did it at the salon, isn’t that how it goes? So still have new tricks
to learn with that. This morning, so when I’m filming this, first weekend in November. If all things are going
according to my plan, you’ll be watching this
first full week of November. Like November 7th-ish or so. Anyway, let me tell ya let’s get acclimated to
the date and the time, it’s November 3rd. So I am doing a little American history talk every Sunday at our church this month leading up to Thanksgiving. We read about pilgrim
history, American history, just about every year, every few years, yes God bless you Benjamin. And I just got the idea that hey, I don’t just the Lord inspires you to do different things, right. And so I thought, hey
I could talk about that and be festive and participate in this holiday season at church. So today I am doing my first little intro like what was going in
England in the 1500s, who were the pilgrims,
what they went through, and their parents and their grandparents, the martyrdom that was happening, see I’ll get all worked up now, against Christians at that time who were not going to the king’s church. And I mean how dare
they wanna get together and worship the way they wanted to. There’s just so much history there, as you can tell. Which is why I’m doing it
over four Sunday mornings. And it’s only gonna be, I don’t know if I said
this or not already, about 10 minutes each time. The problem will be can I
keep it within 10 minutes. Because then the that
pastor needs to preach. So I’d say pray for me this morning, but you’ll see this after the fact. Pray for me for the
coming Sunday mornings. So now as we’re driving down the road I’m gonna go over all my
history notes with Travis and do this thing. So we are having a spaghetti lunch for family ministry after church. We’re gonna have a meeting but I’m showing you what they’ve served us all up. Benjamin is having no
problem with this, huh? Say spaghetti lunch,
carpet, what could go wrong? Happy Monday we are doing our things. I’m going to find some shoes, I need to go out to my
refrigerator grocery store. Yeah, need to just check
in on some food things. You all ask me how I keep track of things, usually I just, especially
beginning of the week, take a look, take analysis,
see what I’m planning to make, what I need to make,
what I need to use up. Anyways I’m gonna check
in with things here. We got stuff for rollin’, lots
of kids are outside playin’. I’m trying to get my mom stuff done so I can get outside with them. This is my long time,
20 year old refrigerator from our first house that’s
still hangin’ in there. Naomi needed butter so
that’s some butter I got several months ago at Costco. You can see we got a bunch
of string cheese left and some almond milk,
but what in the world? This refrigerator needs filled. And then this one for the
week, now look at that. Someone left that open I’ll take that in. We have got some pork
chops that are defrosting, I’m gonna do some apple sauce
pork chops probably tomorrow. So I set that meat out last night, got some cottage cheese, some eggs, three things of milk in here. You can see several loaves
of bread and some cabbage. And now in this freezer, hey I didn’t know I was doing a refrigerator
and freezer tour but you get one too, you
just never know what you get. I got some meat that are frozen for some upcoming slow cooker recipes I wanna do for you guys. Bunch of cauliflower. These jumbo pizza flavored corn dogs, I had got ’em super marked
down at Sharp Shopper, the only kid that likes ’em is Daniel. So I don’t know what we’re
gonna do with the rest or if I can slip one to
Daniel everyday for lunch. But yeah, that’s a fail at our house. No one else likes those. I got some turkey burger over here. Gonna do a kielbasa, potato and cabbage slow cooker meal here soon. I have just about everything that I need to make the dinners that I
wanted to do for this week. Plus we have some freezer meals but not like a huge
variety believe it or not. I really wanna do a big like large family cook up of freezer breakfast and a big large family
cook up of freezer lunches. Those are actually, I’m
hoping to get those done, it’s not gonna be this week. It’s probably gonna be two
weeks from the time I’m filming. That’s my filming schedule. But in two weeks I’m gonna
take a Friday and a Saturday and on the Friday I’m gonna
do nothing but lunches. Hopefully like six weeks worth
of lunches for all of us. And then the next day
nothing but breakfast. So that just shows, we
love our freezer meals. But when we’re in the in between times I do a lot of slow cooker
and a lot of Instant Pots. So today I’m getting ready to put beef stroganoff in the slow cooker. And then this afternoon
during our read aloud time I’ll do the rice real quick on
the Instant Pot or stove top. (gentle music) Naomi’s doing sandwiches for everyone and I gotta say, so I opened up a pack of these, these were from the Variety Fun, the healthy snack box option. Benjamin has been eating
these, I just had one of his and I was like oh, I don’t know if I like that I’m not sure. And now I just got my whole bag. And it says hint of lime, it actually says super powerful beans. So it’s like these chips made with beans. I would have never tried
these any other way. But they’re good. And now I’m gonna eat my own bag, now that I’m done stealing my baby’s. Okay so now that our sit
down school time is done, kiddos are getting out legos,
Gabriel’s building stuff here. We’re gonna work through
some read alouds here. Other kids are joining in,
Gabriel’s sharing legos and we appreciate that. Okay so then this morning,
it’s fading off my hand now, but one of, I’m reading
through Psalm and Proverbs and one of the Psalm I read, I thought I wanna put
that on our whiteboard and write it on my hand and memorize it. It says Psalm chapter three verse three, “But you are a shield around me oh Lord, you bestow glory on me
and lift up my head.” This version says, “But
you oh Lord are a shield, my glory and the lifer of my head.” Psalm 3:3. Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout
would not take the garbage out. She’d scour the pots and scrape the pans, candy the yams and spice the hams. And though her daddy
would scream and shout she simply would not take the garbage out. So I’m being told that Travis got a new cat laser while he was out. – [Child] Come look how funny he looks. – Pretty exciting, so let’s see this. (laughing) Stand back, let’s watch him. Okay so this is our new kitten Gravy. Now how he got the name Gravy was Amelia was saying Gray-ie and then it turned into Gravy, so then Travis named
the other cat biscuits. Aww, he’s going to be fixed
in the morning though. It’ll be a rough day tomorrow kitty. There’s our old time kitty Fenley. Oh, oh, oh. Oh he likes it. So of course now that I’m
up I’m checking on dinner. This rice was done almost an hour ago. And it’s just been sitting here waitin’. That’s for dinner, I
will actually unplug it. And then our beef stroganoff
over here is done. I had put this on warm a while ago. This is how this is looking. It’s gettin’ loud in here. Say if you need time at the zoo, but I’m gonna try to read
for about 30 more minutes and then I have a phone call
and then we’ll have dinner. But we’re gonna eat this over the rice. Oh, Travis got sour
cream I’ll add that in. So friends, happy Tuesday morning. We have come full circle. I have shared with you a full seven days in the life, a whole week in the life of this homeschool momma. Lotta schoolin’, haircuts, library trips, what else did we do? We’ve just done a lot. I quickly looked through the footage and I was like yeah
that looks like a week. And that was a lot. So now it’s a whole
‘nother week going down. We have friends who are off
school today for Election Day that are coming over to play with my kids. So that means my kids, hey we can play with friends
all day in the forest. They’ll have fun with that. And us mommas will have
a fun time chattin’. Rest of the week, oh my. So many fun things going on this week. Tomorrow will be library in
the afternoon and church. The next day we have a field
trip with our homeschool group to go to a Mexican
restaurant where the kids are gonna make their own
flour tortillas and have lunch and I’m sure we’ll find a playground, with 15 or so other families. Friday is a big homeschool rollerskating thing in the afternoon. So it just shows, when you homeschool there’s stuff all the time. And some weeks are heavier in our outside activities than others. But I really know those
winter days are comin’ and we’ll be spending a
whole lot of time inside so we gotta get out and about and do all our fun things while we can. We’ll get more reading done in the winter. So hope you’re having a great day. Chat with you in those comments, okay. Also if you enjoy these
week in the life type videos and all my homeschool mom videos, I realized the other day, someone was like you never do
homeschool day in the life. And I’m like over the last five years I looked at my playlist, I have 91 homeschool mom
day in the life videos. I know that’s over 5 years, but if you would like to see those you can click here on this playlist. 91 it’s quite a lot, but it
goes way, way back in the day to when kids were playing
in the muddy pond. And wherever we are today. Okay, momma’s cuttin’ out bye, bye.

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    That's exactly what she does, and uses, and I've never seen you share them until now, so that's why I assumed that!ย  She's got some nice, smart ideas, huh?
    Don't feel bad about the snacks that you said you were bringing with you, because that actually helps in the long run, because when we get hungry, and our blood sugar drops, it is NEEDED to have some food, even if it's whatever is available, to stabilize our blood sugar, fill our tummys, and restore balance in our system!! Very important. Starving, or depriving, is not the answer. (And you've probably found, it creates more problems). You don't want to make yourself so hungry, that you gorge when you get home. Then all the weight you lost, comes back, and then some.
    And the nature hike yall went on. Oh, how much fun, and oh how much I miss those! We always took nature walks when I grew up in Virginia. You said the trail was handicapped-equiped, well, we're gonna have to push me in my wheelchair! ๐Ÿ˜…
    Just until my scooter comes in. That takes a while to process, with my insurance.

    My daughter has a step counter on her phone too, and she likes to keep track of the amount of steps she takes for walking her dog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    There's Miss Jamerrill, having her morning cup of joe. And you put Stevia in yours; I like to use Sugar In The Raw, (turbinado sugar), little light brown crystals, unbleached, not processed, just pure cane sugar. Or we use Zulka, pure cane sugar, from Mexico.(light pastel yellow-creamy color).

    Oh, and guess what? I was intrigued by your Bible reading, the text looked nice and big, and clear, so I Iooked it up. You were reading in the book of Acts, chapters 24-25, about Festus, Paul, and Felix. (using the classic Amplified version).
    Let's do a Bible study together. Lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I feel so bad for you about the burnt pizza. We used to put a Bobili home made pizza in the oven, the directions said to heat the oven to 425*, and cook for 15-20 minutes, and it usually always came out perfect going by that.

    I always had fun, and LOVED going to the public library, almost every day after picking up Diane from school. I sat at the library tables, looking at all the family and cooking magazines, and reading my large print newly checked out library books!ย  My daughter would be on the computer, with all the other people, in the computer room, this was long before I got her a laptop.

    I used to go to the chiropractor too, years ago, right after my car accident, and then some of the years after that, I paid some professional men to give me chiropractic back adjustments, and thorough strong back massages. Now, I have my "family friend", who gives me back, neck, and feet massages! ๐Ÿ˜ƒย 

    I was surprized when you said yall watched Apollo 13, because that's a classic, back from 1994, when I first saw it in the theatre!
    You must have been a child, when that first came out, Jamerrill.
    And your hair looks great! It's so you. Do you like it? When you first had it done, and were back in the car, you acted like you were trying to convince yourself, that you liked it, like you thought it was something you should do. It will take some getting used to. But hair grows. By spring of next year, it will probably be back to normal.

    You sure like to tear at my heart! Lol.
    That lonesome walk you had in the woods, takes me back to Virginia, in the woods, and then when you got to the walk path that came out in the clearing, with all those beautiful acres of countryside land, in the background, sights I haven't seen since I was back there!!ย  Sadness.๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜”ย ย 

    You have alot of blessings, that you probably take for granted, especially since most people don't experience what I do, or what we have, what I am now living.
    Hopefully, this is just a temporary set back for me, but I guess I should be thankful, and give thanks, because it could be alot worse, like some other people, mentioned on the news, and there were times that it has been worse for us. And also, I'm thankful, that there are people that care, and they are praying for me.

    Oh, and I forgot, yall's hiking trips, you're finally catching up to the Our Tribe Of Many, and Angela's This Gathered Nest, because their families always go on hikes, I've seen them in alot of their videos. You're joining the hiking club, Jamerrill!

    That's good that you are talking about our country's history in church, because it's for that very reason that the settlers wanted to come to this new land, (America), so they could worship God as they believed. And also, don't forget to talk about how the Indians helped the settlers survive that first winter!!
    And Squanto, the hero Indian young man, who helped the settlers, because he was taught by Christian missionaries!!! I used to want to be a missionary, because I thought that it would be a good way to serve the Lord, but over time I've learned that there's lots of ways to serve the Lord, all around us, especially where there are those in need.

    You lucky! I used to LOVE the spaghetti dinners at church!!! All you can eat too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I couldn't help noticing that your beef stroganoff, looks reddish, like big chunks of corned beef? I thought beef chuck chunks, were normally used? And you were gonna pour that over rice. I thought normally we use large egg noodles to pour it over?
    Well, anyhoo, as you always say, that's just a difference in appeal. Sorry, I'll stay in my lane. Lol.
    Thanks for another great video. This one was a whopper!! Whew!
    Bye now ๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ“ท๐Ÿฅ™๐Ÿ›’๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿฅ•๐Ÿฅž๐Ÿฅ—๐Ÿ›๐Ÿต๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ“๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ๐ŸŠ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ…๐ŸŒฝ

  9. Love your hair!!! I also love that you take the time to pamper yourself… I need to work on that even just as a college student haha

  10. OH I know what you mean about talking to your hair… I have to tell you. I really like the way you curled your hair on Sunday morning ride in to Church.That's how the big stars where there's and your becoming a Big Star so why not and it look so cute on you. I don't want to be sounding mean. BUT why?? do you always put your bangs all over your face?? you have such a beautiful face you should swipe your sides away and your bangs away from your face. your face will look thiner instead of fuller . sorry. I'm no skinny thing, I have the same problem and I'm older and have when to beauty school. look at the picture of when you were in the car going to church. that is a very Smart hair do for you.

  11. You are truly a inspiration for me!!! You are teaching me its ok if the house is a little messy enjoying time with my family is more important than the mess! The mess will be there after love and fun!! You are truly helping me through my depression thank you for sharing your life with us!! I have never looked forward to someone's youtube video's but your love, patience and kindness for your family and god speaks volumes to my soul!!! Thank you for teaching me to be a more patience understanding mother!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’œ

  12. Girl your hair is stinking adorable!! I think it is perfect and the way it frames your face makes it look longer. And I am not being ugly, I just remember you saying something about a round face comment. Well whoever said that, HA, look at our girl now!!!! Love, HUGS & Blessings, Marilyn

  13. Your hair looks beautiful and makes you look younger. Good job stepping out of your comfort zone, Momma. By the way, tell Naomi her hair looks great too. Kind of made me sad that she looks like a young woman instead of a little girl now and I don't even know you. Lol. Also, I swear I'm not trying to be a keyboard warrior, but you really want to put your meat on the bottom of the fridge when you thaw it so it doesn't drip on your ready to eat foods. You are such a smart lady and I love your videos… I just wanted to help

  14. Your hair is amazing!!! I recently took the leap myself. Hard to get used too but sooo worth it! Seriously you look amazing! ๐Ÿฅฐ

  15. I love seeing your "I voted" sticker on your shirt! I collect them too and put them on my computer monitor to hopefully (in the future) encourage my Grandkids. I believe the statement is "lead them in the way you would have them go"!

  16. Lol I love the hair cut!! I finally went short last year! And it took a while to get used to! But now I love it!! Great video!!

  17. I just ordered a box not bad at all $19.99 with promo code that's cheaper than Walmart! Thanks Jamerril ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Absolutely love your new hair cut โค๏ธ also loved seeing Naomi, sheโ€™s so pretty and Amelia looks so much like you – all the kids are adorable- love your videos โค๏ธ

  19. I think your new hair cut looks great on you ! Its funny …. I'm used to having somewhat shorter hair , but not used to having longer hair ! As most of my childhood and a good portion of my adult hood has been shorter hair ! At the moment my hair is to the middle of my back and to be completely honest , I can't wait to get it cut to a shorter length – about neck length !
    Loved the video BTW ….. One of my favorite verses :
    Romans 5:1. " Therefore being justified by faith , we have piece through our Lord Jesus Christ "!

  20. i have a flareup of bad shoulder pain and i had hair down to my bottom, very thick. i went in to get it cut into a long bob it is a very short pixie cut……i have never had hair this short. lots to get use to.

  21. Your hair looks great. I let my hair grow til it touches my butt then I cut it to my shoulders. Let it grow again. I know how my hair looks "short" but I always hate it when I first see it even though it looks better.

  22. Your hair looks great. I am too attached to my hair but its always good to make a change. It looks very healthy๐Ÿ’•

  23. I'm a 30 year old married mother of 3…… but will you be my mama? Lol. Love your mama style and how you are with your kiddos. My patience with my own has honestly grown from watching your example

  24. Love your new hair. I did the same thing last year and got 13 inches of my hair cut off. I was in shock for a month but loved the cut.

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