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Everything You Know About Meth Addiction is Wrong

– I used to be normal, and then I tried meth once, just once. And meth, it’s like the end
of Raider’s of the Lost Ark but worse. Your skin turns into a rotting tortilla and your teeth fall out, and no one will ever love you again, and just, like, bleed
from everywhere, and– – Yeah, not quite. – My name’s Jessica and this is Oscar. We were both meth addicts. – The real-life kind. – And we’d like to
explain some of the things everyone gets wrong about
methamphetamine use. So, let’s take a trip back in time and mention that at the
height of our addictions, we looked pretty much the same. – Uh, actually, I was a bit fatter. (soft pop) Cool.
(quiet pop) – We also both held down full-time jobs, which isn’t unusual, most meth addicts do. Odds are, if you work
with a hundred people, you know three meth addicts. It’s easy to find online forums populated by working mothers who use the drug to give themselves energy
to get through the day. See, kids eliminate the
opportunity for sleep, and meth eliminates the need for sleep. Kids and meth, a match made in heaven. – There’s gotta be a
better way to put that. Needless to say, meth is not
a great long-term strategy, but long-term strategy isn’t always on an over-worked parent’s mind. I worked in mental health. People would always tell me that I couldn’t understand addiction because I wasn’t the type of person who could ever get addicted to something. Which actually points to the problem. Remember those excessive
anti-drug ads we mentioned? They all send the message that meth users are disgusting freaks. – Doing meth is worse than
being in a car accident. – Doing meth will put you
in an abusive relationship. – Even drug users buy into it. The first time I saw my
boyfriend using meth, I was furious because, even though I was using
heroine at the time, he disgusted me. I know what you’re thinking,
though, and don’t worry. We stayed together. – The problem is that, in addition to making the drugs scary, those ads make the users scary. – [TV Character] Stop!
I’ll kill you! – And that stigma discourages them from getting proper treatment. After I shot meth into my penis, and needed to go to the hospital because of the first
part of that sentence, I felt too ashamed to admit what drug I had shot into my wang, and said, “It was cocaine!” Which, we all know, is the
dick-drug of classy gentlemen. – A lot of people use meth
because it gives them confidence, and makes socializing easier, so meth users tend to be
people who are insecure about how others see them, so telling a meth user that
they look like Freddy Krueger with a skin rash doesn’t
exactly instill the confidence and self-love needed
to shake an addiction. One of the weirder side effects of meth is that it gives anti-psychotic
meds street value, because after a long night of being spun, we will take these to force
ourselves to come down and go to sleep. These drugs can give you
diabetes or heart problems, or other things, too, probably. Medicine’s weird but
we need them to sleep. And not even because we’re
too busy doing stuff. A lot of meth energy is paradoxically being totally wired and super lazy. – While I originally used to crystal to treat my social anxiety, my addiction slowly evolved
into me getting spun with my buddies and then sitting in my bedroom
all weekend watching porn. I barely went out or did anything. Eventually, I did happen
to hook up with this guy, but I was so out of shape
that, a few minutes in, I was drenched in sweat and had to stop. (heavy breathing) I, uh, have a heart condition. But, for the most part,
meth is a very social drug. Getting clean meant
giving up relationships with a lot of the users
who I also considered to be my friends. It’s not always easy to
draw a line in your life between good people and toxic junkies. It’s actually possible
to really love someone who’s killing you. – Which brings us to, uh, this part. (tape whirring) – Oscar and Jessica aren’t our real names, but we’re based on real people. The real Oscar continues to struggle with his addiction to this day. He was clean when we met him but then just happened to relapse while we were writing the script. – The real Jessica had only
been clean for a few months when she got in touch with
Cracked to share her story, then she stopped answering
her phone and e-mails. We don’t know what happened to her. – Oscar’s other friends, my sober friends, were stoked when he stopped using and started spending time with them again. He was able to become his old self again. Recovery is always possible. – We know Jessica’s friends
would have felt the same way and everyone here just
hopes she’s alright.

100 thoughts on “Everything You Know About Meth Addiction is Wrong

  1. They probably have ADHD that’s why they probably don’t get addicted to it, I’ve known people that smoke meth and can still function and sleep and all that

  2. So Meth is not as bad as it seems, AND THEN both people you wrote this story about are back on meth…. Meaning?…. ummmmmmmmmmmm………….

  3. I've tried meth, crack, cocaïne marijuana. And I never got addicted to anything. What's most addictive is alcohol because its sold in stores and it's still legal.

  4. Meth users are very fuckn scary simply because they’ve been up with no sleep for days/ weeks and are very very unpredictable and paranoid. Plus they don’t give a fuck about themselves as they once did.

  5. So… while a lot of what you said is true, this clip isn't completely accurate & I'm beginning to get the distinct feeling that this is more about you guys having a laugh, than actually helping anyone.

  6. Meth was just one of many succesful plans by the government and maybe some secret organization of some kind to keep us busy and it work really well bcause now people still gonna use drugs the bad way despite knowing tht using it the wrong way is bad while the non drug users , (not all but some) glorify themselves for not doing drugs and just blaming Meth and hating it hate other drugs too eventho it was made in a lab by our own spesis . We have really evolved

  7. One real fact about meth use, everyone had the choice in the beginning, they made the choice no excuses, I have no sympathy for meth addicts.

  8. I never been BIG into drugs, but I fuck wit psychedelics and shit. My boy once took me to his dudes house and I was drunk af when I got there. His friend asked if I wanted a dab but he actually gave me a hit of meth.

  9. You are low key glorifying this. I currently have a neighbor who does this and is getting worse. She terrorizes the neighbors & saying she hears people in my apartment all the time. I hear her threatening people to herself in our complex. It's gotten so bad right in this moment I hear her talking about guns and hurting people ..I no longer feel comfortable leaving or running into her when she's all tweaked out which seems to be all the time. She will be kicked out soon as numerous of us have complained, cops have been here but I still hear her pretty much everyday. Do I feel bad, sure. People react differently to substances & meth is nothing to fuck around with. It affects not only the individual but also those around them ..

  10. Everything you know about meth is a lie. Because we interviewed two people, and they said it wasn't that bad. But then they disappeared. But it's still 100% true that everything we know about meth is a lie because they told us.

  11. Meth is a pill.. read a science book from the 80's crystal i would not give that name. I would just say the shape of the Crystal is Good so its not bad…and when i smoke ice i can sleep without extra drugs, i did it around 11months straight. This video is a bullshit lie. Enless you come at this at a scientific logical point of view you idiots will never understand the true power of the human mind…i never inject that is a line i dont cross…i have all my teeth, my skin isnt fucked up, i have acne from when i was a kid but i have 0 side effects negitve, i actually have permanently increased my intelligence and have been able to keep all the powers i gained. For the first time i have grown out of my autistic mind filled with ADHD AND SKITZO EFFECTIVE, i have effectively killed my mental illness with ice,thc,cbd, and coffee and lots of fruits and vegies and lots of reading and watching youtube…i have grown to the point of more or less the smartest person on the planet and before i did nature i was a stupid pothead with big dreams but now i can actually see how to build amd and explane everything and all forms of technology and litterly every secret on the planet…when i was a kid i was born without filters in my eyes which allowed me to see the fundamental building blocks of the universe which is in a HEXAGONAL PATTERN. for years i searched for answers about why i saw what i saw, now i know it is because i am God. Call me crazy call me what you need to to help yourself sleep at night, otherwise Daddys home and hes pissed off.

  12. Meth does cause you to act crazy with a meth face like in those ads, I've seen it first hand. Don't listen to cracked, listen to science.

  13. Fuck this video. You realize how many 14 y.o.s are gonna watch this until the last 10 seconds and go, "see?!? Meth is cool!!"?!?!?!!


  14. This video is TOTAL BULLSHIT. DON’T listen to a “drug counselor” to learn about this shit. I was a paramedic for 10 years, and have been a registered respiratory therapist for the past 18 years.
    I will tell you straight-up that heroin and meth are the two WORST SCOURGES on young people in the entire country.
    YES, METH WILL ROT YOUR TEETH, and surprisingly FAST, too. I’ve known several young girls (actually quite a few), but several who became NOTABLE horror shows because of that vile poison.
    One incredibly sweet young nursing student I knew– an exceptionally beautiful 18-year-old, blonde-haired, blue-eyed dream girl– got “turned-on” to meth by a boyfriend (some friend)— and her destruction is mapped by the 26 sequential mug shots from the county lock-up over the next 4 years (YES– arrested 26 times in 4 years for everything from drug possession, to shoplifting, theft, forgery, DUI, assault with a dangerous weapon, breaking and entering, and worst of all, PROSTITUTION, 4 times!
    In the 26th photo (and counting, no doubt), she looks FIFTY years old, NO exaggeration. She’s 22!
    If I was her Dad, I’d go kill the idiot who gave that crap to her. I’m glad I don’t know who he is, because I’d be tempted…
    I took care of another 19-year-old girl in the ICU after her open-heart surgery, who weighed about 80 lbs (yes, not even 40 kg)— Same story, she started using meth, and after a few months when it wasn’t quite giving her the same ‘kick’ anymore, some “friend” shared with her the ‘good news’ that she could inject it… Of course, the TV warned them not to share needles, but a lot of kids didn’t think it was important to NOT RE-USE THEIR OWN needles— “Hey, it’s just my own germs, right?”
    True, but even “your own” germs don’t belong inside your veins…
    So this little 19-year-old injected herself only a couple of times, and gave herself a severe bacterial endocarditis, which then spread to her lungs, creating what are called “septic emboli.” She required emergency open-heart surgery, in which her right atrium was laid open so all the infection could be scraped off the inner walls– her tricuspid valve had to be cut out and replaced with a pig valve (she’ll have to take anti-rejection drugs the rest of her life)– but during that procedure, they ‘nicked’ the “sino-atrial” (SA) node, which generates the electrical discharge that causes the atria to contract, then triggers the “atrio-ventricular” (AV) node to cause the ventricles to contract.
    As a result, she went into a permanent “junctional rhythm,” beating only about 40 times a minute, which required installation of a pacemaker… at 19.
    Her heart will beat 80 times a minute for the rest of her life, no matter what she’s doing.
    AND, the septic emboli created “bullae” to form in her lungs, which are big holes that will fill with sputum, and cause her to have frequent pneumonia’s for the rest of her miserable life.
    So I hope these two stories (100% TRUE) help to fill in some of the blanks left by these “Aw, meth & heroin aren’t so bad!” narrators, because they make it sound like you could go ahead and give it a whirl, to see if maybe YOU might like it…
    DON’T!! DO NOT!! They are EXTREMELY addictive drugs, and the odds are TERRIBLY against you. NOTHING those drugs can do is worth the potential risk of ending up like either of these girls, or of the many guys who suffered similar fates.

  15. This is the second video where a dude was like "did meth, then gay shit" and it wasn't advertised in the title.
    I'm starting to think meth makes you gay.

  16. There are many stigmas out there fed by the media. For example many people who suffer schizophrenia live normal lives like the rest of us. They take their medication like a diabetic or person with heart problem does and never hears voices telling them to butcher the dog the murder their parents.

  17. Try me fucking guys , i know everything about drugs and more about meth and i'm adicted to it , so we Will see who knows more

  18. Alcohol is the worst drug. It’s readily available, socially acceptable and legal and kills more people than any other drug.

  19. I’ve used Meth for thirty years.Ive never lost a job,or a tooth,or anything.Am I an anomaly?Im even still pretty,at 64.WTF?My life is fine…

  20. Remember it is available by prescription as Desoxyn and has helped many people with their moods, energy, and other health problems such as weight.

  21. Used to pop Vicodin and Darvocet constantly now that I can no longer get them everything hurts constantly and even though I have died of a drug overdose no doctors will prescribe me painkillers which fucking sucks

  22. Oh boohoo drug addicts feel victimized for being a burden on their family! This shit isn't normal. 100% agree that they still deserve help and love but the more this shit doesn't get normalized the better. All parents need to educate their teen kids on matter of drug abuse, sexual health and peer pressure. "Recreational" drugs are still a huge no no.

  23. That first girl with the melting face, believe that shit. Don’t listen to the meth users that couldn’t finish making this video.

  24. This isn't funny, it is just a lecture about how it is everyone else's responsibility to make sure meth addicts don't feel bad about wasting their lives as meth addicts. Sure, just a working mom trying to get through the day, addicted to meth. No reason that should affect her self esteem.

  25. Going on 2 weeks clean after a 4 month binge. And my body shakes, I over sleep and over eat now. My anxiety levels are out the roof. I'm severely depressed. Cut ties with my user friends who seemed like my only friends. I isolate myself from my family and stay in my room all day. I haven't worked in a few weeks and yet to find another job. My advice is don't try it not even once. First time I snorted and I instantly craved more. Started smoking Meth. But never injection. It hurts my soul because I know one day I will wake up and go buy some, kinda hard to quit when everyone tries selling me some everyday. Isolation Is my only option. Im hoping for better days

  26. This isnt every meth user BUT it is a lot of meth users. You just can't tell as fast as you can with a stereotypical "Tweaker"

  27. What kind of irresponsible shit is this? I used to be a heroin and coke/ crack addict and even I would baulk at the idea of taking meth in case I liked it.

  28. This is a bunch of bulls**t. Take the propaganda of 2 ppl and ignore the thousands of crazy drug addicts on the streets of LA.

  29. So let the meth disinformation STAND. It might keep someone from trying it. This video is definitely not a good move.🤨

  30. First, meth does make people look like they're out of a horror movie. Second, meth does make people act like they're straight out of a horror movie. Third, this "cartoon" fails to explain how, when, where and why anyone would think it's "okay" to take a scary drug like meth. The fact that anyone would even try it, particularly after having heard the horror stories, give some very specific clues about that person: they're irresponsible, they're likely to do anything, they don't think of the future, they love to experiment (even if there are huge risks). Irresponsibility comes to mind.

  31. I do meth! I still sleep every day I stop smoking before bed time (duh) to have time to wind down. And it helps me work out and not want to eat junk food and I literally get depressed and lazy without it. Get over it . I lost most of my friends when I decided they would still love me if I told them the truth. After all we were friends for years. I was wrong. And I'm not the devil . It's bad for some ppl, they fuck their whole lives up on it. But everyone's different. And its rly frustrating how many ppl "loved " me til I told them I smoked. And how bad they treated the exact same person after finding out. I dnt feel like it determines the true person. And I dont take downers to go to bed. Its called selfcontrol. . I have all my teeth. I dont have sores everywhere , and I smoked while I had more friends I just was too scared to tell them the truth.

  32. Meth puts your dopamine levels to 1500, heroin only puts it to about 4-500. Sex is 200. They need to solidify it in people's minds that it's not like heroin or other hard drugs you can try once and usually be able to not do it anymore and forget about it. A lot of people try meth once and love it immediately and will tell themselves they want it forever and never want to not feel that way.

    Seen many friends ruin their lives. I think i Had a friend break in my house the other day because he was withdrawing. People will do awful things to people (kids adults elderly, they don't discriminate) that they know and love, just to be High for the day

  33. I have ADHD and alcoholism. It's a fight to get my adderall prescription because it's an amphetamine and I have an addictive personality, but I always under-use my prescriptions because I fear addiction, and take days or weeks off.

    I got a new doctor who understood, and has made my life a bit easier.

    I can't imagine how amphetamines work for other people. For me, even a really high dose just makes me more focused and less confused. I use the bare minimum, because I don't like feeling wired. I just want to feel normal.

  34. Having a channel name like cracked and then talking about drugs am I the only one seeing this. doesn’t help your case against drugs very much does it

  35. This is not true. My mother is a longtime addict and she is NUTS. She tries to fight everything and thinks everybody is trying to sleep with her girlfriend and dealers. Including me and my girlfriend…at the same time.

  36. I did meth one time years ago, the guy told me it was something else super mild and I was so clueless I had no idea what it looked like, honestly it was the worst 3 days of my life, it was like I couldn’t stop my legs from moving and there was something really soothing and hypnotic about the rolling motion of walking, I also couldn’t stop licking my lips but I couldn’t eat or drink anything because everything tasted like ash and I didn’t want to sleep, I had to call my work and say I had the flu and I couldn’t go home because I knew my family would be able to tell something was wrong with me so I basically just walked around for 3 days by myself in the city (could have been a very dangerous situation for a young woman alone and half incapacitated) until I was finally able to come down and even after that I felt like someone had hit me with a truck for the next week… I will literally never do any type of drugs again.

  37. Im 17 . haven't tasted alcohol ,smoked cigarettes,….but i have a question …can someone explain weed and will i get addicted if i try it once cause i want to once in my life

  38. I liked this video because it’s accurate to say that a lot of “normal” people use hard drugs like meth or heroine. You can keep up the act of a normal life while in active addiction….. until you can’t anymore. And it’s only a matter of time until you can’t keep up with your job, responsibilities, relationships, mental, and physical health. As an ex addict and the daughter of an addict, you have to stop while you’re ahead, chronic use of a hard drug or “addiction” never ends well and will effect you negatively.

  39. You all are skewed big time doing meth. This is the stupidest vid I've seen about meth. Crack heads, meth heads, and heroine addict please stop being crazy idiots.

  40. It’s sad to see our people getting drowned in a pool of drugs trying to find a solution to their problems it’s so sad 😞 blessings to everyone is addicted to them and hopefully they find a way to recovery very soon please don’t give up there’s always an exit to a better place and lifestyle

  41. Speed makes me horny af. I could watch porn and wank of +12 hours. I would even puke at bed and not give af and just keep wanking off. It has given me aggressive behaviour even sober. Nasty drug so i’ll never even try meth. Just stick to weed.

  42. Yah…okay…”I worked full time and was a meth addict”. Nope sorry. I don’t believe you for even a second. You may have been a “social user” but you definitely weren’t a full on “meth addict”. An addict uses several times a day and there’s zero way they can hold down full time jobs. They can start off as “social users” with full time jobs, but that does not last long. And it’s certainly NOT a social drug! Even the words “social user” is a misnomer. As my ex would say: “it started off as a party, but that only lasted a few weeks”. There might be others around when they buy the drug but it’s a loner drug. This video was way off. My ex was a full blown addict, I saw the stages of his addiction till the point where he ended up in prison (long after we broke up). It’s a crappy drug and it’s even worse what it does to your loved ones. Like I told him years ago- there’s no such thing as a 90 year old meth addict. You either die or get sober so do yourself a favor and take your pick earlier in life while you still have a chance.

  43. I think this video has some truth to it. I was an addict for around 5 years. Besides my dealer and 2 close friends I was using with no one had a clue I was using. I was a daily user. I didn’t pick at my face or have any paranoia that the cops were outside my door. There are functioning addicts that you never would even think were on it. After about 4 years I started to see a change in my motivation and became really lazy instead of getting stuff done like how I normally did. I isolated myself from people for about a year before I got the help I needed and stopped using. It’s hard to break the addiction. But it can be done if you truly want better for yourself. No one can help you until you decide to make the choice to help yourself.

  44. This was an amazing story, I truly hope the couple have been able to find what it is that allows them to choose life over using. The struggle is very very real and the stereotypes on drugs particularly ice are just terrible and so very wrong. Trouble is the people that should see this will never see it, not because they do not want to but because that is how the world is. Nearly 3 years of my life was dedicated to using meth while living a rather great life until it eventually cost the relationship I spent years building. 11 months ( 1 year on Nov. 21 ) free and clean from my own battle. Theirs always a way, theirs always a will that is much more powerful than addiction. It isn't easy to find nor do once found. But the struggle does not have to last a lifetime, theirs always light at the end of the tunnel, it may not be much light but it is light none the less. When you are ready, we and the rest of the world are waiting for you. You can beat this, I promise. God Bless you all caught in the struggle and to all those that have made it out. Either way, I'm proud of you. Don't ever quit.

  45. Most meth addicts don't have jobs though i used to do it and every single one of them i met which was ALOT all in the same county not one had a job

  46. I had more trouble giving up the lifestyle than the drug. I was living in Hollywood. Nice apartment. New Audi. Tons of friend/ clients. Pocket full of money. Beautiful women. But I was destroying myself and my family, especially my mom,were disappointed and afraid for me. I left LA and gave it all up. Meth free since August 7th 2007.

  47. I was a meth addict. It was fun at first. I lost a lot of weight. Not only that i was angry all the time when i wasnt on it. And even when i was on it i needed more because i would still be angry. And my skin did start to break apart. That shit is evil. That's from Pure experience myself, my girlfriend and my children saved my life. meth is evil.


  49. I have weird brain and get no kicks from alcohol. and dang. weeds are illegal and very expensive in here. i need to put my bpd in tamed

  50. This is shit of bull. There's NOTHING funny about meth. They are inadvertently or purposely advocating meth use in a satirical manner here. Bad video.

  51. I tried it once and High School didn't smoke that I sniffed it burnt like hell felt like thousands of shards of glass going through my nose and into my brain but once it hit wow I felt phenomenal I was up for a whole 75 hours straight no I was in high school and this was around the summertime and I had day summer school and night school I had three classes during the day and 2 at night and I didn't miss one day actually all my friends thought I was cool cuz I was finally able to hang out with everybody usually I was the first one to go to bed cuz I was tired they just thought all my naps finally got stored up like a battery and I was able to run for those three days I loved it but being that I love this so much I knew with them myself I could no longer do it because it will become an addiction if that's the feeling the euphoric feeling they gave me I knew it was dangerous so I haven't touched it still and now is about 17 years ago

  52. You're ridiculous you said meth is disgusting but you're smacking heroin in your arms EWW. THE DISEASES THAT COMES FROM THAT 1. I'LL TAKE A METH HEAD ANY DAY OVER A DOPE FIEND( HERIONE JUNKY)

  53. When I did it was great actually I'm surprised I didn't die cuz while I was on my 75 hour break night binge I drank I smoked bud popped Xtsy AND IDK ABOUT YU 2 BUT SEX WAS AWESOME FOR ME ON IT MAYBE BECAUSE MY THEN BOYFRIEND( kids father) had no idea i was on it. But i didctell 2 friends ( they was with me) just in case something went wrong. Thnk gd nothin happened but i new i liked that feeling WAAAAY TO MUCH. So it had to go

  54. WTF is this? Sorry have seen plenty of wasted toxic junkies. Lives destroyed and this video suggests it’s no big deal doing meth?

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