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ETHIOPIAN FOOD Family Style with Meat & Vegetarian Combo

Today, we’re here with one of my best friends Tammy I’m going to be eating ethiopian food. We’re at [Xeni] ethiopian restaurant, and I think that is a Few [peein] characters, and it looks like people dancing and getting crunk and drugged All right, let’s do this so tell me is it your first time having ethiopian food all right? [I] tried it twice um I’m still newbie though overall here’s a 360 of the restaurant and in the back room over there That’s like the authentic dining area. [oh], I like those paintings up there lady playing the flute Doing some gardening more flute. Can you tell us? What is what? Danny come [up] with chicken cottage cheese [phlegm]. That’s the beef medium Oh, this is the veggie with lentil and collard greens yolks put peas cabbage carrots and potatoes That’s a tomato and Jalapeno Salsa Venture is that lettuce in the middle the middle yes. [yes], okay? Thank [you] This here the spongy thing is called injera. You peel it and there’s more here as well They gave us a bunch of rolls you peel it and then you wrap [it] around one of these guys I think these are called wots w-o-t You wrap it and then you eat it And you have to make sure your hands are clean before you eat because obviously all the bacteria or germs is Gonna even eat it Right did you wash your hand? Yeah, kind of to wash your [hand]. I think the dough first in the meantime. I will take a post-up blue corn paste There’s something called Gursha. I read online that it is like a form of bonding and Clearing if you feed your friend or whoever it you’re dining with I’m gonna give you a gursha, okay? I’m the new to Gursha so if I’m doing it weird, this is just my own style which ones you like That this one [okay] I did a little too long because the kids neck [Jemmy] can you give me a grip sure choose? Oh? This one. It’s like yeah, right. Oh, it smells so [good] We have a little emergency here. Tammy. Just got her nails in yesterday and all the food is getting stuck in the art Oh my God Tammy spent about 90 to always yesterday to do her nails and one of side dishes stained her nail into [yoga] color she’s going to try to get off right now 9 1 106 I Really don’t think it’s Gonna go Well if you ever get hungry you [miss] if you’ve been food you can look at my condolences on your nails Tammy I Think you [just] have to eat it with a fork [I] think so Don’t be too sad why don’t you rub a little bit more of that yellow on your nail and make a gradient so I know The proper way is to wrap these sides, but I’m gonna try a little bit of everything with you know just by itself Do you tried [that]? I’ll try it this time sounds good [out] spicy another meat dish Now is more fatty or as old stiffly it more spicy too, woohoo fireworks Less cheese, it was almost like faded feta cheese Let’s try this And that’s right. Tammy’s best friend Because if you ever want to dye your nails a natural ingredient like that obviously of all these here My favorite is actually Tammy’s best friend But if I eat it with the injera, I prefer this guy I think [it’d] be nice [to] mix the veggies with the meat maybe a nice combo cuz these ones by itself are too spicy, so if you mix the spicy meat with The veggies it’s perfect. We’re going to tell you guys the two creepers on this plate. Which one is it Tammy? Yeah, that way. It’s like kind of [taste] like a salsa, and it’s mixed with injera, and what’s other creeper Yeah, that’s another creeper when you first take a bite out of it like a smoky, but it’s not spicy at all but just wait 10 seconds, and it just It’s not like a punch right? It’s like a slow poke and you just Make it harder and harder infinity goes away. We are quite full now and We still have a lot of food left. So we’re gonna take it home to our family So ordering two combinations feed a good three people Maybe even four four girls three guys two macho guys and we have plenty of injera rolls left What are the ethiopian food heads is after you take all the sides off and you put it [into] [goat] boxes? The Indira has absorbed a lot of the flavors, so you know that meat that was Super spicy if you just take a piece of it, [oh] It’s it’s like a perfect amount of flavor now. It’s not Gonna kill you you [don’t] need a firefighter That was really good mmm. Would you come here again? Yes? Me, too You forgot to film an outro after we dined at [Denny’s]. So [now] we will film an outro we just went to Starbucks and had extra chitchat around [to] of lady time and now it is time to say goodbye, [so] here You’ll see Tammy and future adventures. Oh Maybe you could show us some Japanese food like really great. Oh yeah. Yeah, definitely okay? Yeah, Tammy. Tammy. She’ll be back

100 thoughts on “ETHIOPIAN FOOD Family Style with Meat & Vegetarian Combo

  1. The cheese is an Ethiopian cheese called Aayb, made the Ethiopian way and you never eat Ethiopian food with a fork and definitely NOT without injera. The mixture of the injera with the different sauces gives it its own authentic flavor! Its like eating plain spaghetti with your hands!!! Word of advice, next time you go please ask an Ethiopian for details on how to eat then feel free to eat it however you like. God bless!

  2. So funny im here right now at the same restaurant lol! and just decided to youtube "what is Ethiopian food"? I hope it's good.

  3. Thank you s much for this vid! It was amazing for an Ethiopian to watch! This was the vid that made me sub! πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯❀️ πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή

  4. Gursha!!!! Wooooo!! It gives me memories of my aunties overfeeding me shouting "gursha" as a child ! I miss those timesπŸ˜‚

  5. αŠ’αˆ΅αˆ‹αˆ αŠα‹ αˆ‚α‹ˆα‰΄ αˆ‹αŠ’αˆ‹αˆ€αŠ’αˆˆαˆαˆ… says:

    takewi may seweti

  6. πŸ‘πŸ‘Œfor the video
    Let me tell you the names of the different types of wots, Allicha misir kik (the split peas), Misir wot(lentil), tikur gomen (collard greens), timatim fitfit (tomato with injera), Aybe (Ethiopian cheese), keyi siga wot (the red meat with sauce), Allicha siga wot (the yellow meat with sauce), kitfo (The spicy beef), the one in the middle is selata meaning salad.
    TIPS: for most of the foods you order there are two types Allicha(the yellow version with less spiciness) and keyi(the red version with more spiciness. Also when you eat use only one hand to wrap the injera with the wots. Plus you can make your own combination of the wots for each gursha.

  7. $90 for nails? spoiled american brats. you should have donated that to starving children yet the vanity takes precedence with you sick American wasteful retards.

  8. With Gursha you don''t ask what the person likes it should come from the heart and observe what the like and 2end one is what you like and think they will like (you have to do it twice in a row sometimes.

  9. I live in an Ethiopian neighborhood in USA it’s 90% Ethiopian. I really love it. Feel so safe around them.

  10. You should try filipino food here in Philippines the streets food here is good, specially the the β€œpenoy” and β€œbalut”

  11. You can mix everything together and the yellow color with your fingernails does come down if soap and water do not worry I say from experience Nina I love you

  12. I love your video. You are the best. I love your youtuber. β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

  13. My maid was Ethiopian and she made that Injera with some sort of sauce but she told us we should try it so my sister and I tried it and was pretty good😊

  14. You guys sooo cute! N I'm happy you eat my food.. but the emoji you replace on their face killin me πŸ˜‚

  15. αŠ₯αŠ” α‹«αŠ•α‰° αŠ αα‰ƒαˆͺ αˆ₯ጠα‰₯α‰…αˆ… αˆαŠ‘αˆ­ says:

    ክክክክክክክ αŠ₯αŠ•αŒ€αˆ« α‰ αˆΉαŠ« αŠ α‹­ αŠ₯αŠ•αŒ€αˆ«α‹¨

  16. Better to eat on hand ! roll wot with injera as a cover if you want no to touch wot with your nails. Eating wot alone with spoon as you tried is very difficult. It's more spicey and burn you if used with out injera (the soft bread)

  17. You guys picked the best restaurant In Sanjose area. I am Ethiopian and live in Sacramento. Every time my friends and I drive to San Jose, Zeni’s is one place we make sure that we stop by for lunch or dinner.

  18. αŠ α‹­ αŠ₯αŠ•αŒ€αˆ« αŠ₯αŠ•αŠ«αŠ• αˆ²α‰ αˆ‰α‰΅ αˆ²α‹«α‹α‰΅ α‰₯ቻ α‹¨αŠ…αˆ

  19. Zenni is an Excellent restaurant! I always have had great meals there πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ I’m your newest subscriber

  20. i love you so much miss mina! i’ve been watching you since this video came out. oh and i’m afghan and my middle name is mina!πŸ₯°

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