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Exercises For Posture Correction To Improve Posture and Forward Head Carriage – Three Winged Friends

I’m Dr. Sten Ekberg and I’ll talk to you a little bit about spinal hygiene. These are some very simple postural exercises that can do a world of good. We will keep it really simple you can look at more
exercises somewhere I’m sure, but we’ll just talk about three Those are the three winged friends. We will call them the eagle, the hummingbird, and the butterfly. So for the eagle you place your feet over shoulder width apart you get yourself a nice grounded stance you tighten your legs a little bit
you tighten your tummy brace your abdominals a little bit tighten you butt and then you stand up straight and let your arms rise straight out to
the side stretch way out through the fingertips as if you are being pulled apart turn your palms up and then slowly bring your hands all the way up when you reach the top you grab your fingers turn the hands over and stretched up and back without arching your back Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale as you stretched through
the finger tips [pause] and that’s one repetition of the eagle. easy to remember big wingspan do two or three of those and
that’s enough Next one is called the hummingbird this one you can do it two ways. If your
tight for space you bend your arms like this ninety-degree straight up If you had plenty of space you can also
do it like this straight out. then you pushed back so that you squeeze your shoulder blades
together and you make a few tiny little circles I usually use just make five or ten one way
and then I turn around and make five or ten more And then relax
drop your arms and you can feel already how your posture is better
how you get that nice flow your shoulders if you want to do it with the arms bent it’s the same principle move your shoulder blades together make little circles a few back a few forward and relax Lastly we will do what’s called the butterfly
very very simple Put your hands behind your neck and then open up your arms wide your elbows wide and push your head straight back [pause] hold that for eight to ten seconds and relax what’s important about the the last one I’ll show you from the side is that when you push your head back don’t push so that you look up push your head straight back into the hands And that is all. I would highly recommend
you do this. It takes one to two minutes depending on how many you do you do them at least twice a day but the more you do them the better.
Put them in every time you’ve been sitting for more
than thirty minutes get up do a few stretches you can even do
a lot of these sitting. Thank you very much

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  1. Here to show our support sir. We liked, watched, commented and became more informed. I would also recommend stretching before any sort of physical activity (light, moderate, intense, etc.) as well. Thanks for your support.

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