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FAT: a documentary | Official Trailer HD | 2019

my name is Vinnie Tortorich and I’ve
been in a health and fitness game for the better part of 40 years over the
years I’ve seen everything come and go at least a hundred times yeah there’s a
country we’ve only gotten fatter 1968 Senator McGovern decided to study what
the best diet would be not only for the United States but something that the
whole world commits some of the smartest scientists call this a huge experiment
in which the American public were the subjects in their recommendation for
moderate fat beating plenty of fruits and vegetables and whole grain products
low cholesterol no cholesterol lowers cholesterol that bad fat low-fat nonfat
myths have become ingrained in our society far too strongly for people to
realize their myths and I realized there was this incredible story that we had
gotten it pretty much completely upside down and backwards on fat you I think
the government was complicit and causing this problem yes do I think they meant
to do it absolutely not I mean imagine the press release you would have to
write dear American public we’re sorry if we killed loved ones if your parents
and maybe we’re killing you but in retrospect we shouldn’t have given the
advice we did I have read it in my report and will plead again orally here
for more research on the problem before we make an offer to the American public
in a curious situation where I’m just reminding people of something that we’ve
known for 150 years why are these nutrition
scientists just not more curious about other ideas I was at a conference
recently where we talked about a low-carb study where they reversed the
diagnosis of diabetes did you hear that that was 60% reversal of diabetes should
that not be headline news and should you not be curious people attach themselves
to one particular approach to diet and it develops into an identity there are
powerful forces at work in our medical system that have nothing to do with good
health if you think it’s up to government you’re wrong if you think
it’s up to industry you’re wrong it’s up to you and if you’re gonna make a change
and start now there’s no time better than right now to get your life in order

100 thoughts on “FAT: a documentary | Official Trailer HD | 2019

  1. Don't look too far to find a good diet. Just eat whole foods as they can be found in nature. Not processed foods. Think whole milk, whole grain bread, fresh vegetables and fruit, drinking water, have some exercise. A hundred years ago there were barely any fat people in this world because there was no food industry and people worked very hard.

  2. Low-carb is the way to go. Keto with IF helped me lose the extra 30 lbs. I was carrying and now I'm in the lean category. As a woman past the age of 50, there was literally nothing else that worked. I look younger now and am in better shape than most women. I have zero health problems. It's a great lifestyle once people mentally overcome all the myths they've been told. NSNG

  3. The government may back away slowly from some other bad ideas but they’ll never do a reversal. Could you imagine the class action lawsuits by over 100 million people and that’s just in this country.

  4. I am down 87 pounds and 15 inches off my waistline on NSNG! My starting body fat percentage was 36%. Now it is 13%. My high cholesterol and high blood pressure are now in the optimal range. I don't count calories, I just don't eat sugar, grains, or processed foods. I do eat lots of eggs, bacon, red meat, and non starchy vegetables. Thank you so much Vinnie!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAH WHAT A CROCK A SHIIIEEEETTT. ONE MAJOR PROBLEM, when u say it becuase we reconmended the a low fat diet and now people are fat. its not because the science was wrong its BECAUSE NO ONE FOLLOWED IT. becuase those who did follow it are in loma linda and there the longest healthiest people in the world according to world health organisation.

    Calling this a crock before it even hits. vinnie just out here to spread more BS. come on mate.

    and that lady who said she was at a conference where a low car study reversed type 2 diabetes, there soo many factors there mate starving your self lowering your calories intake over a period can reverse your type 2. Please read Dr Neal Barnard the only one ive seen who has by published clinical studies reverse type 2 diabetes.

  6. Who knew that FAT is really good for you. I grew up with anti-FAT in my diet. I paid attention to other things like calories and tried to eat as low fat as possible. This documentary is going to help all of us understand that we need fat. The trailer is just a tiny sneak peak and I cannot wait to see the entire documentary! #GoFATdoc! #NSNG #FATdoc

  7. Nobody ever went low fat. They went high calorie, high sugar, high fat, high salt all in combination. What everybody did not do is go high fibre

  8. Mrs x goes to the doctor to get her cholesterol results.
    Doctor.. "arh Mrs x I am afraid your cholesterol is a bit high I'm going to put you on a statin.
    Mrs x.." why doctor "
    Doctor… Because it will lower you cholesterol and you have less chance of having a stroke or heart attack and that should allow you to live longer "
    Mrs x…" but I'm 96"
    Doctor… "Take one a day with food"
    True story 😂

  9. I feel like I know a secret about wellness and I want to scream it from the mountaintops. Unfortunately, the general public frowns upon strangers telling them how to eat when they're working themselves to death with exercise and "diet" foods. I cannot wait to share FAT: A Documentary with everyone. These scientists, doctors, journalists and true health and wellness advocates will help give me that voice. The public needs to know how diet changes everything.

  10. As Adolf H is reputed to have said, 'if the lie is big enough and repeated often enough, it will be accepted as fact'. Almost 70 years of our health going into the toilet, it's about time the lie was exposed for what it is, and the truth finally coming out. But it'll be hard as hell to convince younger generations who've been brought up on the lie since the day they were born. "Convince the child and you control the adult for the rest of his life." High time we started convincing the next generations of children how to properly feed themselves.

  11. What? YOUR responsibility to get your ass thin?? OMG! Those screeching victimmongers in the left are going to piss all over this film.

  12. Since I started by cutting out sugars and then going full keto I have cut my incidents of Migraine to none so far, the incidents of Tinittus by about 3/4 or more, bleeding gums stopped entirely, gassy gut improved hugely, energy in the morning and through the day improved massively, joint pain in my knees gone and psoriaisis clearing up fast. I look forward to getting a full physical and seeing how various indicators are sitting because I feel great!

  13. Of the people, by the people, for the people. Vinnie is doing this video with zero help from big business. We the people are supporting it. I am so proud of you Vinnie for gathering the support and putting up your OWN money to make this happen. You are changing the world. I cannot wait to see the video and am proud to be a supporter.

  14. I can't wait for this film to ruffle a lot of feathers and get people talking about the science behind what we put into our bodies. I'm so grateful for what I have learned so far! Keep the info coming!

  15. The dietary recommendations we grew up with (born in the 1950s) are CRIMINAL, pure and simple. It took me a lifetime to find the answers for myself, and it is unbelievable the difference in my health from even five years ago. I buried both parents who succumbed to the low-fat orthodoxy. All the time, we were LIED to. Millions u[pon millions have suffered and died to preserve the status quo in the food industry and government.

  16. I was wondering why it is snowing in outside when he lives in california and this filmed in summer. Either way, can't wait to see the film. 🙂

  17. I am so excited about this documentary ,, I will do whatever i need to do to make sure every person i know sees it . It is going to ROCK the world and I cannot wait .

  18. Speaking of media’s non-curiosity about the link between pasta and diabetes—I’m still waiting for somebody in media to ask why so many kids today have ridiculous food allergies that can kill them? This was unheard of only 30 years ago. What changed in that time?

  19. when is this documentary coming out? looks like a good continuation to The Magic Pill, which we watched yesterday. Would love to know more about this issue with fat good/bad thing.

  20. Who is this Durianrider fool who trolls Vinnie calling him Vinnie Tortorelli? He’s some idiot pushing hippy ideology of eating 30 bananas a day? WTF. He’s using trolling Vinnie to try & push his own agenda or something?

  21. Here is my interview with this film's director: Peter Pardini: http://traffic.libsyn.com/fascinationstreet/FSP._Peter_Pardini.mp3

  22. Vinnie – I am an event planner and want to talk to you about doing a paid presentation at a large health insurance industry conference but do not know how to connect with you…let me know.

  23. I grew up drinking skim milk bc it was “good for u”. But industry had to shove a bunch of sugar in bc it tasted like shit LOL.

  24. This is going to be incredible!! I really hope this gets put on Netflix eventually as well! I truly believe The Magic Pill really opened the minds of some that were so closed. I truly believe this film can have a bigger impact! THANK YOU VINNIE!

  25. I'm guessing you didn't get funding
    from the sugar industry or the processed food industry or the American Heart Association.

  26. I've heard Doug Stanhope talk a lot of justifiable shit about Drew Pinsky, be interesting to hear what he has to say lol

    Also Tortorich looks like that guy from Jackie Brown

  27. Let's get serious: The American Diet was designed to get people on prescription pills and they're succeeding.

  28. This Movie needs a LOVE button !! So looking forward to watching this when it comes out. Will have my zucchini chips ready and my family watching it with me. I have been doing Keto for almost 3 years.

  29. I love nutrition docs! I'm looking forward to this and Game Changers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSpglxHTJVM&t=2s

  30. what the heck is with all that racket in the back ground! Can't here what the guy is saying for Pete's sake. So glad there were closed captions and I could turn the sound down.

  31. At 383 lbs I became a carnivore at the end of May 2019. To date, I've lost 70 lbs and feel better than I ever have. People need to stop believing the lie that fat is the enemy.

  32. Been following the Kid from Bayou Lafourche for 3 years now and boy is he DEAD ON! Sure he"s Spicy BUT Vincenzo as I refer to him is DEAD ON Point! #nsng does Woiiiik as his pops SAI would say with his awesome accent!

  33. As a health & fitness professional since the mid 80s,I had the pleasure of watching your doco just last night. In a world where we are bombarded with so many claims, so called facts and anecdotal evidence of what is right and wrong, I applaud you for producing a thoroughly educating and well researched doco. Im recommending my clients and friends watch this. Well done Vinnie 🙂

  34. As a nurse, I get furious when I see food trays in hospitals for diabetic patients… why are we not looking at this seriously? I watch people go blind and their limbs rot off their bodies because of diabetes. There’s something so terribly wrong going on.

  35. Been doing the ketogenic way of eating since march together with my in laws(seniors) and kids.. And it was perfect!

  36. A documentary based on the story of a guy living with eskimo people that doesn't have any other options for food … Eskimo people have a life spam of 45 years. Enjoy your ketoshit diet 🙂

  37. What about the blue zones where people live the longest with consumed the least amount of meat? We are herbivores, my god, when you people gonna realize that?

  38. Stay away from white carbs, too much glucose is like glue and eventually the body will reject it. This includes pasta and sugar to name a few. Make sure you eat omega 3 fatty acids which is vital for brain function. Omega 3s can be found in walnuts, flaxseeds and eggs. Eat natural fresh fruits and veg. Healthy eating is a way of life. If you must eat meat make it lean meat and not processed. If you completely cut out carbs you will put them back on as soon as you start eating normally again.

  39. There's no way in hell he couldn't believe it was done on purpose knowing what he says he knows. Secondly, no body asked if they did it on purpose (we already know they did). That comment alone makes him suspect.

  40. My grandma, who lived to 98, always said about food "a little bit of this and a little bit of that."
    There are folks who have sensitivities to many different foods, major medical , hereditary or psychological issues and Lord knows what else. But for most folks, Grandma had it right.

  41. I’m confused. Can you help me. The documentary says that grains is bad. I looked up what are grains and some foods come up that I want to make sure are bad because even Paul and Patricia Bragg say they are good. Like popcorn, brown rice, wheat germ, spelt oatmeal…

  42. The problem lies with people. As a whole we are not willing to do the things we need to do to get healthy. This is why Doctors have become nothing more than medicine dispensers. Years ago a doctor would tell you to eat better, to lose weight, to exercise. The attitude now is that people can take a pill and do whatever they want and doctors just accommodate that and move on to the next patient. It also doesn't help when you have "fitness buffs" who make stupid comments about how they can eat whatever they want because they run or work out a lot. Yeah, that's going to work out real well when you have to recover from an injury. The obesity problem in this country is frightening. It used to be unusual to see a three hundred pound person, but in the last twenty years or so, it has become common place. I work with the public and it pains me to see people who are around forty years old who are so heavy they have to swing their legs around to walk, or lean on a buggy while they are shopping because they get winded. Vinnie is one of the few people who knows his stuff and I will definitely be watching this. This should be required viewing in our health classes in school.

  43. this is keto… just eat less, don't act crazy, there are no magic secrets… don't just substitute carbs for fat, it's just crazy…

  44. I've lost over 25lbs in about 5 weeks doing keto. I know people won't believe it, but I don't really care. I feel better, no bloating, way less pain (Have costocondritis "inflammation between the ribs") and I don't get the mid day crashes like I used to. I used to need a nap/feel like I was passing out after eating a high carb meal. Your body NEEDS fat to function, all your organs run on fat/water.

  45. Ok…I'll share my story ! April 2017, I was 269 pounds with a 47" mid section with high blood pressure and prediabetic. I was eating gluten free low fat and working out 5 to 6 days at the gym , from 2015 to 2017. From 2015 to 2017 I was 269 pounds and saw no results! Nothing! Then I switched over to ketogenic and continued my normal gym routine. My weight dropped fast! Like 85 pounds burned off in 14 months fast! My mid section went from a 47" to a 35". My blood pressure went to normal and I'm not prediabetic. In fact, my A1C is at 5.0%, and my fat lipids are good. I don't need any meds, and my doctor usually gives me an "ok" when it comes to all of my health markers. I'm 37 years old, started keto at 35, and based on current statistics. I should be a diabetic and obese right now…I'm not, I feel actually healthier than in my 20's. I feel so bad that I didn't give keto a chance in my 20's. At least, I'm at a better health than other people my age. I look younger than I am. It's been great following this lifestyle.

  46. Great movie…I really want to find out more about the soundtrack, which is incomplete as listed on the film…the outro has a piece I think by Schubert or Brahms…anyone know what it is?

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