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96 thoughts on “Europe’s Debt: America’s Crisis – Full Video

  1. Government is not the problem. People are the problem. IN any system of democracy, people vote for people who do what they want.
    People always want 300 dollars in services for themselves and not for others AND only 100 dollars in taxes where they want the other guy to pay even that.
    It is all going to collapse because it has to collapse.

  2. The people of Greece needs to stop voting in the socialists.
    The socialists spend so much money they don't have.

  3. There is no justification in equating democratic values with support for the EU. The very heart of democracy is to empower the people. However the EU seems dedicated to robbing the people of any voice whatsoever. May all the people's of Europe reclaim their right to chart their own course.

  4. One market good idea, one currency .. bad bad bad worst idea. Btw the whole crisis has been started by USA. People should remember that america dump their toxic product on our market and we had to bail out the banks, paid by our tax payer money, but in the end that money went primarily back to the usa to prop up their industries, not ours.

  5. I have never heard or read anything that is realistic enough. At most it comes up with shocking admissions such as that the majority is usually wrong. This is the basis for religion and politics, So the answer is that cooperation is essential. But the media and politicians find it unavoidable to promote controversy and winner-loser views.

  6. 47:00 That's crazy how such a young girl totally outsmart the old and – supposed to be – experienced man who's saying total bullshit

  7. LMFAO did you hear it where did Europe go wrong? who th fk cares we wanna know where the money went and what resources was backing that money if it ever existed. Was it part of the real economy or are we paying for the elites bullshit economy, as per fkn usuall. Do we need the elites we support, do they have a use, if we need them tell us what they do that's so bloody useful. I worry that if our elites don't sort things out we may resort to the old French solution. You notice I have so far only seen th first few seconds of the video. couldnt help it the question seemed absurd.

  8. Countries debt is a massive problem (USA owes 21 trillion Plus )  how can they ever pay this back . The UK  2 trillion ( with interest 40 billion a year ). Think what could be done with this. Will have to raise taxes at some stage  ( That includes all countries )….

  9. The European Union is only a witness to the political handling of money in a shell game to maintain economies and even has the gall to be nothing short of the bitch on the arms of the dollar masters, call it what you will euro, peso, pound or arms as a sideline.

  10. Why did it look like all of this was scripted and rehearsed? The conversations didn't seem to be real to me. It just seemed odd to me.

  11. It's all part of the destruction of society for control by the Global Elite. We will never know what goes on behind closed doors by the Global Financial Powers. What we do know, is whatever they do, is in their best interest not ours. Regardless of how they spin it. We are just pawns in their game.

  12. Nation states should NEVER be in debt to any second, or third party.

    A nations sovereignty is defended by its ability to generate wealth. Generating debt, leaves you at the scruples of the money lenders and their demands

    Usury is also immoral.

  13. The EU has lasted far longer than i ever thought it would. Creating the ONE currency , i believe , was a huge mistake. Primarily, because the EU is still made up of a group of central bankers from each country that issue their own sovereign debt, as well, the EU issues its own sovereign debt and prints its own money of which it is attempting to make all of the member countries responsible for and obligated to pay(debt)…. It is obvious that this is going to blow up when the printing press stops……printing money and austerity will happen across the world. The US is as bad as Greece and is in a similar situation. California is a huge state with a massive GDP and budget, but like the EU , they keep electing idiots and socialists and they are finally running out of money. California thinks the Federal Government is going to step up and pay their bills well the Federal government is as or worse than California and is broke as well. The FED will have an overnight devaluation of the dollar and force the banks to write down their debts immediately and everyone shares the pain. BAM! Civil unrest and rioting will prevail, but it is going to happen. Period. I can into more detail but I don't want to write a dissertation. Sell your stocks and go to cash asap. Cash is and will be King…..

  14. Listening to these personalized debates, the buck stops at the very top of the power ladder.!! Incompetence and recklessness in high level leadership will continue to undermine any attempt at fixing economic and social woes.
    Change has to start at the very top, and it seems that the only thing left that WILL shake the top (but not necessarily result for the better) s anarchy.!! All else has failed and failed again. People are being pushed to the edge by the blindness and stupidity of severely defective leadership. While on the sidelines, vultures are perched patiently.

  15. europe and america both have the same problem, they don't believe history is real. no nation on earth ever survived using printed money, only silver and gold. a $100.00 bill is worthless if govt says so. but silver and gold aren't controled by a single govt so is always valuable. thats why govt's force citizens to turn in silver and gold, it's a control feature, without gold the govt owns you. they can decide your million in the bank is worth only $10.000 and you can do nothing, but if you have silver and gold you can do as you like and buy as you like. europe and america will go broke but if you have silver and gold you can just watch. if you use plastic to do business you will go down first.

  16. You people need to go to America… it’s turning third world… nyc area is one big ghetto.. Revolution is coming soon the a theatre near you 😉

  17. Proper Government is only obtained by selecting the correct needs of a State or Nation, satisfying those needs most apt and putting that to a well planned project to benefit the State and its people. Governments must accept that the best method of control is nominal control on its population to encourage maximum response from its citizens and there by maximizing total output for the NATION. This lends to State TAX as well.

  18. Common sense, NO way, the only sense that is common is the very rich are the secret communist, they live off the workers who must live under austerity which is code language for living for less than a living wage, which must that they must subsidize the royal oligarchs…

  19. There are two classes, the 99% worker class, the new serfs and the 1% ultrarich royal class, the labels have changed but the roles remain the same; so communism is when the worker wants a of share the profits and when the royal oligarch want to hide the profits is called capitalism…Or austerity. When the world economy collapsed, the oligarchs in Spain hid the profits in Germany and told the workers to pay up with no bailout>>>a medieval economy…But they call it capitalism that is code language for"let the worker work longer and for less and to bear the blame and the pain of paying back the debt that the bankers incurred….

  20. The reason why the workers can't handle the truth is because they are being lied to, the truth is that they are being robbed and the only solution is to jail the thieves but the thieves are the royal oligarchs, but they don't go by common law, they go by a separate set of rules….

  21. Austerity is a code word used to rob the producer of wealth, the worker and protect the wealth hoarder, oligarchs…

  22. Fascinating to hear how the "Big" government advocates continue to regurgitate the ineffective while now in 2018 we see the positive effects of fair trade practices and economic "deregulation" aka removing entitlements for the rich aka governments and their buddies. Enough of the stealing mobsters…lock them up or let them eat cake!

  23. Why EU want E.Europe to be part of EU for Example Albania, Kosos, Macedonia they are NOT any better shape in the economy wise than was GREECE

  24. America can't help it's own and don't need all Illegal in. Socialism and communism is not the way.

    What America needs is
    Small Government
    Low taxes
    Student loan forgiveness
    Small business
    Create Jobs
    To prevent corruption keep lobbyists out
    $1.40 per dollar? Wow
    Cut down government spending

    The problem in America is Oligarch
    the questions is what a heck George Soros gain from NGO's

    Soros spending all those money hoping to create His New World Order Agenda

  25. For those who haven’t heard, the Pentagon was recently audited…….and it failed. What they found…….21 trillion in unexplainable expenditures. Where did it go? We will never know……..it’s classified. By the way that’s $65,000 for every man woman and child in the U.S.

  26. Really? They had to use an American economist that is unfortunately a typical Friedman ideologue and when confronted with basic complaints about what happens in a marketplace concerning monopolies … complaints that Adam Smith famously talked about as examples, he disagrees? Wha? Breaking up monopolies crushes competition? Wha? What planet is this guy on? Ask New Yorkers what they think about the Telecom giant Comcast and the lack of competition … you will get an earful of reality, rather than this ideologue who wears heavily tinted glasses. Whoops, sorry, the documentary is quite good and brings up the big questions

  27. Who pays taxes in Greece? The EU credit card was extended to poor countries . The fascism of Hitler Mussolini and former Russian countries.

  28. China has 50,000,000 vacant houses. A salary of $10,000 per year and house price $100k with 50% dnt and balance due three years. Now aged economies must import labor Europe China Canada USA

  29. How will brex impact England. 27 countries with credit cards just like USA Clinton gave surplus to the USA now top says no tax on top 1% and only top 19% are middle class in USA. W7 countries what is education level? What is job skill? Will they buy and service electric cars

  30. When Adolf Hitler's Chief of Staff, Adolf Heusinger (The NAZI CHAIRMAN OF NATO) orders the NAZI "Stay-Behind" Terrorists to plant a massive bomb in Bologna Railway Station. (Operation GLADIO See BBC Documentary) A False Flag Explosion that killed dozens and maimed hundreds, then the REAL IDENTITY of The European Union was laid bare. The Founder of The C.I.A. was Major General Reinhard Gehlen, who accepted America's Surrender on the 16th July 1945. (America had no choice it was surrender or Japan got the A-Bomb. Kamikazi Suicide Nuclear Bombers were ready to take off from a new giant U-235 Submarine. launched with Hydrazine Booster Rockets! from a Ramp. ) Hitler's Head of Intelligence and Spy Chief, Maj. Gen. Reinhard Gehlen's task was to establish Hitler's NEW WORLD ORDER. after Hitler's ATOM BOMB TEST was a complete success. The Manhattan Project Spy, Fuschs, had sabotaged the project by shifting a decimal point. The Day of the Test July 15th the fissile core was far too big… But Germany had intercepted Fuchs' communications to Russia. and built replica bombs. Major General Reinhard Gehlen worked for Martin Bormann, who was in league with Allen Dulles. Together they plotted the Architecture of The European Union. The NAZI Fuhrer's pet project. The First Bilderberg Conference set out the groundwork. Daily Telegraph Senior Foreign Correspondent fills out the Details of The Enslavement of Europe to the C.I.a. & Nazi Overlords dictating Policy from Langley, Washington here:- https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/1356047/Euro-federalists-financed-by-US-spy-chiefs.html

  31. Got to love this video if you're one of the 1% who owns all the wealth they're constantly saying everyone needs. You'd think they don't exist.

  32. I always wondered why dictators made it one of their priorities to kill intellectuals, clergy and competitors. I think I understand now.

  33. It is correct, a lot of our politicians are financial illiterates but so are the people that have much to say about government spending and debt in this report. During the Obama Admin. public debt went down. The bank's private debt made our "debt problem" worse. A sovereign country that prints its own currency can never go bankrupt. They won't go down like Europe because Europe has a totally different financial foundation.

  34. It is not the stock market that is the immediate concern for people generally. It is the banking system, particularly the banks in the EU. A light is thrown onto our days in Bible prophecy. It concerns a time when a banking systems meltdown causes the loss of a currency: the Euro. Ezekiel 7: 19. We see here they are throwing their worthless Euros into the streets; and famine arrives in the EU. There are other factors here. For example the storm in the banks in the EU such as Italy's insolvency issues; and the problems of Commerzbank and Deutsche bank in Germany. There is also the matter of the Gilets Jaunes movement that has appeared in France, and immediately spread to other EU countries. So this is France burning itself down; contracting its GDP, pruning off its tourism, introducing disorders, and placing stress on the banks there.
    The loss of the Euro mean 25 countries and municipalities all bankrupt at one time when the Scripture- revealed loss of the Euro occurs. And yet some of these countries are threatening Russia with nukes. So prophecy also shows a war breaking out between the EU and Russia, at a time the EU is in famine, and the details of what happens even included what happens in the case of Christendom at this time.
    The banking systems meltdown will move throughout the world, and have more devastating effects on other places. For example, Australia will be exposed to the loss of its currency. But many currencies are under exposure right now.
    This is not the only war to appear at this time. Another war between the US, allies and Iran also breaks out, and many details of this war are also available. So this can be summarised as so: WARS = FINANCIAL MELTDOWN = END OF SYSTEM.
    That is why prophecy also contains a lot of information about the Kingdom arriving after these things, and the Leader we well know: Christ the King. There is a lot of information to people how to survive the disasters and arrive safely into God's Kingdom, having been saved as a faithful person Rev 7: 9,14 Rev 11: 15, 18.
    So the prophecies have a real purpose, and they are about SURVIVAL.
    The beginning of this is the crash in the Euro, due to the banking system meltdown in the EU. That is why I point out that the stock markets are not the important place to look right now.

  35. Eight families control half the worlds wealth allowing no competition and making the public pay for any risks that don’t play out in their favour. Now there is a complete monopoly that no one is allowed to Ali about.

  36. Fantastic video. If only this knowledge was in everyones' head. I am from the UK which is in a similar state of solvency as Greece, the wider EU and the US. The politicians spend more than than the Tax base in order to buy votes, resulting in deficits that future generations will pay (or not). The people here think the government should run everything and spend spend spend. They do not every think how its going to be paid for. I often hear ' but we are a wealthy nation we should spend on this and that and the other'. They have no clue on how this crap is paid for. (It is bought on the credit card for someone else, in the future, to pay off). We debate on how people are irresponsible, not providing on their future yet savers are screwed with low interest rates and tax on savings and a cap on pension savings. The max pension pot is £1.1 million which sounds massive to the average saver, yet this pot will only provide an annuity of about 30k per year, guaranteeing a poor retirement.

    The government should (but never will) reduce its size, guarantee the rule of law, provide safety, and get the hell out of everything else.

  37. Economics is one thing, but other big thing is MENTALITY and culture of work and spending. Hope EU fall apart soon. Greetings from Finland!

  38. Europe needs to take care of its own crisis and America will handle his own issue as there is no crisis in the U.S.A. The big issue in the EU is a lot of Rich people stilling from the working class and the RICH just get RICHER.

  39. Caused by the collusion of the financial sector and governments creating more debt, more corruption.a country in debt with the private banking sector is doomed.

  40. Ask two economists and you get five different opinions. The smart people who got us in that mess offering solutions.
    Of all places they had to convene in Malmö.

  41. The fiscal budget deficit prevailed by some EU nations is a result of austerity measures that fail to invest in the economy of developing nations to spur economic development instead these economic reforms siphon resources from emerging markets to more developed nations which results in fiscal deficit.

  42. Austerity is an antithesis for healthy economy. A healthy economy is all about flow of production satisfying all different needs. If the flow decreases, so the economy.

    If someone is willing to receive our currentcy for services and goods, we have worth. If everyone refuses to accept our currentcy whatever it is, we have no worth even if our currentcy are goods and services.

    This is one reason countries without resources can afford to substain high standards of living for citizens who barely work.

    Some do the slavery work and barely can survive while others had quality living.

    Now, we all should be aware of the fundamental changes in the economy because human power may not be any longer an access. We won't be able to rent ourselves in order to make a living.

    This is big, and can happen very soon.

    There are two options, become self sufficient and live a frugal life or become part of the new world order. Hopefully, the new Powers would allow us to take the first choice if we want.

  43. The Ecb agrees that a common debt market should be created in Europe there are many memeber states that are not even on the same side of political spectrum that support a single tax system the issue is to agree on that , the other issue on the EU is the time that it takes to implement policies on local governments , some EU directives can take 15 years to be fully implemented that is crazy stuff

  44. 35:00 the whole usa is financially illiterate. higher taxes & less spending? yikes! greedy, stupid and short sighted voter will always go for 'more stuff and lower taxes'. no concern or knowledge of debt whatsoever.

  45. Its ok… detroit died, we got used to being a 3rd world… sweden will get used to being a 3rd world too

  46. Isn't it funny how the problem always ends up being too much lending? I not only don't borrow, but I refuse to invest in companies that have more than 20% debt-equity ratios.

  47. The real issue is that no one is taught in school what money is and where it comes from. If the general public understood this the financial problem that the world faces could be solved over night or at least very quickly. Man has been made into a slave of the monetary system. The solution is to forgive all debt and credit the lenders. Then with the lifting of the weight of debt from the people, the people can begin to save money, the people could begin to spend and rebuild the system. It is that simple. Otherwise the World is facing the greatest catastrophe in human history. However regulations will have to be put into place to prevent the problem reoccurring.

  48. Greece has caused many of its own problems, but I will say one thing that makes me feel some sympathy for them. Greece being a much weaker economy is being hindered by the disproportionately high value of the Euro. There are similar problems in other large single currency regions, even the United States. Although the problem is much worse in the EU in particular, because the disparities are greater. The solutions these radical parties propose, are of course absurd. They will learn the hard way if they continue down that path.

  49. Man asked "how does google hurt people?" Look up "Surveillance Capitalism". From poaching unkowing Americas data to providing govt death squads data for silencing dissent, they have made billions from that little seed money the CIA gave them. Who doesnt love YouTube and Google? Trader!

  50. Nations should be ran like a person runs a healthy home. You stay out of debt and you save your money.

  51. Whats wrong with simple solutions for simple problems?

    ECB and banksters lended exorbitant amount of money to a rotten gvt. Why should people pay for it? People cant stop politicians destroyng economy therefore people are not responsible.

    Default on the debt. Let the banks and foreign gvts absorb the financial losses.

  52. It is the system of false money that creates the ’economic cycle’. Money masters have the power to create this cycle. Every cycle we see middle class getting poorer and the financial class richer…

  53. This is why we need brexit , we can’t trust the European Union mafia , they’re so cocked they put the mafia to shame

  54. The system needs to change. Allowing our banking institutions to create trillions out of thin air that they lend enslaves everyone with interest charges on money the banks don't even have. That's where the root of the problem is. Continuing on this path of exponential debt growth will cause world markets to collapse. Pray for change, then prepare for the worst.

  55. The Question presented at: 36:24 is hilarious in 2019. Greece socialism, the EU socialism, commiefornia more socialism… And even in the face of the obvious results of what more socialism to the economic standings of the state is going to Garner, these fools keep an optimistic smile thinking that more socialism is a good thing…
    It's almost like these people are reality challenged.

  56. Fed up with the attention Greece has been getting from the western media. Did any one gives a dam about countries around Greece? They will never learn as long as they carry on milking eu.

  57. Economy can not grow continuously in a planet with finite resources. Growth can be only financial, virtual. Stop promoting the growth lie. The universal production of known goods, on which current financial system is built should downsize, the production should be diversified and mainly for local consumption (making economies smaller and more agile). Production and consumption of goods can not be valued universally because it lacks the inherent value that a certain good has in it's place of origin.

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