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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

4 thoughts on “Feedback Video from Helen and Melissa – Week 2 – Mar 2017

  1. Topics this week include:

    00:05 Week 2 intro. Over 10,000 learners.
    00:17 Food addiction.
    01:22 Food in the gut. Carbohydrates. Gut health. FODMAP diets.*
    02:03 Probiotics v prebiotics.
    02:32 Neutrogenetic testing.
    03:08 Inflammation survey results. * Like to hear from more men. Supplements.
    04:36 Fighting Inflammation recipe e-book now available from Monash website *
    05:10 Next week: how to critique information from online
    05:36 Social media / Sources of health information survey *
    06:06 Keep comments coming. See you next week.

  2. We will update the automated YouTube transcript for this feedback video as soon as we are able. Please note the transcripts take a little time to prepare.

  3. The new ‘Using Food as Medicine: Fighting Inflammation” e-book is available from:

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