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Fertility Diet: 7 science based food tips for TTC

Fertility diets – are they fact or fiction? In today’s episode, we will discuss whether fruits, vegetables, fast food,
seafood, trans fats or carbs can help or hurt your fertility. Stay tuned to the
end for my specific diet recommendations [music] First, don’t get confused. There are many
different types of diets for a variety of medical problems. A diet to lower
cholesterol, for example, won’t necessarily help with your fertility. Second, if you are overweight, any type of diet that will allow you to lose weight
will improve your fertility. Let’s get into some specifics. Fruits and
vegetables. A new study found that women who eat fast food and little or no fruit
take longer to become pregnant. For women who had the lowest intake of fruit, the risk of infertility increased from 8% to 12% and those who ate fast food four or more times a week, the risk of infertility
doubled from 8 to 16%. Fast foods include burgers, pizza, fried chicken and chips that were bought from takeaway or fast-food outlets. These findings were
true regardless of female weight. The LIFE (or Longitudinal Investigation of
Fertility on the Environment) Study of 501 couples planning pregnancy shows
that couples consuming two or more servings of seafood every week enjoyed
more sex and got pregnant faster than those eating seafood less often. After one year, 92% of couples with a seafood rich diet had conceived,
compared with 79% of couples with diets that contain less fish and
shellfish. Another study found that women on a diet high in trans fats were 48% more likely to develop endometriosis than those with the lowest
consumption. However, women eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, found in
oily fish, seem to protect against the disease as these women had a 22%
reduced risk of developing endometriosis. A survey of women with and without
ovulation problems, found that women with ovulation problems were more likely to
eat low-fat dairy products, refined carbs, get their protein from animal products
and consume trans fats So if you have an ovulation problem, avoid these things A typical Mediterranean diet contains a high amount of vegetables, fruits, olive
oil, beans and cereal grains, moderate amounts of fish, dairy products and wine and only a small amount of red meat and poultry. A study from Greece of nearly 250 women found that those women who adhered most closely to this diet had 66% higher pregnancy rates during IVF. Men who follow the Alternative
Healthy Eating Index (or AHEI) a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole
grains and low-fat dairy products and a relatively low intake of refined grains
saturated fatty acids and added sugars showed significantly better results for
sperm concentration, total sperm count and percentage of normal sperm
morphology compared with men who didn’t follow such a diet. So, to put all this together my
recommendations for a fertility diet: It seems reasonable to eat some fruits and
vegetables every day, seafood at least twice a week. Stay away from fast foods
and foods that are high in trans fats. If you have an ovulation problem, try to
switch from low-fat dairy to high-fat dairy. Get more of your protein from
plant sources than from animal sources Swap out your current vegetable oil for
Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Mediterranean Diet takes most of these recommendations
into account already. If you follow that diet closely you should maximize your
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  1. I went to 2 fertility centers for consultation and one for treatment, they share similar trait, that is: all they want is successful rate for younger patients and they want MONEY!!! they don't provide any tips

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  3. Keep eating what you like, kids sucked by the way, they'll grow up and gave you all kinds of problems which would make you think being single is so so much better.

  4. CAN Keto worsen my infertility? There is no fruits but berries. And no lentils or beans? Also is fasting for 16 to 21 hours hurt? I do one meal a day. Still cannot get pregnant 9months now. I believe l have insulin resistance. I am tying not to spike insulin so can get pregnant?

  5. Hi Doc am starting ivf by end of January. And l have been taking omega 3 seafirsh oil and vitamin E. Is these good for me?. Pls DOCTOR l need answer .or can recommend what l start eating or vitamin. Thanks

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